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Apr 21, 2010
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Jan 13, 2017

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    1. pantherofdeath
      its the first time iv been on here is there any chance you could help me get started please
    2. zeroality
      Replied to global thread with 3 days of data.
    3. Extreme Sucks
      Extreme Sucks
      Coyotte508 please help this >Disconnected from the registry: The remote host closed the connection
    4. Extreme Sucks
      Extreme Sucks
      Mr.Coyotte u unbanned me from the register thanks u so much thanks u x500
    5. eric the espeon
      eric the espeon
      I think I lagged out of the server and did not notice..
    6. d dizz1
    7. zeroality
      The wall of text needs your attention.
    8. coyotte508
      you DO know that in the current download you have english names don't you?
    9. skaraflame
      You DO know all the UK names have been revealed since March 2nd don't you?
    10. natty2
      @mibuchiha :
      Other servers don't usualy have 400+ players in it.
      When the chat is flowing, and there's music, and the HP bars are animated, everything togather might be a little bit... slow.
    11. mibuchiha
      Coyo, I have a huge problem. Only PO server is lagging like crazy for me now, others are working sweetly. Help! DX
    12. TheLostHylian
      You do a damn good job of getting on the forums and helping people, so thanks for that. Many online communities have AFK admins...
    13. slingshot1234
      hi evey one new player around
    14. marmoteo
      I think I said it but... thank you so much for fixing Triples in such a timely manner. You're amazing!
    15. rayking
      i cant connect to PO it just say Disconnected from the registry: Connection timed out
    16. Elements
    17. Djhezzy
      hey coyotte508, the "find battle rating difference isn't working good AT ALL" i always find people over the range i set, and most of the times the duration is like +7/-24. please look in to it.
    18. 11wildy
      well that's fine, I'm probably unable to get online Saturday so I guess I'll find you Sunday. :)
    19. 11wildy
      Seems like we're up against each other in the tournament. ^^ What is your timezone and when are you online most? My timezone is +1, I'm online most evenings.
    20. -Zack-
      EDIT: Sorry, I put it in the wrong place...
    21. JRJuggernaut
      I already tried disabling the firewall but it did not make a difference and I also already tried making a topic on the forum but no one responded which is why I tried contacting you.
    22. coyotte508
      Probably your internet settings... Or a firewall. Do a topic on the forum.
    23. JRJuggernaut
      hello, I really need some help, I recently joined Pokemon Online and dowloaded the latest version of it. I created a trainer profile and pokemon team on teambuilder so I tried to go battle online but there are not any servers I can connect to and eventually the connection times out. When I go to advanced connection, it says "Error while connected to server -- Received error n°2: Host not found." I apologize for bothering you like this but no one has been able to give me any straight answers, and I thought you could help since you are an admin.
    24. coyotte508
      if you can upload the whole archive as is, sure ^^
    25. Gilad
      coyo i finished the bg cropping like half an hour ago. do you want it now?
      (both normal and shiny)
    26. Blastcore
      Woah, today the forums are full of people. 13 People in General Forum. :D
    27. coyotte508
    28. Thunder
      Hi Coyotte508.

      How to make a .qm file?

      I want to test my translation but it not finish yet. :D

      (Sorry,if I disturb you)
    29. Blastcore
    30. Blastcore
      Current Activity: Admin Control Panel

      pl0x dunt bann me :((
    31. Blastcore
      I just want to kill someone, there's currently nothing to do, fix, add, etc. :(
    32. coyotte508
    33. Blastcore
    34. coyotte508
      Well if you can push your changes yourself (on your own branch) it will sure help ^^
    35. Blastcore
      The Category Thing (You didn't add it ;_;)
      TeamPokeNickname idk if it was.

      BattleData, i'm almost done. Just need to fix a problem with pokeNum. And then im giong for setBattleData() functions. :0
    36. coyotte508
      What did you do yet ? D:
    37. Blastcore
      Im not on credits? D:

      Btw, Join Date: April 21st, 2010 (3 days before my birthday ^.^)
    38. coyotte508
      git commit . -m "My commits"
      git push

      But it's better if you do it on your own branch!
    39. Blastcore
      Coyo, how i commit a code?

      Code committed
      coyotte508 pushed 1 commit(s) to master in the pogeymon-online Git repository
      posted by coyotte508 2 days ago

    40. coyotte508
      it's in javascript, just look at the scripts forum
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