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Jul 14, 2010
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Dec 15, 2012

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    1. HSOWA
    2. Fakes
    3. Diablo
    4. Alexander.
    5. Annoying Orange
      Annoying Orange
      I know you will never see this.. but nice avi.
    6. Hobbes2
      bleh sorry about that, i kinda like died because of school...and late response lol
    7. HellPowna
      gtfino <3 <3 questo è il 100esimo messaggio sulla tua bacheca. ti faccio gli auguri per questo motivo, e che tvb. :*
      hey gtfo, we're opps for monoletter. I'm GMT-5 but I'm only really available during my evenings, so we might need to set something up
    9. 1Turnip
      Hey, I'm GMT -5. I should have time to meet over this weekend
    10. Michael
      Ok let me get go get wifi I'm on my phone atm
      30 min or so
    11. Michael
      Hey I'm free for the next hour or two - when are you available?
    12. Michael
      I think it's 8pm over there for you and I'm free for 45 min
      If you get this get on the server
    13. Michael
      Opponents for dasd's tour
      give me some times you're free
    14. fitzy
      So I realised that theres only 3 days left for our match to be played in the lc tour. Want to set up a time? My timezone is GMT +0 right now.
    15. RUCKUS
      gtfo, you should probably reevaluate the activity wins for the braviary matches. i, along with a few others, haven't seen our opponents at all. iirc there is stuff that can depend on it in the semis
    16. VuvuzelaΒzz
      I'm not sure what kind of logic you used to decide that a user who was online on both server and forums every day and made the set time and a user who wasn't on the server for 6/7 days of the week and missed the set time were equally active, but if we don't make playoffs because of the shitty decision making you TDs have made regarding activity wins I'll make a very thorough post about why the directing has sucked in this POCL and then proceed to cry myself to sleep.
    17. Professor Oak
      Professor Oak
      Gtfo, Week 6's OP needs updating, as well as you adding a deadline to it.
    18. Hot N Cold
      Hot N Cold
      didnt show up when they setted up a time

      lol? You can see the messages of me with New Breed, the time was in this weekend and he was busy and off
    19. Hot N Cold
      Hot N Cold
      what the fuck Gtfo, i'm very active .-.

      i'm waiting all day to my opponent in this weekend
    20. Stone_Cold22
      give me my activity win from week 5. my opponent vmd me once after i hl'd him in the week 5 thread, since then he made no effort to respond after, after telling him i was available anytime he wished to play. he made 0 effort. kthnx
    21. chippymunk
      GMT +1 Thats good. FINALLY someone within a decent timezone XD.
    22. chippymunk
      K brah. We are against each other in the survey tour. I have my team and am building it as we speak. PM me when you are available!
    23. Fosco
      We dobbiamo battlare per il TOP tour. A che ora ti connetti che non ti trovo mai? :x Per me va bene la sera dopo le 21...
    24. Xinc
      We need to chat, so can you send a PM?
    25. Altaria
      (21:05:09) ±QueryBot: stfu was last seen: Wed Apr 11 2012

      bro ima get this alt so we can be best brothers forever xoxoxoxoxox
    26. HellPowna
      sono terribilmente offesa, non sono nel vostro team. fuck.
    27. Fabian
      WHAT ELSE???
    28. WikeMON
      GMT -6 I'll be on all day today as I don't have school tomorrow
    29. HellPowna
      gtfo, like a boss :3
    30. Altaria
      g r a t z g t f o

      and come back to jin's hut you moron
    31. SteelEdges
      Hey man, gonna send round one of the survey tour
    32. Mylo Xyloto
      Mylo Xyloto
      Random but grats on forum mod :3
    33. Finchinator
      im -4, usa eastern
      but ill work around your schedule since im on a ton usually
      when are you avaliable/whats ur gmt?
    34. Luck>Skill
      Sorry man I had a power cut... and then my net was down the whole day, I'm uploading it now .
    36. dhhaxmaster
      That's probably my bad for not contacting you when I've been on the server. I'll make sure to do so whenever I see you on.
    37. viamage
      that's not good for me anymore >.<
    38. viamage
      What time?
    39. viamage
      Most of today is still good, between 1 and 4 my time (8 and 11 yours) i won't be because of stupid stuff
    40. viamage
      sorry i didn't get on in time to see your message and still battle you. thursday isn't good for me, so that would leave us at friday. thoughts?
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