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Jan 15, 2015
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Mar 7, 2016


New Member, Male, 27

hi man, when do you want to fight? tomorrow? Feb 22, 2016

    1. P.10 ID
      P.10 ID
      hi, when do you want to fight to povt?
    2. Marqves
      hi man, when do you want to fight? tomorrow?
    3. TraceofLife
      Paired for POVT, when do you wanna play, am GMT +7
    4. Marqves
      I have been looking for you under the name "Astounded" too. My name on the server is "Davidmarqves". I will be on today. Say me something
      1. Astounded
        I still can't find you anywhere man, what's your timezone?
        May 26, 2015
    5. Marqves
      when can you be on? I will be on tonight and tomorrow almost all day
      1. Astounded
        Where can I find you?
        May 24, 2015
      2. Astounded
        I've been looking for you under the name "Marqves" on different simulators, even battle simulator never saw you on under this name.
        May 24, 2015
    6. Astounded
      Hi, we fight for POT r1, when do you wanna play? Gmt +3 here.
      1. Marqves
        Saturday or Sunday?
        May 20, 2015
      2. Astounded
        Saturday seems fine, I can at 8pm according to gmt +3. Lemme know if this works for
        May 20, 2015
    7. Marqves
      eu sou portugues. podes estar on hoje? vou estar disponivel hoje à tarde/noite.
    8. HBC
      Heyo, I'm your opponent for POVT, when do you wanna battle? I am in finals season but if you want to arrange the match between 3-7pm GMT+0 I'll prolly be available.
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