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May 17, 2015
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Apr 26, 2017 at 9:04 AM


Member, Male

    1. Froggy
      we have to battle for ogt. When will you be available?
    2. Scythe.
      hello new member kingler12345 :D
      1. Kingler12345
        fight me uu open -_-
        Sep 21, 2015
      2. Scythe.
        take the win im0
        Sep 29, 2015
    3. sulcata
      Sorry about those past two days or so. I work most of the week and I usually end up falling asleep pretty early. If you want I can schedule a time for the PO league this Saturday or Sunday. Just wanted to let you know that I wasn't blowing you off or anything. sry4johns etc.
      1. Kingler12345
        Ah, no worries. I'll probably be on in 4-5 hours-ish, if you can make that.
        Jul 4, 2015
      2. Kingler12345
        I'm on now if you're here, wasn't on when you pmed
        Jul 4, 2015
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