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Jul 17, 2010
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Aug 17, 2014
    1. Anthony soper
    2. Z+V
      Hey, I'll be on PO during around 2 hours for our battles. See you there.
    3. Z+V
      k, saturday should be fine
    4. Z+V
      Oh, and forgot to add, i can't sage logs as i'm on android. Can you do it instead of me please ?
    5. Z+V
      Hey, we need to play for poyt. I'm GMT+1 and available thursday, friday and sunday around 6 PM. When do you want to play ?
    6. metaphysical
      i can't find you on the server, i'm there as Anti., pm me pls
    7. metaphysical
      K, i'll be on today almost the whole day, so just VM me when you're on / your alt on the server and i will log in the server.
    8. metaphysical
      Hey, we have to play for pokemon online youtube tour. My team is ready, i am gmt -3.
      When can you play?
    9. Maxedofhaxed
      we opps for LTT, fite me anytime friday until the deadline anytime, my timezone is gmt-5
    10. PichiTheShinyPichu
      I think after 7 PM (my time) will work best for me, since I will be touring a college sometime that day. If I happen to be on after that and before 7 PM, just look for me in either Tohjo, Tournaments, or the PCWC channel.
    11. PichiTheShinyPichu
      Yeah, that can work.
    12. PichiTheShinyPichu
    13. meeps
      yeah weekend is perfectly fine
    14. meeps
      school starts thursday for me, but i might be able to battle around 5 pm - 10 pm or something (gmt -5 btw)

      weekend will work as well
    15. Rioku
      Sure although my im a bit busy atm, so idk when I will be able to get on.
    16. meeps
      wen fite pocl
    17. Rioku
      I am U.S. Central which I think is GMT -6. I can get on just about any time so tell me when's good for you.
    18. watashi
      lets battle i'm on the server as watashi
    19. watashi
      i should be able to battle on friday but i'm on vacation right now so i can't really name a specific time during the day when i'll be available since i don't know what i'll be doing that day. we'll see when the time comes
    20. watashi
      when do you wanna battle for pocl i'm gmt+8 usually on during mornings and evenings
    21. Accelgor
      can we do it somewhere from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM tomorrow? (we're in the same timezone XD) I'll be a little busy from 1-6
    22. Accelgor
      Sure let's do it Wednesday what time? Tell me the time u send a return message and the time it'll be for you on Wednesday and I'll see if I'm available
    23. Accelgor
      Yo we're POCL opponents this week let's negotiate a time I'm GMT -4:00 and it's 3:35 PM when I send this message
    24. tennisace
      yeah I saw your PM, and you'd left like five minutes before I saw it :(
      I should be on for a while today and tomorrow though. if I don't respond right away, free free to highlight me in tournaments or tohjo
    25. tennisace
      hi ☺
      I'm also -5 atm and can battle whenever. I'll try to be on as [Stunfisk] on main serv so we can play whenever I'm on. Pretty much available whenever.
    26. Maw The Impaler
    27. Maw The Impaler
      Maw The Impaler
      Hi man, when do you want to play?
      You can find me on Tohjo Falls, nickname ''Athenodora'' or ''Jonnhy Rico'' or ''Maw The Impaler'' or ''Dave'' (i have a lot of nicknames xD)
    28. Navz
      where are you? :o
    29. Navz
      Yeah sure, sounds good.
    30. Navz
      I should be on during the evening/night time for you, hope to get this done soon!
    31. Navz
      yo, we have to fight for the NU tour. What's a good time?
    32. Finchinator
      I'd like to take a moment and personally apologize to you.
      We didn't have the chance to play you, even once.
      I take partial responsibility for this since I make the line-up :/
      But, lets blame cased for hogging NU
      Next year Mang, next year!
      We good?
    33. Finchinator
      It was bad luck
      I'll put you in for UU or NU next week
      Once we win
      Really sorry, though
    34. Finchinator
      Sorry man
      Their NU player was busy later this week
      Had to get it done
    35. watashi
      when do you wanna battle i'm gmt-7 and i'm available like every evening
    36. Finchinator
      You're starting 1 NU Game
      Watashi = FLCL
      Good luck, cased / I can help with anything you need
    37. Finchinator
      Strong signature.
    38. Lord Emvee
      Lord Emvee
      Hey bro we gotta play for monotype tourny round 2! Lemme know your timezone and available times you're free. We can coordinate a time for somewhere in the near future.
    39. Incon
      We play for Monotype tour. Let me know some good times for you. I still need to make teams XD
    40. ShowMeTheMankey
      we need to organise something for Soren's tour.

      I'm GMT and fairly active so VM me a time that's good for you.
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