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Jul 17, 2010
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Oct 3, 2016


Phoenix , Male, 22, from Reading, UK

    1. Key
    2. Laurel
      ok my teams would already be ready. so i can like sub etc
    3. Laurel
      I'll be unbanned in the next 3 weeks can I play? I qualify based on the initial qualifications. (Top 2)
    4. Finchinator
      Hi. I was looking back at some previous POCL weeks and I saw that Hot n cold got the win over Elmo week 4.
      Elmo initially got the win, but you gave everyone the all-star week extension and Elmo didn't care to battle since he has the activity win already (not to mention, Hot n cold contacted Elmo in the middle of week 5, after the 'extension' was already over.) So, you can't really take away the activity win from Elmo when he had it earned and even over the 'extension' Hot n cold didn't get it done (can't expect
      Elmo to do a previous weeks battle when he was already planning for week 5 during week 5 when HnC had all all-star week.)
      Furthermore, I'm asking for the win back as it is kind of important when it comes to tiebreakers and such for the final playoff spot!
    5. Laurel
      yeah i was like top 500 users to join PO lmao Dx joined a month after Eternal
    6. Laurel
      lol i joined PO before you i just never used the forums. #4thgening
    7. Fabian
    8. Laurel
      Ok i wasted a whole month playing those for my medal..
    9. Laurel
      the silver one for 2nd place
    10. Laurel
      hi i should have a medal for scripted tours now but i dont
    11. Fegelein
      a winner is you (grats on star basically)
    12. The Dude
    13. ZoroDark
      Gratz on that sexy blue star!
    14. Hot N Cold
      Hot N Cold
      can you edit then the thread of week 4? thx
    15. Hot N Cold
      Hot N Cold
      no answer from my opp :/ i'm winning then?
    16. Hot N Cold
      Hot N Cold
      dont answer from real elmo, if he dont wanna play should I take the win?
    17. Hot N Cold
      Hot N Cold
      oka thx, i hope to play vs real elmo, otherwise i dont wanna play this tourney anymore (is stupid, i dont know why i must play when my captain atm are inactive and best players of my team are out and have played 0 matchs bc they leave like august or were banned like CTC) at least the manager of this tourney MUST give free picks for our team (free pick means no limited players choose on mid season) this tourney and this means that you quit on the roster, obviously the rest of the teams dont support this because they wanna win of course but on this tourney when you have a team that have 0 chance in week 2 makes no sense for the entire tourney / level tourney, i'm not going to play for a dead team and i'm not going to lose each week by activity i'm sure of this.

      For the top just losing by stupids activity wins which means that i'm just very irritating to play and waste to time to lose by default (like vs real elmo) + terrible luck like in week 1 and 2, worst is impossible.
    18. Hot N Cold
      Hot N Cold
      can i play with the real elmo ?

      idk if he know this
    19. The Hades
      The Hades
      I would like to know why I was a player to be chosen in the POT Tournament when I don't even remember signing up for it. Now this could be my fault completely and I signed up without realizing but I digress
    20. Tyki
      Kyrk is also gone.
    21. Joeypals!!
      Holy fuck o.O Bring on the psychotic end season!
    22. Finchinator
      Few questions -
      1. In the Standings it states that Arsenal has 29 wins in the 'Current' tab, but it states that I have 30 in the 'Week 4' tab. I checked and 30 wins is correct. Could you change this please? (That isn't Froggy's spreadsheet, right? I forgot who controls what.)

      2. What decides standings if teams have the same amount of points (see Arsenal and Sparatak) Total Wins or Differencial? I'd assume it is wins (I will explain why if need be), but just checking.

      Sorry for inconvenience, just checking on a few things because bored. :p
    23. IFM
      it is funny!
    24. Professor Oak
      Professor Oak

      did BR give you a message saying Hannah could make administrative decisions for the Bisharps?

      cos IFM's yelling at me about him getting subbed out by a player that isn't even assman

      cos IFM is assman

      I find it funny
    25. Teutonic Knight
      Teutonic Knight
      Congratulations Weavile :o
    26. Blitzamirin
      I concur with user ZoroDark.

      Also those admins are well deserved so grats I guess
    27. ZoroDark
      Your avatar is still shit.
    28. Finchinator
      C o n g r a t s.
      from a stronger NU tier leader than the one below me
    29. Incon
      Grats on Admin, dude.
    30. ZoroDark
      I'll do the welll as soon as I get back. I think I can get it done by Wednesday for sure though.
    31. Professor Oak
    32. Valaraukar
      I'd like to be tutored by Fabian, please.
    33. Valaraukar
      Hey, are you involved with the tutoring program?
    34. Professor Oak
    35. Professor Oak
    36. Professor Oak
    37. Finchinator
      I'm pretty sure this was discussed at some point, but just to make sure, the Arsenal Arcanines are retaining Johnidel. He was 3k last season, so we get him for 8k now.
    38. xtrashine
      Free Laurel please he did nothing wrong and you can't prove it.
    39. Finchinator
    40. Tyki
      Asked ZoroDark. Still waiting for Kyrk. OkamiBW AfroSmash and MetalGross for backups I guess. If nothing happens, I'll either drop out or have you pick someone for me.
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