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Jul 18, 2010
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Phrasing , Male, from WV

Super Moderator Tour Director
    1. Foxy The Pirate(Ajali)
      Foxy The Pirate(Ajali)
      Xdevo im so calm i changed my form
    2. Foxy The Pirate(Ajali)
      Foxy The Pirate(Ajali)
      I wasn't in PO server i was in PR server ask My Friend Rose!
    3. Foxy The Pirate(Ajali)
      Foxy The Pirate(Ajali)
      Who you mr????
      1. Xdevo
        I'm one of the admins on the server and one the super moderators on the forums.
        Oct 13, 2014
    4. Lord Emvee
      Lord Emvee
      I'm your POCL week 7 opponent and my timezone is GMT -4. Days that work best for me are Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, after 4 PM, preferably Thursday.
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      2. Lord Emvee
        Lord Emvee
        Yup that works great. I should be available around 5 or so maybe a little after that. I will see you then :]
        Oct 11, 2014
      3. Lord Emvee
        Lord Emvee
        :[ where are ya
        Oct 11, 2014
      4. Xdevo
        I'm sorry, family took a while longer than I'd like.
        Oct 12, 2014
    5. East's Mascot
      East's Mascot
      Hey, I'm your opp for POCL week 6. My timezone is GMT -4. I'll be pretty busy early on in the week, but I'll be able to play Thursday-Friday if needed since those days aren't as hectic although I'd prefer to play Saturday-Sunday.
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      2. East's Mascot
        East's Mascot
        I'm on atm btw
        Oct 2, 2014
      3. Xdevo
        Sorry, my field study thing ran really late.
        Oct 2, 2014
      4. East's Mascot
        East's Mascot
        Np, you ready to play? If yes, then I'm in the [Hero] channel and ready (unless you wanna play on smogtours)
        Oct 2, 2014
    7. Afro Smash
      Afro Smash
      Yo cuh where u be cuh, we gotta fite pocl, ill be free most of the weekend, gmt+1
      1. Afro Smash
        Afro Smash
        Not at gfs tonight, so same time tomorrow should be good
        Sep 13, 2014
      2. Xdevo
        okay see you then
        Sep 14, 2014
    8. Bedschibaer
      hey we are opps for that gsc tour. i'm gmt+2 and free during most of the week, when would you like to play?
      1. Xdevo
        I'm mostly free on Friday - Sunday in the (-4 GMT) afternoons and evenings. Sometime in there would be nice.
        Sep 2, 2014
      2. Bedschibaer
        i am pretty busy this weekend but i will try to get you in on friday. would 1 pm your time be too early?
        Sep 2, 2014
    9. [sky] kael
      [sky] kael
      Hi man i search for you every day this week when you stay on search for me

      I send the time is best for you to play
    10. [sky] kael
      [sky] kael
      hi man when you can to play

      I can to play tomorrow 10 am in the morning.
      or tomorrow 10 pm in my time gmt -3
      i can to play every day

      please if you not can to play this time send your time because i want to finish this.
      1. Xdevo
        I can play today at 10 PM your time.
        Aug 22, 2014
    11. buny
      miss u
      1. Xdevo
        u 2 <3
        Aug 21, 2014
    12. Santuga
      you're my opp for pocl, lets fite
    13. [sky] kael
      [sky] kael
      hi man when you stay on search me in po main server i use [sky] kael
    14. meeps
      super moderator more like super gay lol
      1. Xdevo
        Aug 12, 2014
    15. Raducan
      1. Xdevo
        Aug 12, 2014
      2. Raducan
        Aug 12, 2014
    16. Raducan
      ok that is seriously the sluttiest avy you've ever had (and user title too)
    17. Finchinator
      activi pos------ err, will you be on tomorrow?

      i'm sure something came up wednesday and that's nbd, but my weekend is kinda busy bar nights, so just wanna make sure we can get it done and I don't have to be an activity posting faggot later on
    18. Draciel
      bioshock infinite burial at sea is great
    19. Insane Soul
      Insane Soul
      "I'm finally on to something that is big, huge!"
      "What, his cock?"

      You take me to the weirdest movies...
    20. buny
      :] fren
      1. Xdevo
        Jun 24, 2014
      2. buny
        Jun 24, 2014
    21. Raducan
      why does your avy look so slutty
      1. Xdevo
        cuz ur a perv
        Jun 19, 2014
    22. [Blade]vaibhav
      hiiiiiiiiiiiii Xdevo
      1. Xdevo
        Jun 3, 2014
      2. [Blade]vaibhav
        Jun 3, 2014
      3. [Blade]vaibhav
        Xdevo is the best
        Jun 3, 2014
    23. Colchonero
      Hi, we still have to play for POWC. I'm GMT+1 and can play almost anytime but preferably in the afternoon. Let me know if you want to schedule a specific time.
      1. Xdevo
        I'm free mostly during your nights, but if you catch me on the server I should be able to play after today.
        Jun 2, 2014
    24. Insane Soul
      Insane Soul
      here's looking at you, kid
    25. Jørgen
      We gotta play GSC sometime hows the weekend look
      1. Xdevo
        Weekend should be fine though if you see me on the server beforehand, I'm completely fine then too.
        May 13, 2014
    26. Insane Soul
      Insane Soul
      you suck devo
      1. Xdevo
        w0w rood ok
        May 12, 2014
    27. Withoutatrace
      Bioshock Infinite is gr8 doe
    28. Wepwn
      Hey man, i was banned last week on [FDB]Butt Stinky and you told one of my friends i was banned for 1 week. It's been a week and i'm still not allowed on the server, was it extended by any chance? or have i been permad for some reason?
    29. Shadow Sneak
      Shadow Sneak
      Hello king xdevo, we will battle in the hgss bo3 tour, I see you in Project NU all the time so finding you shouldn't be a problem. I'm on after 3:00 PM GMT -5.
    30. pokemonnerd
    31. Orcelot
    32. Sinclair
      Also, when you wanna play find me in the IDM channel on either Ass Sumo or Sinclair
    33. Sinclair
      Aye we're opps for r3, I'm GMT -8 and I'd like to get this done at a reasonable date instead of waiting to the end.
    34. Wepwn
      Hey man, we're paired for poyt. When can you fight? im avail on weekdays after 4pm and i'll be avail all day sunday. gmt -5
    35. Professor Oak
      Professor Oak
      Yet I'm sure that the majority my posts is of a higher quality than the majority of his.

      I also couldn't give 2 shits.
    36. Marley Rose
      Marley Rose
      that feel when you somehow get a shoutout after being gone for a long time
    37. MetalGross
      sounds good!
      oh I'm GMT+1 actually, I forgot about DST
      I'll try to be there both days
    38. MetalGross
      hi we play for To be a Top when do you think you're available to play I'm GMT +2 etc
    39. Big Bad Booty Daddy
    40. Double01
      See my response to tyki also refi Rock has rest and with wish support/heal bell it's p easy to keep alive.
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