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Phrasing , Male, from WV

Super Moderator Tour Director
    1. zeroality
      I unstuck the CS threads from Side Metagames. We can't sticky every single suspect/info thread for all the metagames.

      What we can do instead, is make an index and stick that - then link all such threads from there. I'll do it in a min.
    2. pokemonnerd
      So devo, you need to change your password on the server, since gangsta luvv got it. Because of that you're deauthed to a contributor, don't exactly know if it's permanent.
    3. IFM
      Can you wrap up round one of your tour. It's been dragging on for too long.
    4. Entai
      It's fine.
    5. zeroality
      As Moogle had in her sig once "you have a pretty weird name for an admin coyotte."
    6. zeroality
      Congratulations on the numbers removal. You have now passed the threshold from "newbie username" to established Internet icon. Salutations.
    7. Rarity
      dat avatar
    8. Twistedspoon
      hey devo. how you been? and umm i literally spent about 6 minutes staring at you avi :/
    9. marmoteo
      It's like that Eevee's cuteness is about to explode out of my screen <3
    10. marmoteo
      Your avatar... it's too much ;_;
    11. yiran
      Just look away when they start irritating you xD
    12. yiran
    13. "DJ Shadow"
      "DJ Shadow"
      But he shouldn't be re-suspected until after the tiers update at the end of the month. No point in banning something from a meta that will change in 2 weeks anyway.
    14. "DJ Shadow"
      "DJ Shadow"
      Just saw your thread on the unbanning, I absolutely support medichams unbanning IF spiritomb drops down, which it hopefully will. It would be lol if we had something banned when the best counter to it is in the same tier. As for tornadus I'm not too sure, but LU isn't on a timer and we need something to spice it up, so I don't see why we shouldn't unban it to see how it does.
    15. Spoof
      y u no put me in the Project NU group
    16. pokemonnerd
      So devo, when you get the chance, look in the Plans for NU thread. It's about the leaders and what we'll do about it. Plus get on the server when you get the chance :p
    17. pokemonnerd
      Ignore that last PM, but PM me when you can. It's about NU's cutoff.
    18. Stofil
      Seems you got your wish, did Derwin make it for you?
    19. VuvuzelaΒzz
      Well, you seemed interested in the Gen 5 NU tour and Nighshift just pulled out. If you're still interested your opponent will be Jenaez. The deadline is may 22nd. Check out the round 1 thread for more information. ^^
    20. Master12345
      Hi Xdevo! Hope you're doing well :)
    21. pokemonnerd
      So, you're not exactly dead! Why have you been inactive? We need you on to talk about suspects, and more importantly, so Project NU isn't so dead >.>
    22. yiran
      No visitor messages?
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