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Crystal Moogle
Jul 19, 2010
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Crystal Moogle

Ayaya~ , Female, 29, from UK

    1. Metal Sonic
      Metal Sonic
      ;o did you jsut start playing skullgirls?

      i may or may not be interested; when i was a kid i loved those fighting games
    2. GotThatPopcorn
      You're so nice!
    3. Metal Sonic
      Metal Sonic
      Ok Moogle

      I just read your post on the Video Games Thread about Skullgirls

      Enlighten me --- Isn't it 'just another brawl' game? Yeah ok so the fighters are women instead of men now... but what makes this modern version of those arcade fighter games(forgot the name! >.<) more modern?

      pardon my ignorance
    4. Clarion
      Dat cleavage :o
    5. OkamiBW
      ~changename 狼
      gave me:
      (04:42:23) +ClientBot: Invalid Name
      But I can change it in the team builder to the name. Is it fixable?
    6. Finchinator
      I'll be on in an hour or so but, you'll probably be asleep by then (if I got my timezones correct.)
      I have been off for about two hours (give or take a half hour) because I had to see my parents.
      Although you johned me (not really, it's pretty hard getting back into playing - when I took a month break, It took me a whole other month to get back into the swing of things)
      I feel bad that we couldn't get it done :/

      Maybe we can battle tomorrow, or something?!
      I'm sure that Soren / Xinc can give a one day extension and just edit in the winner, when we battle...-.
    7. Finchinator
      Two days (iirc) until the deadline...when do you wanna battle?
      (I'll PM you on the server)
    8. Finchinator
      For POYT, I'm going to have to John until Tuesday.
      To lazy to build.
      Heh, sorry.
      (Thank god for long deadlines.)

      Edit: done slacking off n shit
      Built both my teams, contact me whener you 'd like to battle.
    9. Finchinator
      Crystal Moogle [20] vs Finchinator [16]
      When do you want to battle for Round Two of the POYT Tour?
      I'm pretty active, afternoons - evenings of week days, GMT -5 and a good portion of the time on weekends (except this coming weekend, I'll be busy.)
      I'll build my team today so, after an hour or so from now, I'll be ready to go.
      Knowing you're an owner and frequently active, there isn't going to be a problem with activity, though.
      But, No johns (just in case) and good luck.
    10. Dasdardly
      I hated you the most. <3
    11. Nikitas
      impossible:s, also hny^
    12. Nikitas
    13. Nikitas
      have to talk to you asap
    14. Elements
      #71: I love you Crystal
      #72: I love you Crystal
      #73: I love you Crystal
      #74: I love you Crystal
      #75: I love you Crystal
    15. Key
      thank you sir
    16. Metal Sonic
      Metal Sonic
      thank you sir
    17. Elements
      your boobs have hats
    18. Annoying Orange
    19. waehofen
      hell yeah bringing that avvy back
    20. Luck>Skill
    21. Lamperi
    22. Elements
      hey crystal
    23. Dasdardly
      lol Lamp can't count.
    24. Lamperi
    25. Lamperi
    26. Lamperi
    27. Lamperi
    28. Lamperi
    29. Lamperi
    30. Lamperi
    31. Lamperi
    32. Lamperi
    33. Lamperi
    34. Lamperi
    35. Lamperi
    36. Lamperi
    37. Lamperi
    38. Lamperi
    39. Lamperi
    40. Lamperi
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