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Jul 19, 2010
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May 1, 2017

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Developer, Male, from Argentina

    1. zeroality
      Ignore my previous PM, found the link.
    2. Mylo Xyloto
      Mylo Xyloto
      If BW2 is releast will all DW abilities be released? If yes that means no DW Tiers?
    3. RandomGamer95
      Hi I am RandomGamer95. I've wanted to do Pokemon Online Battles for my youtube channel but I have a small problem. My battle logs only save when I forfeit or they will randomly save when i loose. They also only save in one folder but i have deleted it and no matter what folder i choose they will not save there and only in one specific folder. Do u have any suggestions to what I should do. Oh and i tried reinstalling and that did not work either. Thank you if you have any leads to my solution. Thanks a lot!
    4. zeroality
      Testing VMs.
    5. PKFlash
      Ok, I am having a lot of problems now. I just downloaded this game and decided to connect to Pokemon Online Server. I wanted to post a message on chat but whenever I press Send or press Enter, the message just disappears from the message box and my message doesn't show up. So then I tried battling. I would set my Tier to Wifi OU and press the Find Battle button. I uncheck all the boxes and selected Singles. Then I would press OK and wait to be paired up with someone else. I waited for a very long time but nobody would show up, even though there are usually a 500+ people on. On rare occasions, someone would challenge me, and then I would click Accept right away. But the window would just disappear and nothing would happen. No one else seems to have this problem. What should I do? :mad:
    6. Gilad
      I almost finished making a theme for thing, but i want to make sure they don't change anything before releasing it :3
    7. Gilad
      well, yeah, i meant the new client.
      I didn't see any server there because there are not any servers which works for this client. o:
    8. Rarity
      school :(
    9. Rarity
      just make sure you have latios still registered, and then when(if????) I get unbanned, you can unregs and I can be flashed :)
    10. Rarity
      That actually would be fun
    11. Rarity
    12. Rarity
      are you ever going to switch to Latios again?
    13. Rarity
      lol name changes
    14. Lutra
    15. Rarity
    16. Rarity
      you use windows 8 developers preview too <3
    17. naickit
      are u there?
    18. naickit
      hablemos en español entonces jeje, vos tendiras esos scrpits para darmelos? por que con que a cada usario le restrinja los pokemon que tienen en su nivel adecuado y ademas tener un sistema que genere exp segun lvl etc, estaria ya en condiciones de generar un rpg a medias que era mi idea.
      si los tendrias me solucionarias muchisimo trabajo

      saludos naickit
    19. naickit
      HI, i want to create a rpg server and lamperi said that u try to do it.... i just want to know if it is possible to put a restriction of lvl and give exp for battle with others users ... because my idea is combinate my future web with the game... sorry for my englinsh i´m spanish
    20. Mystra
      No idea (~_~)
    21. a_a
      hola hablas español?
    22. liamc1997
      so if you can help me,it's would be nice of you
    23. liamc1997
    24. Crystal Moogle
      Crystal Moogle
      I'd say either the script forums/Pokemon General
      And I don't think you need permission for it.
    25. Crystal Moogle
    26. Professor Oak
      Professor Oak
      Not yet. Getting a 3DS is on my "to-do" list though, but I've got more important things to get sorted first.
    27. UltimateLatios54
    28. Professor Oak
      Professor Oak
      Were you drunk when you posted that visitor message? lol
      Happy belated Birthday from me anyway :)
    29. Wander
      Vicutini, so u hate me heeeeee!??!?!?!?!??!? want ban!??!??!? ask for it!!oneoneone1o1nenneon
    30. Mystra
      Hi :} I'm fine. Haven't done much lately though.
    31. zeroality
      Hey, just letting you know that I rewrote your sticky.

      I have the old version saved if you need it. I appreciate your work and I wanted to show it by leaving the sticky up in your name. Thanks!
    32. Eternal
      You have been chosen as a candidate for the Pokemon Online Well. Would you be willing to participate?
    33. Wulfert
      Get a Zekrom.gif as an avatar. The glowing tail is hot. :P
    34. Professor Oak
      Professor Oak
      You run on batteries for all I know.
    35. Mystra
      Ask Coyo. I don't remember where I saw it. And I'm too tired to anything other than chitchatting ATM :}
    36. Mystra
      Of course PO divines stats for all level by using magical pixie dust :}
    37. Mystra
      Err… isn't there some formula based on base stats, level and other things?
    38. Mystra
      Work happened, lol. Well, there was nothing much to do for me.
    39. Crystal Moogle
      Crystal Moogle
      Was more or less trying to not confuse people new to scripting :x
    40. Mystra
      QTcpServer s* is not a type. Remove "s".
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