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[TUS] Charizard92
Jan 25, 2011
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Feb 19, 2013
    1. Roy Mustang
      Roy Mustang
      I'm on smogon right now

      Edit: Since you didn't come on, is 8 pm tonight a good time? Vm me then or if you come on earlier and I'll go on because 2 servers up make me lag.
    2. Roy Mustang
      Roy Mustang
      You just confused me. You said you get off tomorrow at 8 and the date on the vm was july 30'th, and you weren't on at 8 yesterday. Are we doing it tonight then?
    3. Roy Mustang
      Roy Mustang
      I don't see the alpha server on the list atm, so lets just go with smogon.
    4. Roy Mustang
      Roy Mustang
      On the weekend I don't think that I am doing anything. I'll be online probably around 3pm - whenever. I can try to go on earlier if it works better for you. Also, Fidgety said that alpha server is the best one to do our battles on because it has the closest to PO's tiers. Also, whoever wins should send him the logs btw since we aren't doing the battles in po's official tiers.
    5. [TUS] Charizard92
      [TUS] Charizard92
      I'm ussually on around then, sorry I legit started a new job this week so it's been a bit hectic :P But yeah, when you aailable on the weekend?
    6. Roy Mustang
      Roy Mustang
      How about smogon? Also, can you try to give me a time to be on (preferably 8-11 pm)? It will make it much easier.
    7. Roy Mustang
      Roy Mustang
      teams are made, also im on at random times. Not really anything set in stone, usually more at night though after 8 pm and before 11.
    8. Professor Oak
      Professor Oak
      Are you implying that I banned you because your opinion differs to mine? That's just downright stupid.

      I banned you for your repeated bad language, and you know it. Be careful before you say something stupid again.
    9. Professor Oak
      Professor Oak
      You have been permanently banned from the server before. Anyone who has been permanently banned before receives harsher punishments than those that have not been.

      Consider yourself lucky I didn't permanently ban you again.
    10. Roy Mustang
      Roy Mustang
      My teams aren't done yet either (it'll probably take me like 3 days from now). My timezone is GMT -5, and I am pretty flexible with my schedule. Just tell me times (specify the timezone) that work for you and I'll tell you what one(s) work for me. Good luck.
    11. Crystal Moogle
    12. Crystal Moogle
    13. eric the espeon
      eric the espeon
      you can't reply to that thread, it's in a forum only a few people can post. and, Luck>Skill, mibuchiha, and Picklesword.
    14. eric the espeon
      eric the espeon
      this may be what was being talked about.
    15. fidgety
      BWC is better known as Black and white cup Standard Clauses apply however only gen 5 pokemon are allowed that is rally the only difference it has from OU.
    16. fidgety
      BWC so forced gen 5 as there are no other tiers that do that and i rather it be a static thing as opposed to OK new round where is my D10 so i can decide which gen it is this time every round.
    17. mibuchiha
      Ask ete to link you the thread he showed me. I dont have the link sadly.
    18. mibuchiha
      That is something you should ask Moogle. :3
    19. mibuchiha
      Nope. It must be the same. Some people had to remove/use clantag before so we're not making exceptions this time.
    20. Groudon Ramsay
      Groudon Ramsay
      No sir. I'm going to do it like I've always done it.
    21. eric the espeon
      eric the espeon
      And in reply to your deleted post, no a tournament would not be an appropriate way to select a gym leader. Tournaments can be decided by luck, and don't test for character or activity.
    22. Groudon Ramsay
      Groudon Ramsay
      A couple weeks.
    23. Katy Perry
      Katy Perry
      It's all okay lol, nothing too serious. Well I'm on for another hour or so, so shoot me a PM if you see me online.
    24. Lothar
      well they would find out if they read these messages~ so naw
    25. Lothar
      alright well it seems i am going camping this week now, so i'll be back on the 25th if you wanna do it then, also on the 18th i'll be home for like an hour if you wanna do it then~ i'll be able to battle at like 4-4:30 GMT-6
    26. Katy Perry
      Katy Perry
      BLEGH, you know what? On Friday I have the whole day off, so we can probably do it then if you have time. Tomorrow I'll try to be on at 4-5 GMT-6 as the past two days I was at the hospital with family :\. Otherwise, if we don't do our matches by the extended deadline, you can have the win....again xD
    27. Mestre Nando
      Mestre Nando
      well, I'm still waiting to see activity on server and all those things, but there'll be an extended deadline, until saturday/sunday night, so try scheduling a battle before that :/
    28. Lothar
      lol k, tell me when you wanna battle im ready whenever~ gl
    29. Liberty Figter
      Liberty Figter
      That's terrible, lol. You are getting ridiculously far without playing. That's crazy! If you ever wanna team test or something let me know, since you haven't had battles or anything, haha.
    30. Liberty Figter
      Liberty Figter
      Haha, yeah. I won my first two legitimately, this is the only one I haven't had to play, : P. I keep getting predicted to lose though X D. Hahahaha.
    31. Roy Mustang
      Roy Mustang
      Tbh, I suck at teambuilding. And now with the politoed ban I lost muh best team. I need to make a new one.
    32. Tears of tomorrow
    33. Wulfert
      Hi, I've talked to IFM and he has talked to Eternal. Hosting it right noiw wouldn't be a good idea because the Smogon World Cup is going to run soon and it won't be finished until late August. I'm sorry to say this but it's better to wait until winter. :x
    34. Roy Mustang
      Roy Mustang
      ALARM CLOCK SCREAMING MONSTERS CALLING MY NAME. <3 <3 <3 <3. All of their songs are so good. Lithium is my favourite by a small margin though, I absolutely love all of them though.
    35. Shaymin
      Noticed your comment on my brother's page, omg Tourniquet and Imaginary are my favourite songs by them tooo<3333
    36. Roy Mustang
      Roy Mustang
      They are my favourite band. <3 I cannot wait until their new album comes out either. It's going to be so pro. What's your favourite song by them? Mine is Lithium.
    37. Roy Mustang
    38. Shawn Frost
      Shawn Frost
      I don't. I only have the time to see what's going on here and leave, since I have loads of assignments since my exams are two weeks away.
    39. Shawn Frost
      Shawn Frost
      Just take the win. I couldn't make it and by the time I did, you weren't there.
    40. Shawn Frost
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