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Feb 4, 2011
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Apr 9, 2012
    1. Liberty Figter
      Liberty Figter
      Hey there, we are opponents in the UU through the (St)ages tour. I am at Pacific Standard Time, GMT-8. I can battle anytime on the weekends or in some weekday evenings (Wednesday, Friday, Monday usually). See you on!
    2. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      hey, lets try and get our battles done this weekend for the Generations Collide tour. I'll be on Saturday night from like 7pm to 12 pm PST. If we can't get this done tomorrow, I'll try and be on Sunday as much as possible too.
    3. Mattstah
      You need to finish your battle for the Generations Collide tour, deadline is in two days.
    4. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      I'll be on this weekend, tomorrow most likely will be the best chance for us to get this done as I will be busy most of today.
    5. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      Also, we've been paired up in the "When Generations Collide" tour. Rand seems to love putting us together >.>
    6. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      Hey, we're opponents again in the MC tour. When are you free to battle?
    7. Eternal
    8. Eternal
      Hey, how is Crobat going?
    9. JRJuggernaut
      I will be on tonight if you want to battle then
    10. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      When can we get our middle cup battle done?
    11. Glade
      I'm GMT -4 too. I usually go on most afternoons/evenings, but either way, can we wait until the weekend? :P
    12. Ich777Ich
      I see you but your not there
    13. Ich777Ich
      I'm in the pacific time zone and it is 3:16 Pm now here. I'm on now if you wanna battle now.
    14. mibuchiha
      mhm cool. see ya at the time.
    15. mibuchiha
      Hmm... I'll try. Give some allowance to extend to 1 or 2 in case I wake up late.
    16. mibuchiha
      set the time. would be convenient if it's in gmt+8. =3

      then i'll see if i can make it.
    17. Ich777Ich
      Oh okay. Well anytime you are ready just lemme know if you see me on or we can schedule a time if that's easier. What works for you?
    18. Ich777Ich
      Hey where did you see that we play each other?
    19. mibuchiha
      I can play this Thurs - Sun. Choose your time.
    20. mibuchiha
      nu tour yo.
    21. DarkDiglett
      Hey, as you know im your opponent for the advance revival tour, whats your timezone, im GMT +12
    22. Django
      You have been substituted into the Advance Revival Tour. Your Oppenent is DarkDiglett.

      Have Fun! If you have nay questions on rules feel free to contact me.
    23. Rity
      We need to battle for the Back in Action Tournament
    24. Cristian777
      hi I Wait You For Figth
    25. Eternal
    26. monferno
      are you interested in joining my and arctic eclipse's team showdown team? you can play uu
    27. Manaphy
      We can do that later today or tomorrow.
    28. Kazuchika Okada
      Kazuchika Okada
      We're battling each other in the Back In Action Gen 4 Tournament. My time zone is GMT +5.5
      I'll be on from 4:00 PM to 7:30 PM.
      The dead line in on 26th July 2011.
    29. Halsey
      We have to play for the alphabetic tour. The deadline is the 19th and i can't play the 18th. Tell me when you want to do it.
    30. PichiTheShinyPichu
      How about this weekend?
    31. Luck>Skill
      Sooo...well, if I can suggest, it would be OK if we played in your afternoon (if you can come on ofc), yours 15/16/17 PMs, if that's ok. Otherwise, tell me a time and I'll say you if I can battle :3
    32. Luck>Skill
      Hi, we are opponents in the banhammer tournament, so we should schedule a battle. What's your gmt? :x
    33. T-Dogg
      Sounds like a good plan to me, I'm pretty free this weekend as well. Can you be on Saturday evening, about 7 PM? That'd be 11 AM my time, which suits me well. Otherwise, feel free to nominate another time.
    34. T-Dogg
      Well I'll keep an eye out for you. If it doesn't work out we can always organise another time in the weekend.
    35. T-Dogg
      Sorry I can't do afternoons (school and stuff), only weekday evenings. I could be on in the morning. 8am for me is about 4pm for you. Does that work?
    36. T-Dogg
      Hey, when are you free for our ban hammer tourney match? I'm at +12 GMT, and am free mostly during the day in the weekends. Alternatively during the week, 8-10 AM (most mornings) or 7 PM onwards.
    37. Burnin'Red
      I am GMT +5 :/
      9 hours difference, you are going to be hard to find
    38. Burnin'Red
      Hey sup.
      We are opponents for the alphabetical dual tourney.
      What is your GMT and your server name?
    39. Pizza
      We're on for the second round of the banhammer tour. What time zone are you? I'm GMT -4.
    40. Eternal
      Hey, I'm ready to battle now
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