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Feb 11, 2011
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Apr 30, 2016


Knocking hearts out, 27

    1. Finchinator
    2. Desolate
    3. DestinyUnknown
      edit: whatever, have been afk
    4. Orcelot
      Hey Mike, just wondering if you're still interested in narrating my battle. If yes, let me know. If not, that's fine too and you can just ignore this message.
    5. steelwing
      much agreed. seriously, you and lapras leaving were the final cut.

      i have to admit, the circumstances were terrible.

      Bro, if i joined the narration team, would you do one with me? ^^ I might, unsure atm.
    6. steelwing
      so whats up with you not being on my friend list?

      EDIT: left PSN for various reasons.
    7. steelwing
      Mike. Lavity.

      Since you left PokeStation, I have traced you back here. Because that's what bro's do.
    8. Overlord-Brian
      MIKE! whats up my neighbor to the south.
    9. Eternal
    10. T-Dogg
      Sure, any time in particular you'll be on?
    11. T-Dogg
      Hey, when are you free for our tourney match? I'm at +12 GMT, and can get on most times during the day (I'm on holiday at the moment, so times are fairly free).
    12. IFM
      Finished making my team. 10th still works, but if you want to do it sooner, I am ready.
    13. IFM
      then the 10th is fine
    14. IFM
      Would the 9th or 10th work for you?
    15. -Zack-
      Yes that's fine. I'll be online in the Pokemon Online Simulator between those times today and for everyday this week until we get the battle done.
      See you there!
      (I take it you have the same username?)
    16. -Zack-
      Sorry for taking so long to reply.

      Any time this week is fine. Bear in mind I live in England so unless you do too, I will have a different time to you.
      Tomorrow is good for me (The 21st of February). Any time really, that isn't too early in the day or too late for me.

      England is GMT (so just 0) just so you know.
    17. coolking49
      -5 would be US time. +5 is east of GMT, -5 is west.
    18. coolking49
      All right, the weekend is probably good. When are you free? Like what time?
    19. coolking49
      Hi. Needless to say not right now, since I have to make a team. I am in +5.5 GMT, where are you? If you are usually free around now life will be much easier.
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