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Feb 17, 2011
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Sep 18, 2016

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That one guy, Male, from here

    1. Peasounay
      Hi we have to play for the RBY tournament i'm +1 and available on evenings and during the night
    2. La.Melle2402
      Hey, when battle for break a pokemon final? Im gmt +1 and online everyday
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      2. La.Melle2402
        Hey, looks like we have to battle again. When are u free?
        Jan 20, 2016
      3. viamage
        I'm of all day today so I'll just idle online
        Jan 20, 2016
      4. viamage
        Jan 20, 2016
    3. TraceofLife
      wen fite OGT, im free all week, gmt +7, alt i used is Shinoa Hiragi
      1. viamage
        I'm off all day Tuesday and Wednesday and Friday. Gmt -5 so I will be down to play whenever. Just msg me here and I'll check every hour those days that I'm up. Heads up. My comp is in the shop so on my phone, so I'll need time in between each match to set up the next team
        Jan 5, 2016
      2. TraceofLife
        i will be on as Shinoa Hiragi on the server, hmu whenever you want to play
        Jan 5, 2016
      3. viamage
        Sorry I went to bed right after that because we have a 12 hour difference, I'll be on tonight for you though
        Jan 5, 2016
    4. inigomontoya
      Why hello sir, it appears we are set to engage in Mortal Kombat for the UU tournament. I am at GMT-4 (EDT) and can play evenings or possibly study halls. brace yourself as such
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      2. inigomontoya
        So Im bad and completely forgot this existed whilst spamming Intro CoOp vs AI on my smurf in League of Legends. Ill be on all day Sunday (hopefully). I might still be watching a show, so just find Yveltal the BOLT, Yveltal the AFK, or [OG]ddrox13 in Tournaments and PM me.
        Oct 8, 2015
      3. viamage
        xD since Leauge was involved I completely forgive you
        Oct 8, 2015
      4. inigomontoya
        Finished stealing other people's teams, so ready when you are. Ill be on as [OG]ddrox13 in Tournaments until further notice.
        Oct 11, 2015
    5. Casparov
      Hello I'm your opponent for the Tri-Type tour when are you able to fight? im GMT +2 I work from 8:30 till 17.00 so evening works best for me, altho I can play at work if needed
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      2. viamage
        crap I got to go I'll be back in an hour, sorry. xD
        Sep 8, 2015
      3. Casparov
        Lol ok I'll be online
        Sep 8, 2015
      4. viamage
        I'm on sorry for delay it's a long story
        Sep 8, 2015
    6. Ortheore
      hey man, we're opps for uu. I'm +10, good to play most nights and some days (Wed, Fri, Sun). When would you like to play?
      1. viamage
        I'm -5 so a 15 hour difference.... would your 10 pm work say, two days from now?
        Aug 12, 2015
    7. Jethalal
      Hi! We are opps for standard nu tour im gmt +5:30 active on evenings my time.When are u active..
    8. Froggy
      we have to play for ou tour, I am gmt -5. I work from 7:30 AM- 5:00 PM everyday during the week so evenings/weekend would be best.
    9. Dr. Doom
      Dr. Doom
      Scratch that, I'm Doom9023
    10. Dr. Doom
      Dr. Doom
      Yeah I'm on as Mr Nutz
    11. Artemisa
      You didn't tyrogues or any teams from lcpl that you were leaving. I told them for you btw. Hurry Back!
    12. JhenMohran
      Heya! Just about to start your art but just wondering whether you had any larger pictures of your porygon avatar as it's quite pixilated when enlarged from your avi. It's not too much trouble if you cant as i can do some things to make it appear less blurry but the alrger the original image the better really. Thanks
    13. The Dude
      The Dude
      Can't see you online atm, I'm on as Skyfall and you'll find me in Tohjo and Tours.
    14. The Dude
      The Dude
      Let's see if we can play! I'll be on from like 7am or so my time till 9am (GMT+12), hopefully I see you on.
    15. bandn
      can we actually make that more like 8? sorry
    16. bandn
      yea no problem!
    17. bandn
      hey SC opponent! Im EST (GMT-5) pretty free schedule right now, basically anything after 3pm. How does Thursday 5pmish sound?
    18. Dasdardly
      You're up against bandn in the SC tour, gl.
    19. Celestial Phantom
      Celestial Phantom
      ok i'll be on most of the night if you show up, alt will be ventus so look for that
    20. Celestial Phantom
      Celestial Phantom
      alright evening on friday would be best for me since i have stuff to do in the day to get done.
    21. Celestial Phantom
      Celestial Phantom
      yo we're opps for the lots of colours LU tour thing. I'm free to battle almost anytime when I build my team, when you wanna battle?
    22. VuvuzelaΒzz
      ""are you bragging or complaining?" that is the real question being asked here.
      To those braggers who are saying that they either filled the glass halfway or rank it halfway: whoopdy-freakin-do. "

    23. Blimlax
      in fact i went 0-2 week 4 so yea [one activity lose] =P

      But yea so far so good. On the other hand, I've noticed you lost just about every week lol...needa step it up, but at least it isn't more choking.
    24. IFM
      This weekend at some point. I don't really care when.
    25. Elmanzano
      ok, i can play in weekend. The rest of the week i have too much work.
    26. Hill
      I`ll be available later for playing. I'l be on Groudon's Grotto and in #baril channel.
    27. FAFUS
      ok, let me ten mins to get ready, which server you wanna play?
    28. Scene
      that porygon head is giving me nightmares ):

      the tail looks great though
    29. The Dude
      The Dude
      Don't think so, anytime in the next 5-6 hours?
    30. The Dude
      The Dude
      K made my team, we are you free?
    31. FAFUS
      probably best day to play will be saturday on my night, because i'm gmt+1 and there's lot of diference on timing. Are you available like 23.00 on gmt+1?
    32. Johnidel
      Sorry about not responding, been really caught up in schoolwork. Can you play tomorrow or saturday? Name a time and I can be there.
    33. Malkaviano
    34. Clarion
      ...that's why I told you, pull up a win, and you prove me wrong.
    35. User Name
      User Name
      You mean besides making its DW ability a copy of its other ability? And the fact that its already terribad movepool didn't get much better, if it got better at all? :P
      Though, last time I checked its movepool was before BW2 came out. Have the move tutors made it any better? XD

      If we go back in time to 4th gen, Stealth Rock was also a big middle finger to Delibird. Even more humiliating in that the Santa Birdy got Rapid Spin.
    36. The Dude
      The Dude
      I'm GMT+12 and I'm away for 3 days until the weekend and will be able to play mostly anytime then so I'll try catch you on the times you mentioned.
    37. Mylo Xyloto
      Mylo Xyloto
      Hey man I'm GMT+2 and can battle like right now till 6 pm my time. So If you think we can find each other on server, we can or we could schedule a time. How 'bout 17:00 gmt+2?
    38. Luck>Skill
      All my avatars are awesome
    39. Scene
      Hi, we're opponents in Team Compromise Round 2. I'm Scizor on the server, fairly active and GMT time. Hope to battle you soon c:
    40. FrontierDarkness
      ok see you there I guess :)
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