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Feb 17, 2011
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    1. Marcop9923
      u back boss?
      1. CALLOUS
        Nope. But I’m managing POCL.
        Jun 27, 2019
      2. Marcop9923
        ah. If you ever fancy getting back into the community there is an adv discord server where a bunch of guys chill.
        Any chance we are going to get YT content?
        Jun 27, 2019
      3. CALLOUS
        None whatsoever.
        Jun 27, 2019
    2. CALLOUS
      Of course I want to see it! :D I'm still mad Jorgen moved his match though :(
    3. Isa
      Playing this Friday, 6:30 PM, EST time. If you wanna see it, be there!
    4. zeroality
      How ya been man?
    5. Jørgen
      So I thought you'd like to know that this just happened
    6. Professor Oak
      Professor Oak
      I've just woken up, so excluding any emergencies or toilet breaks, I'll be online from now til deadline.

      Just note that I'll need a couple of minutes to properly wake up and check my team before we do battle.
    7. Professor Oak
      Professor Oak
      So my net is randomly being dropped on a semi-regular schedule - I could not come online at all on Saturday (day time) or Monday, and it would not shock me if this pattern continues.

      The most annoying thing about this is that it seems to be dropping on the days where I am not at work, so I've yet had time to practice or test teams or any of that stuff.

      I'll still be online when I can (typing this before I go to work atm, in case you were wondering - 9 hour shift lgi), but I'll make sure both my teammates and you know if I need to be subbed out due to not being able to make it. So you might get to smash Meteor again instead of me :P

      If that does happen, I still want to battle you, cos I need to get back into ADV properly. Stupid lack of time and practice lol.

      I posted in the Finals thread stating the same, but thought it best to VM you as well. I still am not at work tomorrow (Wednesday), so I will just hope my net isn't dead by then.
    8. Professor Oak
    9. Professor Oak
      Professor Oak
      I've been scheduled some pretty shitty shifts at work this week, which means I only have Wednesday and Sunday off. I'll probably be online at random intervals before Wed and between those days, but I doubt I'd be able to battle.

      So yeah, Wednesday at the earliest man. Looking forward to finishing 2-2 :P
    10. Jørgen
      Tonight is not too good after all. Tomorrow (Thursday) night at ~7pm I should be on. We can do battle then if you're game.
    11. Jørgen
      Most evenings starting from Wednesday work best for me. I'm in the same time zone, so I can just say I'll be on and available to do battle around 7pm-ish starting around Wednesday.
    12. llvallejoll
      I'm GMT-5 too. So, I'm free to play this weekend, saturday or sunday at 3pm its ok?
    13. Colchonero
      Sorry i've had personal problems and due to that i had not time during the week. I'll be available since now and will look for you in PO server
    14. Colchonero
      Hi, I'm atm GMT+2. I usually can to play since 5-6 pm but some days I have to go to faculty in the afternoon (thse days i usually can to play since 8 pm). Anyway i think will be better for both us to play in the weekend.
    15. JabbaTheGriffin
      i'll be on all day today (also gmt-5) sorry for not responding sooner
    16. viamage
      I fat anytime Jabba comes on within these closing hours DO NOT LET YOUR PULSE RISE! I would hate to see you be so patient and then lose it because you couldn't keep your cool at the last hour.
    17. The Dude
      The Dude
      Saturday / Sunday afternoonish, 10am-2pm (GMT+12) If that's hard for you I can come on earlier, let me know thanks.
    18. The Dude
      The Dude
      Hey man we're playing this week for POCL, just letting you know I may not be on much during the weekdays due to some school shit, so we should arrange a time on the weekend sometime and stick to it. I'll be free most of the weekend so just give me times when it's good for you, thanks.
    19. CALLOUS
      That's fine. Probably a good idea. I really just want to get the match done...
    20. Professor Oak
      Professor Oak
      Just letting you know that I deleted your most recent post in the POCL thread. I had asked that everyone stops making comments in my post in the thread, and your post came after my post asking people to stop.

      Your post would only re-start the argument again, so that is why I deleted it.
    21. Clarion
      Hey, CALLOUS! I have something for you. Place that in your signature! :)
    22. Professor Oak
      Professor Oak
      You DO have a notification when someone writes something on your wall...
      You may get the notification when you VM on your own profile, but I believe VB was stating that other users do not get the notification, as it is your profile that's being commented on, not theirs.
    23. Hobbes2
      I haven't seen you online at all yet lol

      when are you normally online

      EDIT - Also i don't get notified if you reply to my VM on your thing lol you have to VM me for me to get notified which is why i didn't respond earlier
    24. CALLOUS
      You DO have a notification when someone writes something on your wall...
    25. "Bad To The Bone" Balla
      "Bad To The Bone" Balla
      why do you reply to peoples VM's on your own wall? They don't get notified if you reply here lol.
    26. CALLOUS
      News to me... Granted, I'm totally fine with that and would be happy to help you but who decided on this?
    27. Hobbes2
      It appears i am your Tutee. Any specific time you want me to be on? I'm pretty flexible
    28. CALLOUS
      Obv obv obv
    29. Fakes
      CALLOUS wanna be my friend :)?
    30. CALLOUS
      No worries friend, I just want to get it done the same way that you do...
    31. Meteor64
      Either you've not looked at your youtube inbox, or you've fallen asleep at your computer. If it's the former, I'M ON SO COME JOIN ME QUICK. If it's the latter, I apologise for disturbing you at whatever time of day you may read this. And also for unnecessarily keeping you awake.
    32. CALLOUS
      Thanks my friend. Much appreciated :)
    33. Luck>Skill
    34. VuvuzelaΒzz
      Thanks for replying and thanks for the kind words. :)
    35. VuvuzelaΒzz
      Rate my last narration :3
    36. Groudon Ramsay
      Groudon Ramsay
      Yeah I didn't mean today or anything, no hurry. I'm still up but I don't plan on going on the server at 3 AM lol
    37. Groudon Ramsay
      Groudon Ramsay
      Hey contact me on the server when you get a chance, I wanna pick your brain about something involving the PO league.
    38. Spoof
    39. xtranus
      when can i re challenge :)
    40. AnneWintour
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