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Xerxes Break
Sep 24, 2016
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Oct 5, 2016

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Xerxes Break

Yes~ I'm a man that likes Purple and lollipops~, Male, 20, from Washington, USA

    1. Xerxes Break
      Xerxes Break
      You say dolls... I say YAY! ~ gimme lollipops, NOW MOTHA F'A!!!
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    Mar 29, 1997 (Age: 20)
    Washington, USA
    Manga artist
    Favourite Pokémon:
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    Tomoe Ayakashi
    I've loved Manga and dragons ever sense I was 12 and never got over it. So I then started drawing dragon and ghost type Poke'mon, Then I gradually fell in love with Poke'mon so I became a manga artist. I never published any of my books to the public. But in every book I have illustrated I added 2 or 3 secret Poke'mon or Poke'mon references to my books. I love Poke'mon as much as my life and tofu and rice balls :riceball:. Never stop growing Poke'mon :baa:.


    Xerxes Break
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