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Feb 22, 2011
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Feb 4, 2014
    1. metroid78
      Hey we need to play for the random tiers tour I'm GMT-4 when do you wanna play?
    2. Platinum
      Hi, we are facing each other in the Random Pokemon Tour. What is your timezone and available time? I'm in GMT +8, and I can be online most evenings :3
    3. Kazuchika Okada
      Kazuchika Okada
      We're fighting each other for the DP OU with a View tournament. My time zone is GMT +5.5
    4. pokemonrocks2012
      i can battle on wednesday if you can i'm GMT -5
    5. xtranus
      okay im always on 3-9pm gmt +3 :D
    6. xtranus
      gmt +3 whenever
    7. mibuchiha
      uh, i won by coinflip.
    8. mibuchiha
      thu 23th feb 23:00 gmt+8.

      earlier than that, i'd be at campus, it blocks PO.
    9. mibuchiha
      wednesday huh. that'll be hard. I'll try to come, the time is?
    10. Django
      You've got a match to complete for the Weapon of Choice Tournament, post in the thread and arrange a time with your opponent Mibuchiha
    11. mibuchiha
      we gotta play. choice.

    12. Groudon Ramsay
      Groudon Ramsay
      alright i finished making my teams

      just send me a PM when you see me on the server so we can play
    13. Groudon Ramsay
      Groudon Ramsay
      that is much too soon good sir, i have only built one of my teams thus far lol

      i'll probably be ready by next week.
    14. Groudon Ramsay
      Groudon Ramsay
      hello good sir, we are paired up for weapon of choice.

      when can you play!????!?!?!?!!?

      im gmt -5 btw!!!!!
    15. Django
      Your in the Weapon Of Choice tour, and your opponent is kokoloko
    16. NightShift
      ok so the weekend, what will you be able to be on?
    17. NightShift
      i havent seen you on maybe im just blind but what alt have you been using?
      i always use this alt when im waiting for someone.
    18. NightShift
      ugh sorry had some other things...to deal with but the deadline is 12/7....so tuesday/wednesday? ill try to be on later.
    19. NightShift
      yes thats probably better then sunday because its a school day
    20. NightShift
      hmm well ill try to be on if not we can try monday?
    21. NightShift
      Your my opp. for LC tourney, same timezone so it shouldn't be too difficult. I'm available after Friday 3pm-10pm.
    22. Glade
      Same for the afternoons. Preferably this weekend because I have a thing where I like to practice a ton before a match. I assume you want to play weatherless then?
    23. Glade
      lol I don't usually try to set up a time with my opponents, but I probably will regret doing that this time, so would this weekend work for you? I'm pretty much on all the time then.

      Also, I hope I don't sound like I have a superiority complex here, but: If you want, I'll bring weatherless if you do. If not, all is fine, I just don't like using weather or fighting against it :/
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