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Mar 3, 2011
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Apr 22, 2013


Penguin Of Chaos, from ChaosLand

    1. KwokyMonster
      Baby come back to me
    2. Mavs>Heat
      Since no one is online thats willing to do it, http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=9ahtgvcd thats placido's theme. Anyways, i'm quitting PO for a couple of months. For school reasons, obviously. And i changed the tutoring channel to #MafTutoring, and u and serp are cmasters. so bai.
    3. The First Hipster
    4. Roy Mustang
      Roy Mustang
      I now see why you thought I made a duplicate thread (I just read the posts on it). The thread was to help people in CREATING themes, not fixing already made ones. People misunderstood I guess (judging by the two pre-lock posts). But yeah idgaf, I just thought it would make the mafia subforum cleaner to have people ask questions about coming up with a role or etc. (or fixing one in their work-in-progress theme) in one thread than throughout the forum. If you don't think it would that's fine. Yeah ik I explain too much. lol. Also, about your reply to mai hide tags. YUS YOU DO BUTCH. When I was active you took like a week to reply. I guess you are more active on the forums now with the mafia sub forum.

      Yeah I quit the simulator randomly october first, but I'm on the forums now, pretty much only to talk to a few people. I have been good, busy a lot. I also recently got minecraft which is pro.
    5. Roy Mustang
      Roy Mustang
      "lol the brainstorming isn't actually an approval thread, its just open theme discussion"

      It is to help people create themes before they get posted on the approval thread. If you want to keep it locked idrc, I just thought it would result in better overall themes since bouncing ideas off of other people and etc. helps make the overall theme better than just one person coming up with everything.

      Anyways, hai. How have you been lately?
    6. Hobbes2
      lol the brainstorming isn't actually an approval thread, its just open theme discussion
    7. Ethan
      Ohai thar o:
    8. Karppi
      Why I never see you online (I wanna insult you...) and you are losing 2-0 : )
    9. Karppi
      Why u didn't fix my little mafia :( you really are useless sometimes, and I still want link to your real facebook-profile (so I can insult you there :p)
    10. Mavs>Heat
      Did i get banned or something?
    11. Karppi
      Or read. Or write. And I need to spam more to your wall.
    12. Karppi
      I have so many good memories when Deria started always FF. And I remember that when I started my favorite themes (mlp and Twilight), and everyone loves those too, I got killed so many times n1. And then Lamperi made that we need to make 5 other themes before we can make those themes again. (Other people was so slow that they couldn't make new themes) And they started unjoining to mlp/Twilight so we played default so many times in a row. And I know that you are not going to understand what I'm trying to say, because you are penguin and everyone knows that Penguins can't talk.
    13. Karppi
      NOOOOOO! I need to start spamming to your wall again, thanks to Mustang : ( And I'm really gonna hate you, if you keep Darkkis or Lame as MA.
    14. Roy Mustang
      Roy Mustang
      omg hai

      how has mafia been?
    15. Karppi
      I need to spam more to your wall. This is my 8th post :3
    16. Karppi
      And I'm still gonna burn you if you make one of those MA
    17. Karppi
      I did, but I was too lazy to copy it from your VMs to that topic. (I'm using iPhone to get Internet because I have been at hospital last 3 days.
    18. Karppi
      If you make Lame/Darkkis/GoldSalam3nce/Jaxen/GreenWater10 MA, I'm gonna burn that forest where ur gonna run and you will get burned too (it halves your attack :p)
    19. Karppi
      I'm gonna get you... You better run. And fast!
    20. Karppi
      Everyone says that and I have been playing mafia month before you was made mafiamod.
    21. Karppi
      I read that already and it would be fun to get that position (I could push myself in the games), but I'm busy next week and I'm too lazy to script. I live in GMT+2 (same country as Lamperi) and I know the rules (I hate everyone who breaks rules and I don't abuse commands like you and one of our mafiaadmin. (I have been channel operator in mafia 3 times, once in Tohjo and once in Tournaments.)
    22. Karppi
      I hate you (and why the **** hobbes is mafiaadmin (he is *****)) inb4 someone bans me because of this message.
    23. Hobbes2
      lol ikr but it was some guy named "uberpenguin" or something...long time ago
    24. JaxenPenguin
    25. Hobbes2
      Legitry doesn't come easy....Though it comes auto when your a penguin

      -Anonomous guy from Shoddy
    26. JaxenPenguin
      I wanna be in the mafia review channel you meanies lol
    27. champagne papi
      champagne papi
      Hey do you wanna be in the Well's poll?
    28. Soul Crusher
      Soul Crusher
      Good,Good. keep at it
    29. Soul Crusher
      Soul Crusher
      Ohai, Causing more chaos I see?
    30. Karppi
      Hi little Penguin. You know what I am going to do for you... (And you will not like it unless you are Swedish)
    31. Hobbes2
      Oh, could you Allow me in the MafiaReview Channel? i mean like allow me in and stuff
      it says its for higher auth
    32. Hobbes2
      Lol i made a penguin in art class...its like aprinting thing its pretty cool...lol it sucks so bad its good ^^
      i'll show when im done. THEN YOU OWE ME A COOKIE
    33. Hobbes2
    34. Roy Mustang
      Roy Mustang
      I see you online atm, what's going on lately?
    35. RageSuzaku
      Chaos, please go back to mafia! We need you! Idiots have overtaken the place! Rosina seems to have disappeared! We miss you Chaos. I miss you my fluffy buddy. Please come back Dx
    36. Roy Mustang
    37. yiran
      The Minecraft one
    38. Meway
    39. Meway
      see groshis post :P
    40. Meway
      which one? :3
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