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Mar 5, 2011
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Aug 24, 2015

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    1. bugzinator
      we have to play for powc, when is best for you?
      i'd probably prefer sunday evening (gmt+1) but if there's anything else that works for you just lemme know
      1. Jørgen
        I could make sunday evening work
        May 22, 2014
      2. bugzinator
        alright cool, im thinking around 9 or 10pm my time, i should be free most of sunday anyway so it's not a big deal
        May 22, 2014
      3. bugzinator
        ill most likely just be hanging around rage channel btw
        May 22, 2014
    2. M Dragon
      M Dragon
      Weekend is impossible for me, I can only play until friday not included (I will be out the whole weekend), at like 22:00 - 1:00 my time (GMT +2)
      1. Jørgen
        Okay I'm GMT -5 so that puts me 7 hours before you. 15:00-18:00 my time.

        This could be a problem. I'm not available until ~17:30 tomorrow because of work. On Thursday I won't be home in time to make your window. I could make an evening time, but that's real late for you.

        If you can make it work, let's say 17:30 GMT -5 (00:30 GMT +2) tomorrow. If not, I guess it's sub city.
        Apr 23, 2014
    3. -Mike-
      Should've been around 8 PM I think, I left PO open and went to Grandma's house and returned around noon.

      I'll try (Its difficult for me to come after 8 pm tomorrow, nearly impossible after 10 pm though). I'll try morning time..
    4. -Mike-
      Sadly, I cant come up on that time today. Maybe tomorrow..but I cant confirm. I was available all the weekdays...:(
      1. Jørgen
        We were both just on the US East channel. We tried flashing you but you didn't pick up.

        Anyway I was just going by what you posted on my wall. If there's a time that works better for you (maybe a little later after 10pm, as it is the weekend), let me know. Alternatively, if your morning hours are better, we can try that.
        Apr 19, 2014
    5. -Mike-

      We have to battle for POWC. I would be on as -Mike- and will be on Tours/Mafia/APC channels. I am +5:30 and will be on from 9-10 AM and 6-10 PM my time. Lets have a good game :]
    6. VuvuzelaΒzz
      I noticed you sent me a PM on the server while I was asleep. What was it about? :o
    7. HSOWA
      I can play on Saturday from 3pm-11pm, Friday night from 8pm-12am works as well. (GMT +1)
      Would prefer the former though
    8. HSOWA
    9. HSOWA
      Yep, I'm fine with that
    10. HSOWA
      I'm GMT +1, and preferably I'd like to battle 7pm-1am my time. I don't mind what day we play.
    11. mibuchiha
      Waitin' for ya.
    12. mibuchiha
      Yo man, we gotta play. I'm GMT +8, and it's now 1250 here...

      Anyway. If you don't mind, can we get the POCL game done at around 0000 my time? Due to Eid and the hassles it brings, it'll be very hard for me to play starting Wednesday and the inconveniences will probably last until end of the week, so it'd be great if I can this done before that.
    13. Finchinator
      Thanks for playing, you were an amazing team member, battler, and overall player.
      Hope we play together again and keep in touch.
      Best of luck in GSC and whatever else you play!
    14. Finchinator
      I don't know if you'll be on (especially since we don't have any matches this weekend,) but I think you'll be happy to know that we've acquired Callous.
    15. Forum Name
    16. Forum Name
      Forum Name
      K, but I weekdays are better for me.
    17. bugzinator
      Yeah Sunday sounds good, good luck man!
    18. Skylite21
      Fine with me! I'm gmt +3. Guess we can get it done right on the spot) Cya on Sunday then!
    19. Finchinator
      You're having both matches tomorrow, right?
    20. Kland
      you on now?
    21. Kland
      well i'm pretty much relying on hax for this battle what time?
    22. Hill
      ok, sunday 8 pm of my timezone is good for you?
    23. Hill
      VM just to arrange our game. I'm on GMT -3 timezone and available, today, tomorrow, Thursday and Sunday afternoon/night.
    24. IronStorm
      Anytime after 7 PM PST Saturday, or after 1 PM PST Sunday, which ever works for you
    25. Finchinator
      Lol, I wasn't planning on it
      The only reason I went and subbed people out last week was because I misunderstood the rules and thought that you got points on the win.
      But, dead games don't really hurt us (they don't just help us, either.)
      So, no point in subbing you now (even if I could)
      GL vs IFM tonight!
    26. IFM
      I'll be on all day as HODOR on PO and IRC. Might not respond immediately but we can get this done.
    27. IFM
      I can only play during the Weekend. I don't really care what time.
    28. carlo.
      yeah, it sounds good. i'm gmt+1 btw. i'll be idling on po main server and atq server on nbs (which i prefer, you choose). see you tomorrow
    29. carlo.
      hey! weekend is good for me. i'll be at home on both days after 5pm gmt+1, but i can play at any other time if necessary -i just need to know so i can get back home in time. what about saturday at 5pm my time? i'll be at home until 10pm i guess, so later is fine as well. see you!
    30. Colchonero
      Yeah, that's is fine for me (i can also later if you finally have some problem with that time)
    31. Colchonero
      Hi, i would like to play on Friday or Saturday if you can. I'll be available since about 5pm on Friday (GMT+1), and since 8 pm on Saturday (i'll be also in the night both days). I can also play another day, i just have less time.
    32. zeroality
      That Spikes thing is wack lol.
    33. Finchinator
      No big deal, treecko's pretty good at it.
      You play a lot of gen 5 or just minimally?
    34. Finchinator
      Callous and you can work together to make the ultimate ADV OU team.
      We always enjoy help in BW OU.
      You might Even get a start or two, especially if I choke like usual (lol)

      Question: Do you play DPP at all?
    35. Finchinator
      Do you still want to play, for East? we'd gladly have you as a member of our roster - if GSC and RBY aren't added back, that is.
    36. Luck>Skill
      Tomorrow is fine for me, as long as we do it at a decent time for me since I have class early in the morning Friday (around midnight GMT+1)
    37. CALLOUS
      Thanks for letting me know. Seems important...
    38. CALLOUS
      I won't be around tomorrow at 7 (work) but I appreciate your communication. As long as we keep looking for each other and communicating we will be fine. :)
    39. CALLOUS
      Works for me. If you have a specific day that is good for you let me know otherwise I'm sure we'll see each other around. Keep in touch and enjoy your week until then =)
    40. CALLOUS
      You and I for POCL playoffs this week. Let me know when you want to play. I'm GMT -5. ;)
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