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Mar 16, 2011
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Jul 31, 2017

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    1. The Real Elmo
      The Real Elmo
      Hey, so If you're good for it, I'd like to have our battle either tomorrow night (after 8pm EST) or sometime Sunday afternoon. Lemme know what time you think you'll be on (of course, I'll just be on afk'ing then anyways).
    2. The Real Elmo
      The Real Elmo
      Hey, no probs at all. I'm a bit rusty in the metagame myself, so I've been taking these past few days to jump back in to the current tier iteration.
      I have college stuff till Friday, and can't really play till then. Is that enough time for you to get the jist of the metagame? I think we just have to finish our match by next monday.

      From what I hear from some of the Project NU'ers, you used to play a bunch then dropped away. glad to see you back whatever the case ^_^
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