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Za Meowdo
Mar 1, 2018
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Sep 2, 2019

Za Meowdo

Member, Male, 22

    1. FMG
      When do you want to play for pocl? I'm gmt -4. I can play on friday after 5:30 pm my time. I'm also free on weekend.
      1. Za Meowdo
        Za Meowdo
        yo didnt see your msg and u didnt contact me on smogon or discord so sorry for late reply but I can play from rn until the rest of the day
        Aug 26, 2018
    2. Yes.
      When do you want to play for POWC? GMT -3, available 14:00-17:00 or 18:00-19:30. I can't play at weekdays b/c exams, but Saturday or Sunday should be fine for me
      1. Za Meowdo
        Za Meowdo
        Hey both of these days and timezones work for me, lets do saturday with sunday as backup plan.
        Apr 12, 2018
      2. Yes.
        i'll be on PS! | smogtours as "Century Express" whenever you're ready
        Apr 14, 2018
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