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Mar 8, 2018
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Sep 3, 2018


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    February 1
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    Never mind
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    Fate has been cruel and order unkindHow can you go 4ever away?The blame was my own; the punishment, went yoursThe night silent todayBut into the stillnessI'll bring you a songAnd I will your company keep to your tired eyes and my lullabies,carry u softly to sleepLullaby for u love goodnight boyfriend mineRest now in moonlight's embraceBear up my lullaby, winds of the earthThrough cloud, and through sky, and spaceCarry the peace and the coolness of nightAnd carry my sorrow in kind I loved so much more than enyone knowThe years now before usFearful and unknownI never imaginedI'd face them on my own these thousand wintersSwiftly pass, I prayI love you; I miss youAll these miles awayMay all your dreams be sweet tonightSafe upon your bed of moonlightAnd know not of sadness, pain, or careAnd when I dream, I'll fly away and meet you again in the sky
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