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Tropical Teo
Mar 12, 2018
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Mar 17, 2019

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Tropical Teo

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    1. EB0LA
      <p>POCL, weekend looks rough for me, can we play during the weekday?</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Any normal time works fine for me, prefer evenings (I'm US-Central time zone). Discord = EB0LA#0779 for easiest communication.</p>
    2. beiyingtest
      Paired for POWC Final. GMT+8 here and I have the following availability: Friday 9-10 pm / Saturday 10-11am / Sunday 10am - noon / Sunday 9:30pm. All time in GMT+8, please let me know if any of these work. I can also rearrange my schedue and play Saturday 9:30pm my time if you let me know early (But will be unavailable Sunday 9:30pm as a result.)
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      2. beiyingtest
        so Sunday 9:30pm my time, which is 3:30pm your time?
        May 8, 2018
      3. Tropical Teo
        May 8, 2018
      4. Tropical Teo
        Tropical Teo
        i'm on smog tours
        May 13, 2018
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