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Jul 28, 2010
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Apr 25, 2017 at 1:01 AM

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Majestic , Male, from The UK

Server Moderator
    1. Annoying Orange
      Annoying Orange
      this is equally as bad as me changing my username
      1. HSOWA
        hey, after 6+ years of the same avatar I was due a change

        Apr 23, 2017 at 12:10 AM
        Annoying Orange likes this.
    2. Zoroark
      Majestic :hatchedchick: avatar 10/10
      1. HSOWA likes this.
    3. Kingler12345
      What's your smogtours acc? Log on there whenever you can and try to find me with the same name
    4. fsk
      Hi, as I just checked, my team is subjected to an unfixed/unresolved bug on PO, I think we should battle on PS. My alt there is fsk【Team China】 and I will be on smogtours.psim.us
      Will Saturday or Sunday somewhere near 2pm-3pm afternoon in your time work? Please also inform me an alt you got on PS, thx!
      1. HSOWA
        I'm not sure I can play that time on Saturday, but I can definitely play Sunday.

        I'm HotSkittyOnWailord on PS
        Mar 30, 2017
      2. fsk
        Oh sure, let's play Sunday that time then.
        Mar 31, 2017
      3. fsk
        Our schedule was 2-3 pm but I just checked that you are not GMT 0 due to Daylight Saving? I'm not 100% sure, I will be here by 2:40pm anyway assuming you are in GMT+1
        Apr 2, 2017
    5. Joyverse
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Joyverse
        I-I am neu and I can't find the dating subforum plz halp ;;;
        Mar 30, 2017
      3. HSOWA
        Ask that Professor Oak guy, I hear he's pretty helpful :o
        Mar 30, 2017
        Espeon Adam likes this.
      4. Joyverse
        thnk i ask professor oak guy
        Mar 30, 2017
    6. HAWKEYE
      1. HSOWA
        Mar 30, 2017
        HAWKEYE likes this.
    7. Eternal Spirit
      Eternal Spirit
      hi, do you wanna play today for pot?
    8. Hassin627
      Nuzlocke OU, im gmt +0 and can usually play at night
      1. HSOWA
        Same timezone, on pretty much all day from 5pm, let's play early next week?
        Dec 30, 2016
      2. Hassin627
        Yeah sounds good
        Dec 30, 2016
      3. Hassin627
        Hey when can you play today/tomorrow?
        Jan 4, 2017
    9. Annoying Orange
      Annoying Orange
      "HSOWA has a new avatar."
      wtf where
      1. HSOWA
        I was testing something
        Dec 13, 2016
      2. Zoroark
        How can u not tell, AO? Clearly in this new picture Skitty is in a much better position ;)
        Dec 16, 2016
        HSOWA and Annoying Orange like this.
      3. Annoying Orange
        Annoying Orange
        i was hoping for transparency :(
        Dec 16, 2016
      hot skitty on wailord action we're paired for the big brother thing. I can play tomorrow during my evening or thursday anytime so lmk
      1. HSOWA
        yo, I'll be on from 5pm-midnight GMT both days, so just PM me on server if you wanna play :>
        Nov 23, 2016
    11. Annoying Orange
    12. Burnin'Red
      Still the same username.
      Still the same profile picture.
      Still the same HSOWA :')

      Ah, the nostalgia...
      1. HSOWA
        oh hey! sup

        and I wouldn't change my avatar, it's perfect enough :3
        Sep 15, 2016
    13. Zoroark

      BOOM challenge completed! :]
      1. Burnin'Red likes this.
    14. MewtwoHidden
      hi we're paired for the POT, we cant play until after the 10th, when are you available. I'm GMT-5
      1. HSOWA
        I'm GMT 0 and can play from 1PM-1AM
        Jul 7, 2014
      2. MewtwoHidden
        what days would you be available
        Jul 7, 2014
    15. Wulfert
      lol we were unexcusable bad
    16. Wulfert
      fuck this
    17. Wulfert
      Hey man, could you clear some space of your Private Messages so that I could send you one?
    18. Jørgen
      All right, Saturday it is then. I'll be sure to be online during the afternoon (roughly 1pm-ish GMT -5) so I can catch you in your window.
    19. Jørgen
      We need play GSC for POCL. When you can? Wed afternoon, Thurs afternoon, and Fri late afternoon - early evening (all GMT -5) work for me. Alternatively, we can fite p much any time on the weekend, which is probably better.
    20. george182
      What alt, I don't see you? I've been on as george182 this whole time...
    21. george182
      Let me know when you get on
    22. george182
      Okay, wanna battle tomorrow?
    23. george182
      It's me vs you for pocl, I'm gmt +/- 0, when are you free?
    24. Wulfert
      I've always been alive
    25. Wulfert
    26. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      hey i'm gmt +1 and we gotta play. when are u down
    27. Winter
      Hey bro, we're opponents for the Weapon of Choice tour. I'm GMT+1 and on for most of the day, so any time im online and not idle will be fine for me.
    28. Jørgen
      Actually can it be today, Friday, after all? SMH the family decided last minute to reschedule the visit for Saturday.
    29. Jørgen
      Okay Friday isn't good after all. Visiting the grandmama then. Weekend then (prioritizing Saturday).
    30. Jørgen
      Hows about Friday? If something comes up and I can't be on then, I'll let you know and I guess we can do the weekend.
    31. Jørgen
      Howdy we're GSCing this week for POCL. I'm very flexible with my availability, so I'll let you dictate the time unless you're similarly flexible and nonchalant about when to play.
    32. FrontierDarkness
      Ok I'm 7 hours ahead of you so will you be on the server at your 1-2pm?
    33. FrontierDarkness
      yo, we're battling for the all gen 1v1 tour I'm GMT +8 when do you have time? also I'm FrontierD on the server :3
    34. .Harold
      cant play saturday, has to be friday or earlier
    35. .Harold
      sorry i left, i had to do something quickly. but ya i dont have any plans friday or saturday either so just tell me a time and ill update you if anything changes
    36. .Harold
      Hey when would you like to battle?
    37. Tiba
      hey dude, i'll be online tomorrow and Wednesday at night (my time -3) on PO main server. Dont run this time
    38. Bloody Rabbit
      Bloody Rabbit
      Hey, I didn't find you by the times I checked the Main Server. It'll be easier if you could ask Probs to PM me on IRC when you're on, because I just get on PO to play for tourneys and I don't find you when I open it xD
    39. Bloody Rabbit
      Bloody Rabbit
      Okay, I think I'll be able to play both days, so I'll try to catch you on PO
    40. Annoying Orange
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