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A.K.A. RiceKirby

    1. tony starkk
      tony starkk
      Hi i was ban as a punishment and it finished today so please let me play po
    2. Espeon Adam
      Espeon Adam
      Just alerting you to a potential large bug I posted about in safari. I think I'm supposed to hit you up specifically too.
      A side note. You did wonderfully with safari, and I'm keeping my paws crossed you put out some new updates because I firmly believe safari is the glue securing PO above Showdown.
      1. Alolan Vulpix likes this.
    3. nightruler
      My safari save is currently locked. can you unlock it
      My name is nightwalk
    4. Zoroark
      Congratulations for discovering the colored user title function :v
    5. Team Galactic Grunt
      Team Galactic Grunt
      IceKirby, whats going on with these crashes? Its like the fifth time i start a tower qust, i reach 37 lvl, and then crash and get no rewards at all...and considering its not my fault, i got the right to ask for these rewards... Please pm me on po to discuss about this, and show you some proof about what happened ._.
    6. Ness342
      Hello ice Kirby nice to meet you my name is Ness342
    7. Team Galactic Grunt
      Team Galactic Grunt
      We need to talk, find me on client or reply here pliz ;-; (dun like ;-;)
    8. Zoroark
      Grats on being terrible Developer Badge
    9. Yttrium
      Hi! I search Pokemon things :D
      1. IceKirby
        Jun 12, 2016
    10. Pangaea
    11. Jaya
      Love u RICE!
    12. Zuramaru
      Hi Rice!
      Ur awesome and I love Kirby :3
    13. Zoroark
      Do you has the link for the RPG game thing? I only managed to create my character but then forgot the link to keep playing :[
      1. IceKirby
        In my signature. BTW, things are slow for now because I'm thinking a few ways to advertise it.
        Sep 6, 2015
    14. Erron Black
      Erron Black
      Umm. Hi. I know you're probably doing bigger and better things, but I need help with coding for my theme. I notice you have multiple themes on the server and i think my idea is awesome. Im making a Mortal Kombat theme. (Focusing on MKX not the entire lore.) I really love your work in Smash and Kirby and I hope you accept my offer. Ciao!
      1. IceKirby
        Sorry, but I rarely accept coding requests.
        Jun 19, 2015
    15. Pikachu98

      I search Pokemon things:smile:
    16. Joeypals!!
      Item idea for Shop: Flashlight. Not sure how you'd want it to function, but basically I'm thinking it could be an expose. ofc the problem would be how to get it to be bought over a Lens or Sword, but yeah, just an idea.
      1. IceKirby
        You know, the Speaker item already exists (exclusive to Rich though).
        Apr 15, 2015
      2. Joeypals!!
        Never been Rich and didn't look at the items you gave them after I reviewed. M'bad :x
        Apr 15, 2015
    17. Hobbes2
      Hey man, been a while. I've recently finished some computer science courses and I think my respect for you and the stuff you've done for mafia back when I was here up and even up until now increased quite a lot. I've been thinking of dropping by a couple times on the server, might do that.
      1. IceKirby
        Wow I haven't even done anything that impressive, only basic programming logic.
        In any case, nice to see you still around.
        Apr 11, 2015
    18. Yttrium
      Your ThemeWar theme looks cool! Is Mafia Review/QC/whatever even active though?
      1. Pangaea
        A few of them are inactive, others do good reviews, and some just don't do any review at all (despite being active).
        Apr 6, 2015
    19. Joeypals!!
      Just a small nitpick for now, it's Icarus not Ikarus. I'll look it over more when it's not 3AM
    20. Yagura
      I like your Mafia Beginner's Guide, looks neat and organised gj!
    21. Yttrium
      :o You made a mafia beginner guide.
      I was reading it and thought I should point out a typo.
      "Voice: A player that is connected to an important role and relies their information so they don't need to expose themselves"
      I think you mean that the player relays information?
      1. IceKirby
        Oh right, thanks. It will be fixed on the next update.
        Jul 4, 2014
    22. Zoroark
      Suuuuuuuuuuuuuup RK
    23. Withoutatrace
      all the yellow omg
    24. Epikhairz
      rice ur profile used to not make my eyes bleed T_T
    25. SteelEdges
      my eyes are dead
    26. Yttrium
      Also, my eyes D:
    27. Yttrium
    28. Xinc
      Cleared some up. Resend pls
    29. Yagura
    30. Xinc
      I blame Meowmix. It's free now.
    31. meeps
      made space
    32. Angel Flonne
      Angel Flonne
      Ok. So I'll go right ahead with posting it in review
    33. Angel Flonne
      Angel Flonne

      Btw, Animals is done. Are you one with your checker thing? Should we go right ahead with sending it in for review?
    34. Epikhairz
      made some space srry
    35. Xinc
    36. Xinc
      your page looks so spazzed out. Epilepsy lgi
    37. Scatterbrain
      Alright, it's cleared.
    38. Sky Sentinel
      Sky Sentinel
      about your signature: your profile isn't in comic sans!
    39. Scatterbrain
      Hey there's a problem with your mafia checker on chrome. It keeps on saying: Checking your theme, please wait and I've waited for like an hour and it doesn't work. same with IE, but it works with Firefox (but it sucks)
    40. Angel Flonne
      Angel Flonne
      You must make a 1k post
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