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Apr 26, 2011
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A.K.A. RiceKirby

    1. Joeypals!!
    2. Joeypals!!
      I'll go through and fix those 3 later tonight then, thanks
    3. Joeypals!!
      Good point, I just thought Pit could do more than be a milly given his usefulness in game and such
    4. Joeypals!!
      Hey, so a few people and I were talking and we were thinking that maybe Pit could be a bomb instead of a miller. I mean, Lucas is the only one that inspects in a game where almost everyone else is a power role, so in my opinion, having Pit as a miller is kind of pointless.
    5. Mac Da Master (macrarazy)
      Mac Da Master (macrarazy)
      Gratz on 900 posts! :biggrin:
    6. Epikhairz
      Hey Rice, can you help implement Not L's suggestions to Juggernaut posted on the thread? (btws its active again :3)
    7. Tesla Elesa
      Tesla Elesa
      So, having fun fixing all the bugs with the mafia code that my themes always tend to find?
    8. Fuzzysqurl
      Huh... I don't have that button... O-o
    9. Fuzzysqurl
      Im assuming you need Crystal's Scripts then to copy it? Cause I don't have them and I never see that icon.
    10. Fuzzysqurl
      Where is said button in the: "Click the A/A button next to the right of the reply box before pasting."
      The only one I see is the one for stripping all the formatting, which is the farthest left. I tried all 3 different editors (Basic, Standard, and Enhanced) and from what I see, the stuff didn't change.
    11. Tesla Elesa
      Tesla Elesa
      How would it conflict? There would be different sides, different roles, different everything. So they both have a random spawn thing, half the themes on the server are reskins of default with a few extra roles (FF, Zelda, Mythology). I don't see how this would be any different.
    12. Tesla Elesa
      Tesla Elesa
      Hey, hey, listen...

      You should work on ThemeWar
    13. Darkkis
      K, I will --->
    14. Demonic Cake
      Demonic Cake
      :x If I'm not online, I'm not changing it.

      I wonder...will there be anything in staying offline in protest until they change it? Probably not. XD
      But I'll sort Tornadus/Thundurus now, bugs later, I got a headache.
    15. Demonic Cake
      Demonic Cake
      I know, I know, I've seen x3
      Just the thing is, I can't update until they sort out what's happening with the summary, because I don't have a theme guide and 101% disagree with how it's being run, anyway. Or should I just update anyway and make a note in the summary?

      *throw cookie*
    16. SteelEdges
      Answered your question on the wiki thread.
    17. Demonic Cake
      Demonic Cake
      I must've forgotten, then. o_o Sorry D: /hides

      And again, I forgot. Proving my point
    18. Demonic Cake
      Demonic Cake
      also how's random roles doing, I have another thing I need it for XD
    19. Zzyzx Road
      Zzyzx Road
      Responding to your nice request, I should if I weren't without home connection for, at least, the next four weeks. I'm not home rn, so I can just take a look, while not being able to get into discussion atm.

      I miss you mafiafags ;_;
    20. SteelEdges
      Thought about what you said, took the part about minor errors being punishable out. They'll be done case-by-case. Thanks for the input.
    21. SteelEdges
      No problem.

      I'll PM tomorrow.
    22. SteelEdges
      I'd like for us to have a chat about your post on the theme checker announcement. Just want to ask some questions to understand everything in detail.
    23. Demonic Cake
      Demonic Cake
      *gives Weedle cookies* :D
    24. Demonic Cake
      Demonic Cake
      I don't know, I messed up the hammer. ):
    25. Demonic Cake
      Demonic Cake
      (> ^-^)>c[_] [*]--<(^-^ <)
      The epic battle: Teacup VS Hammer!
    26. Mr.Anonymous
      Hey Rice, is it possible to have a random role die for "onDeath : kill" ?
    27. Yttrium
      What happened? o_o
    28. IceKirby
      From my point of view, it's not about about themes that shouldn't be there, but about themes that should be.
      From their point of view, my guess is that they thought I was part of the staff and, therefore, worked for them.
    29. braveswin11
      what do they mean sabotaged mafia review?

      I mean if there was a theme which shouldn't have been there couldn't they just remove it?
    30. IceKirby
      What a lovely story, it gives me a better idea of what happened now.
      Now, gotta wonder who really sabotaged Mafia Review first. I can guarantee it was not me.
    31. A Moon Gust
      A Moon Gust
      did you just join that bgo game?
    32. braveswin11
      Ok, so when I first asked, they wouldn't tell anyone.

      Then, they started saying that you Sabotaged Mafia Review.

      And steel said that you knew it was wrong and still did it.

      ... idek
    33. IceKirby
      I wish I knew what kind of stories about me they are spreading.
    34. braveswin11
      I don't even know what it is..........

      So you deliberately accepted your themes?if that's what it is

    35. IceKirby
      Are you guys really believing that sabotage story?
    36. braveswin11
      how did u sabotage the reviewing process?
    37. Fegelein
      Just keep on contributing here man :)
    38. Hobbes2
      Why did you get banned? And why did you evade the ban? I'll miss you ;-;
    39. A Moon Gust
    40. Xinc
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