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Aug 3, 2010
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Nov 28, 2017


Emotional Sickness

    1. Manaphy
    2. DarkDiglett
      You know you want me babe
    3. DarkDiglett
    4. DarkDiglett
    5. DarkDiglett
      you seem upset, kiddo ;)
    6. DarkDiglett
      eww mattster
    7. Tormented
      4-11 pm Gmt
    8. Tormented
    9. DarkDiglett
      Past tense? xox
    10. DarkDiglett
    11. Insane Soul
      Insane Soul
      we've got to get our battle soon, and i havent seen you neither at PO server nor the forums
      please specify your online schedule
    12. Insane Soul
      Insane Soul
      as you may know, we are opponents for the Survey Tour
      as such, i need to know your timezones and online schedule (tbh i dont see you online very often, but im sure we will work something out)
      i am gmt+1, and i usually am online between 2pm-5pm, perhaps more
      weekends im online sporatically, so we'll see...
      good luck etc.
    13. DarkDiglett
      a solid 2.5 then, good for you! It's a wonder why you aren't pulling the bitties !
    14. DarkDiglett
      All 2 inches of hard Asian pride?
    15. DarkDiglett
      Check again you fuckwit
    16. DarkDiglett
      why won't you make it in my kitchen?
    17. DarkDiglett
      Do you come on server at all these days?
    18. Treecko
      You never PMed me your email -_-
    19. Oh So Shoddy
      Oh So Shoddy
      You're in, now get your ass on so we can get set up
    20. Lincoln22
      Sorry I wasn't on last night idk when I can be this week I'll try to get on but I'm not sure if I can if it comes down to activity you get it
    21. Lincoln22
      I think I can get on tonight, not sure but probably what channels are you in on the server?
    22. Lincoln22
      Not sure when are you free on the server?
    23. DatOddish
      Alright, I'll try to get on in 25 minutes or so, I don't think less than that will be possible
    24. DatOddish
      Sorry, something happened and I can't go on right now, sorry about that. 1 hour max and I'll get there though, and I'll be there as "DatOddish"
    25. DatOddish
      I'll be on the server in about 2 hours from now (7:00 pm gmt -3), hopefully we can battle today!
    26. DatOddish
      is tomorrow night/ your afternoon fine for you?
    27. DatOddish
      I'm your opponent for the BST tour, my team should be done by tomorrow night, so I can battle pretty much anyday after that. I'm usually on at afternoons/nights, gmt -3.
    28. Metta World Peace
      Metta World Peace
      i'm US Central time and my activity is pretty sporadic. The best time for me is ~10:30 PM-12:00 PM my time weeknights or on Sunday morning.
    29. DarkDiglett
      nice lack of skill
    30. DarkDiglett
      Remember that time
      When I bet you in dp ubers
      Then wifi ubers with the same team.

    31. Shiv
      Ok i am on too right now.I am going on PO server :)
    32. Shiv
      That's cool.So VM me what times you will be on :)
    33. Shiv
      So dude when you will be available for our battle?
    34. Shiv
      Ok no problem dude.Just send a vm what times you will be available this week and i will try to be on these times.
    35. Shiv
      Dude it's 2:50 here and you still didn't appeared,i have waited 1 hour and 30 minutes.I have to sleep now so let's try tomorrow.
    36. Shiv
      Hey dude :) From now 1.15 to 3.30(gmt +2) i will be on so when you get online get in the po server
    37. Shiv
      My server's name is Giorgosss.So if you can only battle tomorrow (4th of July right?) tell me what times are you available.
    38. Shiv
      Hello :) I can battle every day from 13:00 to 19:00 GMT +2 (Greek Time) and from 1:30 to 3:30.So when can you battle?and what is your GMT?
    39. DarkDiglett
      I thought you quit :<
    40. DarkDiglett
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