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Jun 4, 2011
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Aug 27, 2012
    1. Darklight
      Hey Comrade!
    2. Platinum
      Lol I forget we have to battle for the UU tour xd when will you be available? This weekend will you be online for WC, hopefully we can meet this Saturday, I'm busy on Sunday :(
    3. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      Yo we've got till the third to get our battle done for the UU tour, when can you battle??
    4. Robert-
      we have to fight for the low tier tournament. when can you battle? I'm gtm-6
    5. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      Hey so we finally hafta get our battle done for the UU tour, I'm GMT -7 right now, when can you battle?
    6. SalvaPot
      Mine is -7 at the moment. so we have a 10 hours difference, I can play between 10am and 12pm in the morning, so that would be between 8pm and 10pm for you, is that ok with you? I can battle on any day of this week, so please take your pick. Oh, and I rarely connect to the server unless you let me know you are going to be there.
    7. SalvaPot
      Hello! We got a match for DP with a View, let me know when you can battle
    8. Django
      You've got a match to complete for the Weapon of Choice Tournament, post in the thread and arrange a time with your opponent LizardMan
    9. Platinum
      Hi, we are opponents for R3 UU tour. When are you free? I'm in GMT+8 and I think this weekend is fine for me :3
    10. CrashinBoomBang
      yo, we need to battle for generations collide. just tell me when you're ready on PNU.
    11. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      I was on 11 to 1 but I had to go to bed. So um I'll get on at 12 noon my time and stay on for as long as I can, try and catch me and send me a pm.
    12. iris
      whenever you want man, find me on PNU
    13. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      I'll be on 11pm-1am tonight, hope to catch you then. Whats your server username so I can look for you? Can't get on at the same time I sent yesterday's vm today, sorry.
    14. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      Okay, never mind, you're no longer online. Um I'll give you some windows during which I can likely battle: between 12 noon and 1 am Wednesday (today) my time, from 7 pm to1 am Thursday, and 12 noon to 7 pm Friday. If you can make a time in that range lemme know and we can agree to meet, otherwise suggest a time and I might be able to see what I can do to make it. Otherwise, we need to see about setting up a time this weekend. Also, what name do you use on the server? so I can look for you.
    15. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      Hey its 12:15 my time (GMT -8) and I'm visiting your profile to send you a vm and I noticed that you're online on the forums. Can you get on the server to battle now for the Checkmate tour?
    16. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      We'll get it done. Also, I pm'd in my king pokemon, you should do the same so we can start looking for each other.
    17. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      Yup. Whats you're timezone and when are you usually online? I'm GMT -8, and am usually on in the evening, but can be pretty flexible.
    18. Weavile
      Ok. Cool. I'm busy today
      but I'll find you at some point what time you normally on (state a timezone too ofc)
    19. Mattstah
      I posted, the Tournament directors have to approve the thread.
    20. Rigas
      Hey, we have to battle for the second round of the Where Generations Collide tournament. When are you available?
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