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Jun 9, 2011
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Aug 10, 2014


Wizzlin' PO since Feb '11, from The UK

    1. Raducan
      No, not at all, we haven't really done anything yet!
    2. Raducan
      Hello, we are on the same team for Gen 6 Teambats! PM me here or on the server so we can figure stuff out for our team!
    3. Finchinator
      I beg to differ!
    4. Finchinator
      I've played Smogon NU for over 6 months and Luicolo has been fine the whole time.
      It'll be similar in PO NU. You can wait and see!
    5. Finchinator
      Regardless of experience and such, I judge based off content. And the content posted seemed pretty 'mindless.'
    6. Finchinator
      I didn't want to make a whole new post in reply to yours as it'll clog up the thread, but I thought I should adress you so, I'll do it here.

      We understand that the new drops, that occured due to LU usage, may not fair well with you. However, if you feel that they're worth suspecting and/or banning, how about you write a civil and thought-out arguement explaining so, instead of saying 'feel free to ban it when you're ready, tier leaders' which contributes nothing to the conversation and is just a mindless complaint. All that does is make it seem like: A) Cased, Incon, and I are doing nothing (when we're encouraging discussion on all controversial topics), B) Ludicolo is some broken monster that totally ruins the tier (which, if you read the above posts, you'd see that it's provoking discussion but more people are slowly noticing that's it's fine in the tier,) and C) You shouldn't be posting until know the proper way to post - please think before posting, else I'll have to infract!
    7. Parpar
      Nice college/uni. '-'
    8. Parpar
      RIP Wizzle Kid
    9. S!lver
      WIZZLE ! Do you remember me? I'm S!lver :o First time I'm logged in since a year or so xD
    10. .WMV4
      alright, i'm online right now lol
    11. .WMV4
      oh damn sorry, now that summer's over i've been kind of swamped
      I saw your vm and forgot all about it, my bad
      can we battle either today or tommorrow?
    12. .WMV4
      when can you battle for the neu tour? I'm gmt -4 and I can be on from 4-8 on weekdays and I can be on anytime from 10 AM-10 PM on Saturdays.
    13. Water
      Today or tommorow would be my preference. I'm on pretty much daily though usually after 8 PM GMT. So whenever you want really.
    14. Sov
      Yeah, you, too! :>
    15. Sov
      I'm a Tours and PNU random. Although, I have seen you in both. :>
      I also used to see you play a lot of tournaments when I first joined, to the point I thought you were a Shanai Admin. :x
    16. Wavy
      I came by and you weren't around, I can't stay around anymore today like I thought I could. We can reschedule or you can just have the win if you want. Gonna be busy so it'll be a hassle.
    17. Wavy
      Next Tuesday (the 17th). I should be on all day then.
    18. Twisted Cosmos
      Twisted Cosmos
      Haha you just busted me at the right moment.
      I came back yesterday after stumbling on the PO world cup vid yesterday -- you can guess what happened next :x

      Anyways I was away for about two months (even before that shoutout), but im gonna came from time to time during the world cup if i ever get drafted.
      See you around Kidd :)
    19. Rarity
      js, but you said k fnx bye

      k thx bye
    20. S!lver
      hehe :P DAMN, I don't bother going to work today >.> But I guess I have to ._.
    21. S!lver
      WIZZLE!! Sorry, I had been taking a break from PO, but I started playing again =). Glad to see you're still here, I hope we'll meet each other in-game soon =)
    22. Wander
      Well, if I derail the thread again I would surely get infracted :/
    23. Wander
      Wizzlekidd said:
      "I just don't know what value it would bring either does anyone else by the looks of it."

      I was referring to that. That's why we're testing this, because we don't know. Never have I said you didn't agree to the test, but considering you read like a 9 year old that's a given (Guilty con- wait someone said this alreay). I know you agree with the test, it was in the same post.

      Oak gave you a lot of answers, I suggest you reread his post.
    24. Wander
      You're telling me you and nobody else cann be bothered to read POST #24 in this conversation!? You and some here must be very lazy then.
      Exactly. You said it for yourself, you don't know how it would make the tier better.. So there is no solid reason behind why wifi clause in DWUU is a big problem. I am not against it, I just don't know what value it would bring either does anyone else by the looks of it. Some people here even voted for this tier to go, yet they want to change things for it but don't know the reasons lol
      Exactly, no one knows hoe it will turn out, it has benefits and downsides and will change the tier.
      BUT THAT'S WHY WE TEST THINGS. Is that really so hard to understand?
    25. EonFriend
      Ha, nah, just that I haven't really seen you that much (because I was away I guess).
      Well, good to befriend you!
    26. EonFriend
      Do we know each other?
    27. NightShift
    28. NightShift
      dont remeber you :O noteventhenname D:
    29. Shaymin

      I wizzed my pants.
    30. NightShift
      :O who are you
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