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Jun 27, 2011
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Oct 26, 2020
    1. Joeypals!!
      Said like a true ex-leader, almost like closing out the thread haha
      1. Machineae
        Haha I guess so now that I look back. I really didn't have much of my own original ideas to post, so summarizing the thread and clearing up things was fitting imo
        Jul 24, 2015
      2. Joeypals!!
        Agreed. Pro-ban and anti-ban sides have been well-explained imo, so nothing else to really say
        Jul 24, 2015
    2. Harlot
      hi if you come back 2 life you should link me your tumblr or something because ur a qt 3.14
    3. Finchinator
      I saw a Life Orb Alomolola today, close to specs, thought of ya!!
    4. Hannah
      I loved that Anime so much! Like I'd consider it the funniest I've seen. Ever. Sad it's only 12 episodes :c
    5. Hannah
      You avatar makes me feel those feels again when watching that anime :c
    6. Aurist
      Sad @ my mouth quote not being in yr sig any more. lol
    7. TacoBell
      hi i'm your opp for the nu tour
      i'm gmt -8 and on most afternoons so yeah
    8. Luck>Skill
    9. Halsey
      It's a trap!
    10. Incon
      Grats on NU Tier leader!
    11. Mylo Xyloto
    12. TheOneThatGotAway
    13. viamage
    14. viamage
      I'm fixing to do a Gift From Me to All of You: LC Edition, but before i do, i want to know how/where to upload my files to be downloaded
    15. Sov
      Hello, friend. :3
    16. zeroality
      Forgot to mod you in the Themes forum after I moved it to top-level. Fixed.
    17. Big Cheese
      Big Cheese
      Your avatar disturbs me.
    18. Croak
      You're pretty good c:
    19. Croak
      You should link me to the vocal cover :D
    20. Green Eyed Russian
      Green Eyed Russian
      Yes there's an offensive variant of Arcanine, yes it sucks most of times, yes the Toxic/Will-O-Wisp one works better, but I can't agree with the weather ban just to save an Arcanine or other Pokemon with weather-limited recovery moves just because they can't heal themselves as the player would like, if Arcanine turns not a good Pokemon in DW UU it means it will "drop" in usage, nothing to add. Also Cresselia works very well with CM Rest too, so not a complete garbage in DW UU (don't forget Cresselia was [banned in] LU time ago, so it isn't the main UU mascotte and a good reason to ban weather). In my opinion we should not try to make DW UU a Wifi UU metagame copy, if a Pokemon doesn't suit in this tier its usage will drop and maybe a different Pokemon will rise in usage and sub its previous role, I suppose the tier metagame works in this way, look at Wifi NU, we won't ban Snover just to let Musharna use Moonlight or Torterra use Synthesis, will we?
    21. Green Eyed Russian
      Green Eyed Russian
      About the locked DW UU thread, I'd love to answer to your post in the same way I've done it with pokemonnerd: ^
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