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Oh So Shoddy
Jul 19, 2011
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Aug 2, 2015
      you cock, I tried to hit you up twice on skype to join my league and you never got back to me :c
    2. braveswin11
    3. braveswin11
    4. dhhaxmaster
      See here's the thing. I'm not desperate for scoring as much as I am desperate for scoring with efficiency. Most of my guys have an awful field goal percentage anyway and LaMarc and Anderson are two of the few guys on my team who are shooting above .450% (LaMarc scores enough to offset his percentage but Roy Hibbert's .379%? Augustin's .211%? Landry Fields' .208% before he got injured, really?)
      When I said which Devil's Advocate are you I meant that when you type the name into the search contacts thing on skype it gets about 100 results. Can you put a picture or something to differentiate yourself between the others?
    5. dhhaxmaster
      Which "Devil's Advocate" are you? There are about 112. What would you trade for Bargnani?
    6. dhhaxmaster
      I blame the ghosting tour for that. Thanks for letting me know. I'll probably add you on skype but I can't guarantee how often I'll be on with sport number two starting up in a couple weeks. Fantasy baseball season on the other hand....
    7. viamage
      ousted by a group of old men

      yeah that's more or less why my Dd hates the Spurs too, especially Bowen
    8. viamage
      Clearly you're a Suns fan, i can see it from your side of the spectrum, but from ours we hate the Mavs and alot of us also hate the Suns, but some of us, including me, have grown in admiration of the Suns consistant manning up and placing relativity high despite adversity
    9. GreenWater10
      Hey. I just read what you posted on my protect the president theme, and that sounds like a good idea. thanks for the suggestion. i'll get to it soon.
    10. Demonic Cake
      Demonic Cake
      So not even if one particular Magikarp was actually a transformed Mew? Or illusioned Zoroark? Would you like them once you knew their true formes?

      Also I got a Magikarp card earlier. I think 'Karp is better in the TCG than the games.
    11. Demonic Cake
      Demonic Cake
      It's not a Magikarp, but I once swept a team with a Goldeen in CC if that helps at all. They had a Rayquaza o:
    12. Treecko
      Hey, just a reminder that you need to join the league ASAP. It should be the very latest email from espn with a title something like: 'You're invited to play fantasy football'. The league name is a top po league, if that helps. If you see hamek or casedvictory on the server, can you remind them for me too? IDK if they check the forums enough to see my message.
    13. Mattstah
      just got home rofl
    14. zeroality
      You do have contribs, if you didn't know. And your forum stuff is staying as it is.
    15. SPS
    16. -Manaphy--
      Soz I just had to say it once.
    17. -Manaphy--
    18. HeroOfSinnoh
      Shit son, BR mode?
    19. Kazuchika Okada
      Kazuchika Okada
      I heard you've been hitting on guys too.

      (19:10) Oh So Shoddy: Hey lame
      (19:11) Oh So Shoddy: You there babe?
      (19:11) Lame: Lolwhatthefuck
      (19:11) Oh So Shoddy: you're a girl?
      (19:12) Lame: uhm yeah x_x
      (19:12) Oh So Shoddy: *kisses Lame*
      (19:14) Lame: and I'm a guy, I did that as a joke, you're a fucking moron.

      lol wtf
    20. Blitzamirin
      Went on your profile, said you requested a Username from Oh So Shoddy to Oh So Shoddy.

      Might be my Internet screwing up >.>
    21. Blitzamirin
      >requested a username change
      >From Oh So Shoddy to Oh So Shoddy
    22. Rarity
      yeyes ik it's a gay name ;-;
      Ohi Shoddeh.
      Meh here. yes bs name ik
    25. Blitzamirin
      Pamming your VMs

      Hi Newbish Moddish ^^

      Don't worry, you deserve it :3
    26. Tc6
      Hai OSS ♥
    27. Ozma
      Grats on mod.
    28. Kazuchika Okada
      Kazuchika Okada
      Ohai there Mr. Robot

    29. "Bad To The Bone" Balla
      "Bad To The Bone" Balla
      Yo, im your opponent for champions league B. im extremely busy atm, but i can probably do this weekend. I'm GMT +11.
    30. Ozma
      Shodday! ^o^
    31. champagne papi
      champagne papi
      hey do you wanna be in this week's well?
    32. Kazuchika Okada
      Kazuchika Okada
      Lol okay. Be sure to warn the other SAs that they're being watched. :P
    33. zeroality
      Regarding my PM: I already explained but I'm spamming you with my mass-pm too.
    34. zeroality
      So VGC singles with Random Pokemon? Or do you pick the team?
    35. zeroality
      Oh, where you get to switch between moves to decide who takes the hit or whatever?
    36. zeroality
      That doesn't make sense. If you pick 3 Pokemon to battle, then what's random about Random Battle?
    37. Yuki Nagato
      Yuki Nagato
      Yup, you hit the nail on the head.
    38. Yuki Nagato
      Yuki Nagato
      Yay First post.
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