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Jul 19, 2011
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Nov 5, 2018
    1. Whereabouts Unknown
      Whereabouts Unknown
      Welcome back! It seems PO isn't fully dead somehow.
    2. ca$h money mel
      ca$h money mel
      When play I'm free Friday - Sunday gmt -4
      1. La.Melle2402
        Hi, im doing the scheduling for fakes. Is sunday 9pm gmt +2 working for you?
        Mar 29, 2018
      2. ca$h money mel
        ca$h money mel
        yes I'll be on stours at that time
        Mar 30, 2018
    3. Osgoode
      when do you wanna powc im gmt -4, pref weekend
    4. Finchinator
      hey you gotta play pdc for powc tomorrow. he'll be on during the afternoon and evening gmt-4. he has been on smogon all week, but not here and he didn't initiate contact - hopefully, this can get done! he'll try and find you on skype or smogtours!
    5. Celestial Phantom
      Celestial Phantom
      hey there we're opponents for the old gen tournament. i'm gmt -6 and can usually battle towards nights on the weekend (usually past 8 PM my time), or most any time during monday-thursday. so just shoot me some times you can battle, and we'll see if we can get this match done. Oh also obv but Christmas, day after christmas, and new years i probably won't be able to battle.
    6. Whereabouts Unknown
      Whereabouts Unknown
      On weekends at least!
    7. Ashton Michaels
      Ashton Michaels
      You're one awesome little boy ;)
      hey man, we need to play for POT. EST evenings are best for me, let me know what's good for you
    9. LizardMan
      yo we need to fight for the PO wcop. I am GMT-5 and I am pretty much free during the entire week when I am online. You can find me on smogon and I can play whenever would be good for you.
    10. ABR
      You can find me on po with the nick The Instant Classic
    11. [B3ast]n@222
      [B3ast][email protected]
      we are oponnents in the pokemon online tournament what nicks you use in the server and when you can play
    12. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      Hey we're opps in the POT. What's your timezone/when can you battle? I'm GMT -7, PST w/ daylight savings time and can mostly battle weekends. I'm busy weeks working but can possibly do evenings.
    13. SockPuppet
      Have you chosen your Gym Badge yet? :x
    14. monferno
      im on po now, but youre not on so thats too bad
    15. Pikamontr
      uhm...okay? I;m fine with that, but its short notice, so I can't garentee anything if you don't respond really soon.

      Its now 11:08 AM EST. please post you time and timezone in case we can't battle right now :3
    16. Pikamontr
      hello? you'd best at least respond D:. I don't want another activity win.
    17. Pikamontr
      I beleive you are my opponent in the DP OU with a view tourney?
      I don't think I'm quite ready, but I should be anytime after tomarrow. (a little bit more testing, somewhat of a bit since I played DP xD)
    18. Groudon Ramsay
      Groudon Ramsay
      No one. We're not going to change 4th Gen tiers.
    19. phop
      No Matey. Why u ask?
    20. living things
      living things
      Ich habe jetzt nicht generell ein Problem mit dir und es ist gut das Deutschland einen neuen DP pro hat aber diese lästerei nervt einfach. kannst du mich nicht einfach in Ruhe lassen? ich habe wirklich keine Lust auf eine Fehde.
    21. Vaz
      Do you want to continue being gym leader?
    22. The_Chaser
      I will be on until 5pm GMT today I will be watching soccer from 3pm-5pm though I probably wont be on constantly but will be on most of the time.
    23. The_Chaser
      Hey when can you play for POCL I'm usually on 10am-10pm GMT+10.
    24. Chase
      I'm today for all the afternoon and probably even in the evening, as soon as you sign on try to see if im online, if not please send me a vm with a hour in which we can battle.
    25. HeroOfSinnoh
    26. Chase
      I said an hour, as I'm afk most of the time.
    27. Chase
      10 hours from what? There's no hour displayed in VMs here :|
      Gimme an hour and I'll be on.
    28. Chase
      When are you able to play for the Champions League?
    29. DarkDiglett
      It really is no problem, i didn't want to make a big deal of it, sorry :3
    30. HSOWA
      When do you want to play for All-Star week?
    31. monferno
      I can play 2 hours from now.
    32. monferno
    33. monferno
      sup, were paired for pocl. im gmt +1.
    34. HSOWA
      What times can you be on the server?
    35. Amarillo Caballero
      Amarillo Caballero
      Estas jugando en la liga de campeones del PO? Si estas jugando, Bienvenidos al equipo Torino Typhlosions. Yo no te vi en el servidor, así que no se inicia esta semana. Pero, Yo quiero que usted juegue.
    36. Arctic Eclipse
      Arctic Eclipse
      I challenge you for a DPP OU Gym Battle.
    37. monferno
      i want to challenge the dpp ou gym laeder, when can you be on?
    38. [TUS] Charizard92
      [TUS] Charizard92
      hey, my internet disconnected, can we redo that?
    39. Gtfo
      Welcome :3
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