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Aug 9, 2010
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Jul 21, 2014
    1. topah
      ok then dood
      whats your timezone btw
    2. Metta World Peace
      Metta World Peace
      hey man, when can you play? i'm GMT -4
    3. DaPlayaFlow
      Ok well I'll be around for the next hour or so as well, so drop me a vm if you come on during that time
    4. DaPlayaFlow
      Ok let's try tomorrow at 9pm your time then. And I can't exactly sit around waiting at a computer for hours, I've got a life to live
    5. DaPlayaFlow
      Alright let me know when you come online
    6. DaPlayaFlow
      Ok lets do 1030am my time tomorrow which should come to about 730pm for you. See you then
    7. DaPlayaFlow
      Yeah our timezones are right and I left at about 2:10 as I assumed you wouldn't be coming on later. I can't be on tomorrow until at least around 1am your time
    8. DaPlayaFlow
      Ugh some confirmation would have been nice... Anyway I'll be on at the same time today so hopefully you'll figure out that I'll be on again after seeing your last vm
    9. Dannylink2007
      K, it's 11 for me right now, and I'm on. If I don't see you, just try your best to be online for as long as possible tommorow, and just check for me periodically (Cacturne Lord Danny). If there is a channel in which we can meet, that would prolly make things a lot easier. :D
    10. DaPlayaFlow
      So how about 3pm Tuesday my time (should be 11pm monday night for you), does that work?
    11. DaPlayaFlow
      I've checked PO a stack of times and never seem to find you. I think we ought to set up a more definite time.
    12. DaPlayaFlow
      Ok i'll try and find you on there, but if I can't find you within the next few days we should set up a time
    13. DaPlayaFlow
      When are you free to play? My timezone is GMT+10
    14. Nexus
      Hi, I'm Nexus on PO, You can find me in xclusive channel of main server
    15. Nexus
      hey you beat chase?
    16. Dannylink2007
      Sorry, what is your time? I never found out. You were online the one time we met up around eight-ish my time. There's no need to try and stay up super late on my behalf...if you can just be on at that time, we should be fine.


      Also, I can come on much earlier in the day...
    17. Chase
      Okay. How about tonight from 20 pm to 1-2 am (my time)?
    18. Chase
      Okay, I'll be looking from you after 5 pm my time.
    19. Chase
      Can you please give me an exact hour on which I can find you?
    20. Chase
      OKay, I'll try to catch you on in the next days.
    21. Chase
      hey we gotta battle for the pot, I'm GMT+1 let me know when you could be available.
    22. toshimelonhead
      Hi there we are scheduled to play in R1 of the Official tournament. GMT -6 though most of the time I'm on the Smogon server
    23. Clarion
      Cacturne Lord Danny! Would you be part of Team FUS RO DAH? Parpar's about to quit PO, and we lack a NU player... :(
    24. zeroality
      "I've always been of the opinion that if you ban something broken, something even more broken will pop up to take its place."
      [clicks Like]
    25. Baran
      Cacturne Lord Danny
    26. IFM
      Sorry you can't choose DW as your tier since that is already one of the tiers for Round 2. Could you please edit in a different tier.
    27. Wulfert
    28. Chatot
      I'm only gonna break break your break break your heart
    29. Wulfert
      I also run 1st Hoenn Division of Mudkipz
    30. Wulfert
      I have an army of Scizor. The strategy is.......... pro.
      Would you like to sign a contract of alliance?
    31. JellyBeanFactory
    32. coolking49
      please make your articles slightly more serious. Without as many ('s. You keep cracking jokes and talking to yourself which I find annoying. TO an extent its OK, but you over did it a bit. Send me a copy with those changes.
    33. Wulfert
      Lord danny! I be ready to serve you, master!!!
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