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Aug 9, 2010
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May 19, 2019

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    1. Sininchi
      Can u want stay with me & llvallejoll in Side Tier Showdown Tour?
    2. braveswin11
      Misty Silly Filly usually or braveswin11, and I will be on #LC Community
    3. braveswin11
      OK, it seems like I will have internet in the hotel, so I will probably find you at sometime not today because I am going to be on a plane.
    4. Michael
      No guarantees but most likely. Sometime during saturday should work; i'll give you a better idea later
    5. Michael
      Hey, we're opps for the LC tour! Tell me a time this week and I'll try to make it happen. GMT-5
    6. braveswin11
      This week, Thursday-Monday I can't battle.
    7. braveswin11
      We're opponents in the Greatest Gift of All Tour. My timezone is GMT -5 blah blah. I will probably find you. We have to get this done before November 22nd though.
    8. Mylo Xyloto
      Mylo Xyloto
      I'm normally on as Mylo Xyloto.
    9. Mylo Xyloto
      Mylo Xyloto
      Yep, im gmt+2. I'll be online from 13:00-18:00
    10. meeps
      Hey, I'm available today and tomorrow and pretty sure I'm free next weekend. Don't feel like battling today, maybe tomorrow.
    11. Kumiho
      I'm GMT -5 (EST). I'm sure it shouldn't be hard to battle, I see you a lot on the weekend.
    12. Incon
      So i had the bad luck of getting two of the teams you made, and I derped by actually putting in real teams... so its basically impossible for me to win and there's really no need to battle. Good luck in future rounds! :D:D
    13. Incon
      I usually hang out in the Tohjo Falls or Tournaments channels. Ill either be on using the alts Incon or All Wash Out.
    14. llvallejoll
      My nick is VallejoMC on PO server.
      ...What's your nick?
    15. Archerknight
      I'm a bit busy until Wednesday. I can play Thursday - Sunday, my username is Archerknight. If you're active on the server, I'll PM you when I seen you.

      What alts / channels do you use and hang out in?
    16. Incon
      Hiya Archerknight. We play for the gift tournament. We havent been given teams yet but i figured id pm you anyway. Im gmt-4 and am pretty active on the server so if you see me send me a quick pm.
    17. llvallejoll
      Oh sorry, I had to go, Ill be avalaible to play next saturday in the afternoon.
      See u.
    18. Jalmont
      i'm doing my best to do a very thorough job, so i am not too sure. that being said, I have monday off from school so i plan to get a lot done then and try to get it up then
    19. llvallejoll
      yep, between 3-5pm my time (gmt-5)
    20. D4RR3N
      yo im your opp again (probably) since soviet got subbed out. Uhmmm, you said ur available 3pm ur time right? would you mind if i get on like a lil later, like 4 something ur time? c you on the server
    21. i love big tiff
      i love big tiff
      This comes down to something you would prefer not to do rather than something I can not do. I can play tomorrow at 6pm my time 11pm your time, that is the earliest I can do.
    22. llvallejoll
      Ok, perfect.
    23. i love big tiff
      i love big tiff
      4pm is a little to early for me, can you get on later at night, around 11pm - 1am
    24. llvallejoll
      When can u play? (LC tourney)
      I'm gmt-5
    25. i love big tiff
      i love big tiff
      we fight evening gmt -5 on fridey
    26. Artemisa
      You ready
    27. RockinLoud
      thanks it was moved since the last i was on. thanks for pointing that out i never saw that when i joined 2 years ago. :) im sure ill see you online have a good one.
    28. RockinLoud
      pleae send link for rules
    29. Archerknight
      Any time today within the next 2 hours is ok for you?
    30. meeps
      I'm GMT -5 (GMT -6 starting Sunday) and I don't think I have anything going on this weekend, so I can be on pretty much all day.
    31. Artemisa
      That's when I get out of school, unless you want to do this the weekend.
    32. Artemisa
      Anyday this week around 6:00 pm central
    33. D4RR3N
    34. D4RR3N
      yo wanna play soon?
    35. D4RR3N
      Hello. I'm GMT +8. Currently having exams so will be busy until Wednesday at least. Might be having some stuff going on @ Thursday - Saturday too, so the last day shall be the best day to play. If you can't on Sunday, I think I have a little time around like Wednesday after 8 pm my time and Thursday before 12 pm.
    36. T-Dogg
      Not right now no. Could be about same time tomorrow though, does that work?
    37. RockyRd
      Sunday would work best for me. I'm GMT -5 and can get on around 11am my time
    38. Ozma
      I used to be a knight like you - then I took a shrubbery to the ni.
    39. Darklight
      GMT +5.5, normally 4-6 PM monday-saturday, sunday isn't good for me so some other time perhaps?
    40. Darklight
      so when will you be online?
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