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Jul 30, 2011
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Jan 19, 2017

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they don't call me maxedofhaxed for nothing , Male

    1. buny
      Do u still wanna fight for the lc tour that I completely forgot about lmao I'm really only free Tuesday since I start classes Monday
    2. Casparov
      Yo, we are paired for that lc tour, when are you available? I'm GMT+2
    3. Panther
      Hey mate, I'm gmt +10 and can usually be on almost anytime if you want to set a date and time.
    4. Finchinator
    5. DracoNova
      Hey when fite for no juice tour, im gmt -6, deadline is sundayx_x, im free 12pm+
      1. Maxedofhaxed
        im not free your time until like 11 pm my time otherwise i could do it tomorrow
        Jul 30, 2016
    6. snaga
      when fight for pokescrabble tour, I'm gmt -4 and available my nights
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      2. snaga
        Alright you can find me in tohjos
        Jun 6, 2015
      3. Maxedofhaxed
        you can take the win, really busy lately
        Jun 8, 2015
      4. snaga
        alright dude
        Jun 8, 2015
    7. mibuchiha
      POT when. GMT+8.
      1. Maxedofhaxed
        gmt-5 thursday 6pm-10 pm my time, saturday 8am-4pm my time, sunday 8am-4pm my time
        May 20, 2015
      2. mibuchiha
        Ok I'll be stalking in weekends.
        May 20, 2015
    8. Raiza
      hi we play for povt when u available im gmt+1
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      2. Maxedofhaxed
        sorry for not making it, i will be online all week at 4:30 my time except for friday and saturday and you can find me there
        Mar 3, 2015
      3. Raiza
        ill be online now till 6:30 pm ur time
        Mar 3, 2015
      4. Raiza
        you can find me on the little italy channel btw
        Mar 3, 2015
    9. HBC
      Hi, we'll fite for the POVT, when do you wanna battle? This week I'll be online between 3-7pm GMT +0, next week I won't be online very often so arrange a day and time this week so we can fite k?
      1. Maxedofhaxed
        yeah i'll fight is saturday good? i can be online between 3-7 ur time
        Feb 19, 2015
      2. HBC
        Alright, 3-3.30pm I'll log in, cuz prolly after 4pm I may have to go out, so be there asap between that time ok? Also, take a look at what Insane Soul said in the r2 thread.
        Feb 19, 2015
      3. HBC
        I'll log in now, I'll be waiting for you online for an hour.
        Feb 21, 2015
    10. Finchinator
      weekend / weekday afternoon
    11. gengar17
      Hey, we need to battle for the gift of hype tour, im gmt +2 with very flexible time so tell me when u can battle.
    12. Joeypals!!
      Please make sure to PM me your team for the tournament :) You have until the 31st
    13. Celestial Phantom
      Celestial Phantom
      Hey maxed we are opponents for finch's poison tour. I am gmt-6 and probably can battle best towards nights any day of the week.
      1. Maxedofhaxed
        im gmt-5 and can battle anytime this week except for friday from 4-9 pm and im on all day weekends except saturday when i cant be on from 5-10 pm, i will just look for you
        Dec 8, 2014
      2. Celestial Phantom
        Celestial Phantom
        Friday, Saturday, and Sunday's generally I work, so I'm not on most times those days, but I can be on nights. So we should choose a day to battle to be specific.
        Dec 8, 2014
    14. Draciel
      Hello fren
      We are playing for LTT round 3
      im GMT +5.5 and i can play on the weekend
      Good for you?
      1. Maxedofhaxed
        gmt-5 can play on weekend except for Friday 5 pm-10 pm my time and Saturday 4 pm-10 pm my time
        Nov 24, 2014
    15. Duncajuwon
      yo dude
      we're playing for upper tier showdown
      im gmt-7 i can play whenever unless its 8 am to 2 pm my time
    16. Void
      we're battling for monoletter tour, i'm gmt+0. when are you free?
      1. Maxedofhaxed
        i'm gmt-5 and ill be on all weekend except from 5-10 pm my time saturday is the weekend good for you?
        Nov 20, 2014
      2. Void
        yeah weekend is good for me. saturday before 5 pm (your time) would be best, maybe 1-2 pm your time?
        Nov 20, 2014
      3. Maxedofhaxed
        that is fine
        Nov 20, 2014
    17. mibuchiha
      no john when. GMT+2 can find me at apc channel.
    18. -Mike-
      when fight for no johns
    19. Jethalal
      When do u want to battle?
    20. Jethalal
      Hi we are opponents for upper tier showdown im GMT +5:30 and active on evenings as per my timezone. What times are u available?
    21. Isa
      hi hi
      we're oppos for the smeargle tour
      im gmt+1
      can you play saturday evening? im moving away from home on monday
      1. Isa
        Nov 3, 2014
      2. Maxedofhaxed
        u can have the win
        Nov 3, 2014
      Hi we got matched up for the IMPOSTER TOUR.
      I'm GMT +5, active from 1pm-midnight and later on weekends.
      going by what's written on your comment to weavile's post, 9 hour difference and you log on when it's 11pm for me. So I should be able to find you on then? I need time to get an actual team together so how about we fight on Saturday?
      I'm on as Meh.
    23. Weavile
      We got matched for Atli's Impostor Tour.
      When fite?
      (I'm not sure of my schedule atm since I just started uni this week and am not settled in)
      1. Maxedofhaxed
        I'm gmt-4 and i can battle weekdays from 4-9 except friday and saturday all day until 4 pm and sunday all day my time
        Sep 26, 2014
    24. palkia62
      We're opponents for the NU subforum tour. I'm GMT +1 so when can you battle?
    25. Metta World Peace
      Metta World Peace
      hey, i can battle almost any evening but I am afk a lot so let me know which day you want to play. my server name is "metta" and i am the same time zone as you so that shouldnt be a problem
      1. Maxedofhaxed
        i can play this weekend either the 11th or 12th anytime of the day
        Jul 9, 2014
      2. Metta World Peace
        Metta World Peace
        ok, look for me either saturday or sunday night
        Jul 12, 2014
      HALLO WE OPPONENTS FOR THIS TIER TOURNEY THINGY. I'm on the server as Meh, pretty much the whole day, but to be precise I'm most active from 6pm-1am GMT +5
    27. Mister Tim
      Mister Tim
      Hi, I'm your opp in powc. When you can?
    28. Clarion
      Hello, Maxedofhaxed! I'm your opponent for the XY UU Subforum tour. I'd like to know what times you are available, so that we can schedule our times for us to play. My details are shown in the previous post (which is below this post here).
    29. Clarion
      1. My main alt is Soren Valenheart.
      2. #Jamsch's Barracks is the channel where I actually reside, alongside #APC and others.
      3. I reside in the Philippines, therefore I'm in the GMT +8 timezone.
      4. My time of availability starting Monday (given the timezone I showed you above) is ~7 am to 9 am, then probably 10 pm onward if I'm still awake.
    30. -Mike-
      Hi, we have to battle for the Monotype subforum tour
      I will be on in tours/apc channel from 9-10 am and 6-10 pm my time and I am GMT +5:30,
      Lets fite!
    31. Annoying Orange
      Annoying Orange
      I'll be on under the name Annoying Orange
      message me if you see me
    32. Annoying Orange
      Annoying Orange
      Link me to the thread
    33. Samphire
      I am on Welch Vineyard on the server at the moment, so if you see me on, server PM me, though no guarantees I could battle there and then! My times are sporadic at the moment.
    34. Samphire
      Yo, gotta battle for Generations Change.
      GMT here, but on a reduced timetable as away from home at the moment. What times are you usually around?
    35. Asukas
      Hey, we have to play for inverted. I'm EST (-5). I can play Friday night, or pretty much anytime Saturday or Sunday. I could probably play tomorrow night, too, if I know ahead of time. Let me know what works for you.
    36. The Hades
      The Hades
      Howdy dee doo I'm your r1
      when do you want to have a match?
    37. MetalGross
      Hi we gotta play for UU TDKD and now c/p
      weekend would be best props, like saturday/sunday evening since our timezones are not that easy
      something like 7/8PM on these days would work for me

      also im playing elmo at 5-6PM sunday so I should be on at that time
    38. Froggy
      gotta play for xy lc, when do you want to do it? GMT -6 right now
    39. PichiTheShinyPichu
      Gotta fight in the Middle Cup tour, which time is good for you? I'm GMT -7
    40. Darklight
      We gotta fight.
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