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Dark Phoenix
Jul 30, 2011
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Jun 12, 2018

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Dark Phoenix

Multidimensional Hero, from Pandora

    1. Yagura
    2. Yagura
    3. Angel Flonne
    4. ChaosPenguin
      Dear Dark.

      You will be my messenger of...Chaos. You can let everyone know that I will returning. The date will most definitely be before Christmas.

      The Master of all Chaos and Penguins,
      ChaosPenguin ;)
    5. Kurapika
      Hi Dark Phoenix, I am making a guide for Marvel theme. So, sicne you're the author, you are the best to ask about tips, genral tactics and fun facts of Marvel theme! Can you please help me with that?
      Also, what the you think if I put this as a tipe: "When you're Dr. Doom and you think you will die very soon, f.e. from poison, then ask for a /slay. This way, your partners will not have to die upon your death!" (lol :D)
      Also, this is the best I could do for the About this theme section: "This theme is brought to you by Dark Phoenix, a big fan of Marvels. This theme is quite diversified and contains most of the popular Marvel characters.", tell me what you think of, I know you can make make something better! ^^
    6. Oh So Shoddy
      Oh So Shoddy
      I want to find out who's really interested in joining the Fantasy Basketball League, so I'm sending this to all the signups. PM me your email address if you think you'll be active for the 18-23 weeks of the NBA regular season and want to join.
    7. Altaria
      i hereby proclaim that i will bash up anyone else who says you don't deserve MA because that post was freaking boss
    8. Dark Phoenix
    9. Sov
      Hey, best of luck being an MA ! :>
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    (03:24:54) t3 the third: inb4 darkphoenix is Dark Phoenix
    (03:25:14) ±Kill: Dark Phoenix (Dark Phoenix) died!

    (22:19:49) MeowMix: gay gay gay gay gay
    (22:20:03) Authentic: Yes MeowMix, we all know you're gay
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