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Aug 23, 2011
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Jun 28, 2013
    1. GreenWater10
      last activity was april 6. i don't remember what i was doing on that day. it looks like KM007 is no longer with us though.
    2. GreenWater10
      Happy birthday GreenWater10!!!

      18 years old... good job! You should drive out after 9 to buy a lottery ticket and use your winnings (if any) and buy a pack of cigarettes.
    3. KM007
      repeating comment
    4. KM007
      can I join mafia 2013
    5. GreenWater10
      As soon as I enter in the Mafia Social channel:

      (22:15:20) *** Fuzzysqurl gasp
      (22:15:24) Fuzzysqurl: its a GreenWater
      (22:15:26) RadiumRain: OBJECTION!: Negate any action. :D
      (22:15:27) Roild: Yeah.
    6. GreenWater10
      (22:10:31) ±QueryBot: greenwater10 was last seen: Tue Jan 01 2013
      I'm back!
    7. ChaosPenguin
      and I am on now :D
    8. Fegelein
      Clear your PM Inbox, I need to contact you ASAP.
    9. Ms. Pickle
    10. LadyHoliday
      I was never invited to those groups. :p Also, thank you for inviting me! Hopefully, it is! ^^
    11. Yttrium
      Indeed it did. Also, how much you like mafia would mostly depend on whether you understand it so those who don't generally leave... (Trivia and Tours are still options, after all)
    12. braveswin11
      Yeah it was April. The approving thing ruined it in my opinion.
    13. braveswin11
      Mafia sucks and your avatar says I <3 Mafia...
    14. braveswin11
      That avatar shall die....
      Mafia sucks now js
    15. GreenWater10
      (14:13:35) ±QueryBot: greenwater10 was last seen: Wed Oct 03 2012
      Today's the day that's going to change!
      Of course, that's after I get out of my random alt I created to see when I was last seen and go on my GreenWater10 name. I will join a mafia game and have a blast!
    16. Jiggles
      <3 I got it from Tumblr actually :< Don't listen to LA she's evil.
    17. Altaria
      she obviously didn't she's not that smart

      plus i'm just famous that is all ^_____^
    18. LördKX
      The Maruglas shall never die! And lol, yah, was gonna go back to the Leafeon one, but my comp with the file saved kinda crashed, and I didn't save it to anything else, so . . . . Twas a great game indeed, sorry for voting you off <well, not really, it was an epic way to die, I regret nothing>. Imo, Archer was the only one who betrayed me, you just played for your best interest, and actually helped me at times.
    19. Swag
      I've never played mafia in my life
    20. Xinc
      It was quite a blast. I had no problems.
    21. .Rawr!
      Oy hi man :) , ya I was out for a bit of forums, but now im back again.
      By the way, in mafia im with the nick Day Healer
    22. Xinc
      It's fine. Just a lot of dirt and debris on my windows.

      Thanks for asking.
    23. Oh So Shoddy
      Oh So Shoddy
      It was no big deal. This way you can get any amount of help/feedback you need.
    24. Darkkis
      I will visit PO more when I get bored on my PS3 games, lol
    25. Darkkis
    26. Jiggles
    27. LadyHoliday
      Hello Greenwater! :) I'm glad to see you! ^^
    28. SteelEdges
      Caterpie is yours, my man. Write the guide in...can you get it by October 5?
    29. Hobbes2
    30. Hobbes2
      :c i forgot
      too lazy to update though
      champion hobbes, right?
    31. Altaria
      /distract :3 Sided with Jecht and the like, I think. btw i've quit mafia for the time being.
    32. Altaria
      That's Yunalesca, right? This is Tidus's girlfriend :3
    33. Altaria
      RIP LadyAltaria, she will forever be in our memory :3
    34. Altaria
      LadyAltaria love taps GreenWater10.
    35. Altaria
      oi you better come back to forums soon >:c
    36. Altaria
      ofc we are ofc we are
    37. Altaria
      that's hayley williams. :'D i'm asian, so no red hair x:

      and i was banned for asking for a slay twice .-.
    38. profDEADPOOL
      Yes I should.
    39. Tesla Elesa
      Tesla Elesa
      JK brah. I remember you alright. I seem to recall you having a theme before, but I don't see one. Perhaps it got deleted?

      And yes, I used Twins way back when I first started PO, back in the /tr/ocketry days. I switched to Tesla Elesa, because, well, it sounds so nice and fluffy <3.
    40. Tesla Elesa
      Tesla Elesa
      Hi~ I seem to vaguely recall you. Somewhat.

      Anyways I've been a member here for a full 12 days more than you! So I guess that makes me like, a 12 times better player than you. So ha. Pro math skillz ftw.
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