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Sep 4, 2011
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Jul 29, 2020

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One true god, from aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi

The one true god Sep 30, 2014

    1. Song of Wind
      Song of Wind
      hi do u want to play now?
    2. Song of Wind
      Song of Wind
      add me in discord if u want to play
    3. Song of Wind
      Song of Wind
      hi oo play now?
    4. Song of Wind
      Song of Wind
      hi oo play now?
    5. Annoying Orange
      Annoying Orange
      (16:14:32) SiCK: call me the kland slayer
    6. mael
      hi when pot?
    7. Arifeen
      when fite ltt gmt +6
    8. Lord Emvee
      Lord Emvee
      when fite povt fren gmt-5
    9. praj.pran
      when fite ogt I am gmt 2:30+ can we play as early as possible? or next week end cuz in week day exam
    10. Joeypals!!
      Please make sure to PM me your team for the tournament :) You have until the 31st
    11. Asuya
      we have to fight for upper tier tournament. when you are available?
    12. Daybreak
      Hello base god kland, wen fite for weapon of choice
    13. Sakuya Izayoi
      Sakuya Izayoi
      when fite stop johning
    14. Kland
      The one true god
    15. champagne papi
      champagne papi
      hey we need to fight for pocl. I'm GMT -4 (north america eastern). I'd rather play on the weekend, if possible.
    16. DSM01
      We're opponents for the Underused Utopia tour, I'm GMT -8 and can battle tomorrow or most weekday evenings my time.
    17. Darklight
      Why didn't you gimme a shoutout
    18. Sinclair
    19. Kland
      draciel-great ta and person-
      dude24-gl and enjoy the alt, great person i've known for a long time
      metalgross-you and your brother have always hax'd me in tours enjoy that and o your a decent player
      Zorodark-great person old friend beat metal you're better then he is k thanks.-
      Prof. OAK- good auth i mean he's ok just needs to #l2FREECASED.-
      Hannah- decent player good auth ect
      kyrk-great person great friend-
      Krush- smart player great friend-
      crobat- decent mafia player has a brain atleast
      Rick gastley- decent mafia player needs to be less trusting
      Joey-great builder great player
      Key-for allowing me to "rig" the 39th well thanks-
      mr.bomb-noobic-po's greatest troll what can i say-
      Victini- my gen 5 bomb, and a god auth great person, need to l2battle
      GER-great person known for year blah blah blah-
      rilez-great player
      if i have forgot you don't worry <3
      1. ZoroDark and Finchinator like this.
    20. Kland
      CASED-oak if you ever read this free this man he's a great player and great for the community so he made 1 bad joke he doesn't deserve the forums ban in my opinon, give him another chance.
      Sinclair-great ou player has come up in the recent years to be a leading player nothing wrong with him apart he can't read
      TIWSS-2012 pocl team captian, and good friend/great player
      Killian-i know you serectly worshiped me and maybe one day you'll have my skills.
      Swag-swag you're the best black person i know!!....+ you can kinda play.-
      MUMU-too many alts what can i say
      finch-everyone loves finch what can i say finch ftw
      meowmix-you're ok i'm mainly including you so i can tell you to give aj the win in hgss because i'm too lazy to post
      Froggy-i judge hard because i have too, you've always been a decent player in my minds do something to make you great
      1. Finchinator likes this.
    21. Kland
      well it's over the long run of kland has ended this it it!

      i've given away my kland alt to dude24 as he requested it and well yer.
      I might come on occasionally and i might even come back for powc, or pocl lets see how thing go but as of this moment i am retired from po, i will finish this spl however.

      i would like to shoutout the following people

      Zodiak-great person/ player will miss you, gl in your endeavours.-
      Gary's noob(forgot his last time)-you're actually an ok player so yer and gl.-
      Cause and effect-killer player one of the bets stallers i know-
      Yusuke-great leader great player cheers.
      Pridy-you're a great friend a great leader and a greater player whats better
      Dante-amazing person + he's smart overall good
      1. Finchinator likes this.
    22. ajhockeystar
    23. ajhockeystar
      Hey, we're opponents in the HGSS BO3 Tourney, I see you on often so it shouldn't be too hard to battle. (If we don't get to battle though you take the win, you'd destroy me anyways)
    24. Hot N Cold
      Hot N Cold
    25. Celestial Phantom
      Celestial Phantom
      yeah but he didn't know who you were, i'm not allowed to tell him (guidelines), and he thought you were serious. as such i got a report of a user harassing him in PM and he reported. nothing more nothing less, not my fault that's how you show your friendship when they end up reporting the behavior.
    26. Celestial Phantom
      Celestial Phantom
      he thought you were serious and reported you, so you shouldn't have done all that without telling him first then.
    27. Virizion
      kland u r STRONF
    28. Darklight
      Need to talk to you about something, when can you get online?
    29. MetalGross
    30. MetalGross
      wait what when did you become a brit
      im +1 i am gonna be online pretty much online all day, after that I'll be -6 and be online at more random times but prolly in the mornings so yeah
    31. Finchinator
      You are the best XY battler on the face of the earth.
      True or false?
    32. Aurist
      lets do it

      lets fite

    33. Champ X
      Champ X
      I will be on 7-9pm GMT+8 tonight, if it's OK with you.
    34. Champ X
      Champ X
      I have been on and off the server for the past 4 hours. Will stay on until 10pm GMT+8. Probably can't wake up at 3 am and battle without consequences to my mental/physical health, so get on there earlier.
    35. Champ X
      Champ X
      Champ X/Megauser. Will find me in Hollywood.
    36. Champ X
      Champ X
      OU tour GMT+8. Will be on at night 7-9.
    37. Kland
      notice to all my GMT will change to gmt +11 TO GMT +1
    38. Big Bad Booty Daddy
      Big Bad Booty Daddy
      Hi when do you want to fight for forum tour?
    39. DarkTar
      im all the day in po, so contact me when u see this for the battle
    40. DarkTar
      im gtm-7 o.o
      well, np i will be on this week
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