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Sep 26, 2011
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Aug 21, 2017

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    1. Raducan
      is that che
      1. Orcelot
        Jan 2, 2015
    3. Xdevo
      Your name is no longer gay.
      1. Samphire likes this.
    4. Xdevo
      Your name is gay
    5. Halsey
      I'm glad you changed your username to Angelus, as it's such an awesome name.
    6. VuvuzelaΒzz
      I miss Modcelot ;-;
    7. MetalGross
      Hi we're opps for To be a TOP 2 so yeah I'm +2 and active Wednesday afternoon/Sunday so let me know something!
      meet me in #Meow
    8. davidness
      Orcelot, we are paried for a tournament of pokémon online, when do you can battle? I'm GMT -6
    9. Madrigal
      Gratz on MU, Orcelot.
    11. Nikitas
      That's pretty cool, ive been doing the same the past two or three years, just with a dk instead :P I have played top 200 tho.
    12. Nikitas
      Competitive? Or relaxed raiding/pvp? What class? (I stopped playing in 5.1)
    13. Nikitas
      You play WoW dude?
    14. Nikitas
      orcelooooooooot <3 <3 <3 come back for pocllllllll
    15. Nikitas
      Come baaaaaaaaack
    16. D4RR3N
      Hi, sorry for not being able to show up for tutoring sessions for the past 2 weeks. School's been kicking my ass real hard. I'll try to catch you next week perhaps? I'll have loads of free time by then.
    17. D4RR3N
      alright, btw do you have skype or anything?
    18. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      Sup bro. I'm ready. I can battle until around 1:30 am today my time, GMT -8. If you don't get on between now and then, I can battle between noon and 1 pm tomorrow, my time again, or anytime after 2:45 pm. If I don't see you today, lemme know.
    19. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      I see you on often, so I don't think we'll have trouble getting it done. I can battle whenever though, catch ya on the server soon
    20. The Dude
      The Dude
      You finally have an opponent for R2 of TOP tour. I'm GMT+13 and can play pretty much all weekend just give me a time that's good for you and I'll try and make it.
    21. VuvuzelaΒzz
    22. Desolate
      Your avatar is an ocelot, not an orcelot. You're confusing users.
    23. [C-WI] Roro97-Kitetsu
      [C-WI] Roro97-Kitetsu
      i can play on friday/saturday/sunday if you want, so yeah tomorow is already ok for me

      i just need an hour from you so i can come on the PO server and check if you're there
    24. [C-WI] Roro97-Kitetsu
    25. Amarillo Caballero
      Amarillo Caballero
      Regionals is now over, but I need to finish up essays before I can play. The day that works best for me would be Friday, if that's OK with you. Remember that I haven't played singles in a very long time and have never played OU, UU, or LU even when I did still play singles. So you will need to bear with me on getting stuffs ready. In all liklihood when we do play you will win by just having more experience than I do in the tiers we will be playing.
      Greetings and salutations user Orcelot, I am user MeowMix. We have been paired up for the Pokemon Online Champion's League All-Star Week in the UnderUsed tier. My timezone is currently GMT-4, as I am on the East Coast of the United States. I do not mind playing on any day, although in reference to time I would prefer the evenings as there are many going ons during the day that I must attend to. I hope that does not bother you too much; please tell me your timezone and days of preference and we will be able to work something out, I am sure. I understand you are a very strong battler, and I noticed that you have many icons under your name and not many people in the Pokemon Online Champion's League All-Star Week thread chose me as the victor of our future match; I simply hope that I will be a worthy adversary to you in our upcoming battle. I wish you a preemptive good luck for now and for the rest of this tour!
    27. Finchinator
      alright, ill start looking for you inna few days
      ill send you another message then (when im done building)
    28. Finchinator
      so uhm
      we have to battle for the random tiers tournament
      and the tiers are all wacky so it might take a bit to build
      but imo johning is bad
      so lets not finish at the deadline for our battles
      im gmt -4 (est)
    29. Amarillo Caballero
      Amarillo Caballero
      You will need to wait a while for me. I am coming out of retirement from PO just because Vintage Books asked so I have zero teams built, and have not played a singles match in months. (I play VGC on Skarmbliss) I won't be focussed on this until after regionals which is next week. So I hope you are okay with playing somewhat close to the deadline, as I will need to spend some time preparing. More time preparing than anyone else in this tournament. Plus this is midterm week.
    30. DestinyUnknown
      Im gmt +1 as well (+2 assuming daylight saving time, im from spain), and I can battle at 11pm-1 am on weekdays. On weekends im more flexible and I ccan batle at any time mostly
    31. Sov
      Wait, seriously?
      I'm too behind. :<
    32. Sov
      Wait, Tier Leader, too?!
      What is this, I don't even...?
    33. Sov
      Still happy for you, though. :>
    34. Sov
      You moderate Teams now, too? :o
      Gdi, I'm falling behind. :<
    35. Fabian
      da big bang orcelot of the STUNFISKS aka my teammate <(•θ•)><(•θ•)><(•θ•)><(•θ•)> how you doin broda
    36. Jcpdragonx
    37. Mylo Xyloto
    38. Abdelrahman
      Vince Russo still sucks. :>
    39. Sov
      Hey, don't fight me with logic! That's not fair! :<
    40. SteelEdges
      You should put the numbers back in. It just doesn't seem right.
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