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The First Hipster
Oct 10, 2011
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Apr 20, 2013

The First Hipster

That's too mainstream., from Soviet Russia

    1. OkamiBW
      Sorry, totally was doing homework! X_X
    2. Hobbes2
      But i'm not
    3. Fate/Dracoflare
      a but late bit thanks :x
      And happy new year!
    4. YamiChan
    5. Tears of tomorrow
      Tears of tomorrow
      Ugh, I am so busy I couldn't answer you.
      Being a member of Graphic group, you must follow these rules.

      Every kind of thread that is not mentioned in that thread cannot be posted in Graphic section. Instead, you need to post it in the Showoff Corner if it is something you made by yourself, or in General section if it is something you found and you think could be useful. If you have an idea about the developement of the game, post it in the ideas thread.

      For any other question, PM me on Gaia forum.
    6. VuvuzelaΒzz
      If it gets approved I don't really mind. If you prefer to post it I'll PM you the guidelines. If you don't, tell me and I'll do it.
    7. Tears of tomorrow
      Tears of tomorrow
      There are 2 more things you need to know:

      1) The fact that you cannot access your sent items is not a problem of yours: in fact it is a glitch I accidentally caused, I am currently trying to fix it.
      2) Your application post is perfect and it perfectly follows the rules. So welcome on board, you are a member of the Graphic group from now on. Keep on reading and following rules, and you will see that everything you will post will be taken into consideration. Also, that post with all the graphic stuff that you made and that I deleted was actually good: the only problem with it was that it was in the wrong topic (and in the wrong subforum). Repost it as an independent thread in General section if you want.
    8. Tears of tomorrow
      Tears of tomorrow
      Either you are stupid, or you cannot read. In both cases, I absolutely don't have a dislike on you. You are 100% free to post whatever you want as soon as you don't break rules. There is a reason why I am so rude towards you and not towards other people: the reason is that other people read rules before posting. You need to learn to do the same.
    9. VuvuzelaΒzz
      I'm not certain it's going to get enough Attention. If you want PM Gilad and decide on it.
    10. Tears of tomorrow
      Tears of tomorrow
      Inbox notifications in Gaia forum don't work very well, so I am telling you also here, to be sure you see it: CHECK YOUR INBOX ON GAIA FORUM.
    11. twofivefive
    12. KwokyMonster
      That's a fucking cool avatar
    13. Mavs>Heat
      Wait never mind, you're unbanned.
    14. Mavs>Heat
      You should appeal still. they'll see that it wasnt intentional and they'll unban you eventually.
    15. VuvuzelaΒzz
      I personally do not celebrate it. I'm attending an "american" school, so we do celebrate it in a way, but I did not take thanksgiving into account when I changed my name.
    16. Tears of tomorrow
      Tears of tomorrow
      The discussion you suggested is about a part of the developement that will be taken care of in the future. We will have such a thread as soon as we move to our own forum, that will be soon be completed and made public. Meanwhile, do not start such a discussion.
    17. Burnin'Red
      That looks awesome! Well done.(love the arms) :D
    18. KwokyMonster
      Chaos never lies
    19. KwokyMonster
      Beware of Kogent, she's a good troll
    20. Kogent
    21. The First Hipster
      The First Hipster
      I wasn't sure... that's why I asked :x
    22. Kogent
      I don't know. Did you think I was?
    23. Kogent
    24. VuvuzelaΒzz
      Senor Chang>all
    25. The First Hipster
      The First Hipster
      Yeah... and I can't appeal even though it was unfair.
      I mean, I did advertise, even if I didn't mean to.
    26. Mavs>Heat
      oak permabanned you for advertising :/
    27. Tears of tomorrow
      Tears of tomorrow
      We already have our own server.
    28. The First Hipster
      The First Hipster
      Oh sorry. :P
      I didn't realize that you could see when your inbox was full... I erhmm... may have posted the message in a thread...
    29. Tears of tomorrow
      Tears of tomorrow
      Ouch, I saw only now that you tried to send me a PM when my Inbox was full... Well, I made some room, so go ahead and send me the message right now :)
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