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Oct 12, 2011
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Sep 26, 2016
    1. DSM01
      We're opponents for that OU tour, when are you available to battle? I'm GMT -8 and have a fairly flexible schedule.
      1. palkia62
        I'm GMT 0 and I should be available around your time on Friday so how about 4pm your time on Friday?
        Jan 26, 2015
      2. DSM01
        Should work for me, see you then.
        Jan 26, 2015
    2. Maxedofhaxed
      gmt-5 gift of hype wen fite?
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      2. palkia62
        Jan 2, 2015
      3. palkia62
        sorry about missing time, I was out around that time. can we reschedule same time tomorrow?
        Jan 4, 2015
      4. Maxedofhaxed
        Jan 4, 2015
    3. VirajVora
      When fight ?
      I am +530 GMT...
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      2. VirajVora
        I cant guarantee but I will be there mostly... If not we will fight later...
        Btw whats your server name ?
        Dec 6, 2014
      3. palkia62
        my server name's is the same as my forum's name
        Dec 7, 2014
      4. VirajVora
        Sorry bro I was busy...
        Can battle tommorow ?
        If yes decide the time...

        I am also availae now for next few hours...
        Dec 7, 2014
    4. [sky] kael
      [sky] kael
      hey man we need to play

      send when you can to play in next days
    5. [sky] kael
      [sky] kael
      hey man we need to play for torney xy ou.

      when you can to play.

      am always can to play after 9 pm.

      my timezone is gmt -3
    6. [sky] kael
      [sky] kael
      hi bro you can to play now?
    7. [sky] kael
      [sky] kael
      hey bro what your time zone

      i can tomorrow 7 am in my time and 10 pm in my time

      you can to do this tomorrow ?

      or now if you stay online
    8. [sky] kael
      [sky] kael
      my time zone gmt -3 when you can to play

      you use mirc?

      you stay on in po main server.?
      1. palkia62
        ok, How about we play on saturday at around 5pm?

        sorry, I don't use mirc.
        Sep 4, 2014
    9. [sky] kael
      [sky] kael
      Hi bro

      Me vs you in top choice

      When you can to play.
      I can to play every day after 9pm
      and weekend 9am and 10 pm

      this time its ok for you?
      If not send when you can to play
      1. palkia62
        what is your timezone?
        Sep 2, 2014
    10. Moony
      yo, we have to battle for the top choice tour, when can you battle. gmt - 4 here
      1. palkia62
        How about we schedule it for 4pm your time tomorrow?
        Aug 26, 2014
      2. Moony
        Yeah, that works, cya then.
        Aug 26, 2014
    11. TraceofLife
      Hello, im your opponent for fixing up ou tours, im gmt +7, when we can battle?
    12. Aurist
      yo, im on server every day on this name and can go p much whenever. GMT+1 (BST) but my sleep is in a strange place so i'm easier to catch in the evening
    13. Yagura
      Hi man, we got matched up in the second round of the XY OU Doubles tour, I'm GMT +1 and you can find me in Trivia, Mafia and Tournaments. Let's have fun! :]
    14. DSM01
      We're opponents for the UU PET tour, I'm GMT -8 and should be on most of the weekend.
    15. -Leon-
      xy ou doubles tour. when do you want to battle
    16. SOMALIA
      We have to play for round 2 of the HG/SS OU tournament. Timezone is gmt+0. Find me on the server between 4-10pm on Saturday / 8-10pm on Sunday
    17. Sakuya Izayoi
      Sakuya Izayoi
      Hi, I'm your opp for the HGSS tour
      when do u wan to fite? I'm +8 GMT, and I prefer playing between 7pm-9pm my time. The aliases I will likely use is Sakuya Izayoi/Victini/DracoNinja/Remilia Scarlet.
      Neutral luck to both of us n_n
    18. Virizion
      Hi, you're my opponent for Round 2 of the UnderUsed Moves Tour.

      I'm GMT+0 (UKian), what GMT are you? I see you sometimes on #XY CAP, so it shouldn't be too bad for me.
      I can be on mainly from 4pm-9pm my time, unless something happens. What times can you be on? I know that we see each other on #XY CAP at times, let's get this done hopefully soon.

      And good luck! :)
    19. Proof
      Withdrew from the tournament. Look for your name R2
    20. Proof
      On now. Will be for next hour
    21. ZoroDark
      yo we're fighting for uu tdkd. i'm gmt +1 and i can be/usually am on between 5-10pm my time during the week. i'm on throughout the day in the weekend, and especially active in the mornings. when do you wanna do this?
    22. Proof
      Okay. 9 tomorrow GMT +0
    23. Proof
      I'm on pretty often. I'm ready to battle whenever you are... set a time please
    24. Proof
      I hang around IDM and Tohjo sometimes
    25. Proof
      You're my opponent for the underused move tournament. I'll be ready by the 26th. Im GMT -5 and you can find me on any alt that starts with "proof" or just proof.
    26. DarkDiglett
      Hey, when can you play for walk through tour? im gmt+13
    27. Celestial Phantom
      Celestial Phantom
      leave it to xdevo to not properly post a deadline, um...I'm gmt -6 and I could do probably monday going forward. I can try tomorrow, but I've got to do some roofing to repair damage a storm did the other day, so monday is a definite, tomorrow is just a keep an eye out for me to log on if you want.
    28. Laurel
      those are some peak beach hours. I'd much prefer later if possible. I'm on vacation so cx I can also do really early like 7 am time here or something.
    29. Laurel
      Were opponents for monogen give me your available hours please. Im gmt -6 this week.
    30. Pokebasket
      I'm GMT+1

      Well, I'm free in my afternoons and evenings
    31. Um Hello?
      Um Hello?
      Basically anytime, I'm on PO right now and ready
    32. llvallejoll
      Hey, let's play, I'm on PO now.
    33. llvallejoll
      I'm gmt-5, maybe friday at 2pm my time works for u?
    34. DSM01
      My computer isn't working right now so I can't battle, but I'll let you know if I am able to if the deadline hasn't passed.
    35. DSM01
      Any day this coming week works for me. Since I'm 8 hours ahead it would probably be best to battle during my night/your afternoon. I'm not sure what nights I'll be on the server but it'll probably be between 6 and10 PM my time.
    36. Hannah
      UU Subforum tour, let's fite >:O
    37. DSM01
      We're opponents for the Choice tour, I'm GMT +9 and have an unpredictable schedule next week. When are you available?
    38. NidoTheKing
      I'm -5, so it's a 6 hour difference in time. Tuesday from 11-2 (GMT -5) seems best for me as of now, though.
    39. Dasdardly
      Hi we fite for Weapon of Choice it is a certainty that you will lose would you like to give me the win now or?
    40. Teutonic Knight
      Teutonic Knight
      this is Theodora from the LC tournament you can take the win, not really up for the tournament sorry.
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