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Big Cheese
Oct 16, 2011
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Apr 27, 2014
    1. GotThatPopcorn
      Oh I was like, wtf!
    2. GotThatPopcorn
      I like how i go from 0-117 in 8 weeks and you go from 100-200(differ) in 1 ....
    3. GotThatPopcorn
      Awesome signature o-o also, congratulations, I had nothing to do with your success ;)
    4. GotThatPopcorn
    5. GotThatPopcorn
      I used the account: VPS but got a new one, go to the username VPS and you'll see our talk.
    6. GotThatPopcorn
    7. GotThatPopcorn
      I appreciated you before when you asked me which template looks better.!
    8. GotThatPopcorn
      Well, I don't know what do say. I can say that you made major contributions to the wiki so you do deserve this for a fact. I mean you made the templates!
    9. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      Yeah, that should be one way to get his attention. :3
    10. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      Yeah, I came across that problem too. Far as I know, he's not online anywhere currently. :(
    11. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      Yeah, it surprises me too, considering the sites are the same, in most aspects.

      Sorry for not knowing anything. I'm only really admin for updating pages and stuff on there, far as I know.
    12. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      Umm, I'm afraid I don't know all that much, I have to be honest. Deso's the one to ask, I believe.

      It would be nice to see the templates up on the new wiki, though...
    13. GotThatPopcorn
      Welcome back Big Cheese!

    14. twofivefive
      I'll miss ya mate~
    15. VPS
      "consequently"; as in bad?
    16. VPS
      Um, well scriptig and my friends told me about it.
    17. Blitzamirin
      User Title > User Name
    18. Blitzamirin
      No I fucked up :<
    19. Altaria

      Allow me to love [befriend] you.
    20. Cake
      dicks everywhere
    21. VPS
      Thanks Big Cheese.
    22. Deity
      Unfortunately yes, though I'm only leaving because zero is. But I'll miss the site, definitely.
    23. zeroality
      Thanks for the kind words. Best of luck to you.
    24. zeroality
      Done. The rename system doesn't allow old usernames to be claimed - otherwise we'd have impersonation issues.

      As for the first VM you sent, that's a vBulletin bug.
    25. Crystal Moogle
      Crystal Moogle
      They are not :x
    26. zeroality
      eric the espeon is in charge of awarding Wiki badges. Send him a PM and ask.
    27. zeroality
      A forum usergroup is intended for two things: showing the members on View Forum Leaders or allowing access to a special staff section.

      As seeing how we don't do the former and there's no wiki staff forum, there's not much point. We have wiki badges for recognition on the forums.
    28. twofivefive
      Hey, welcome back!
    29. Expert Belt Latios
    30. zeroality
      100th friend :o
    31. Dr. Doom
      Dr. Doom
      "If you aren't already on the PO Wiki, that would be a great place to put your analyses."

      Good idea, how do I do that?
    32. User Name
      User Name
      Eh, just in case you didn't see it:

      Moves used cannot have a base power of 95 or higher.
      I specifically mentioned that. XP
      I wanted to block out Ice Beam, T-bolt, Surf, and Flamethrower specifically.
    33. User Name
      User Name
      I trust you have read my latest post in the Counter game?
      I'm gonna delete my irrelevant posts, for the same reason I ask you to delete yours, but I want to make sure you saw it before I delete it. ;3
    34. User Name
      User Name
      You can delete other's posts? O.o
      Eh, I would just recommend deleting your own. I find it's best to leave other's posts alone, if only so that they don't get angry about having their posts deleted without permission.
      'Course, if you ask them to delete and they consent, there's no problem there. :P
    35. User Name
      User Name
      They can delete if they want to, but the main reason I'm not posting on their pages is because most of them made less than 2 posts. :P
      Some extra posts are gonna pop up no matter what I do, but I figure it's best to limit it as much as my laziness will allow me.
    36. User Name
      User Name
      I'm not saying you have to, just that you should, since it allows more space for new sets. :P
      If you don't want to, it's fine with me. I prefer to lurk, only posting when I want to clarify things.
    37. User Name
      User Name
      On a side note, if you delete all your posts about the Hazards, I do believe I would be the first post on that page. :P
      I recommend doing so, BTW. More space for more sets on each page.
    38. zeroality
    39. SlimCognito
      Lmao Steel actually posted on the thread you VMed them.
    40. Blitzamirin
      I guess so. This is considering they haven't returned :x
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