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Oct 18, 2011
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Mar 7, 2019
    1. Daybreak
      yo, can I just ask for alts you go under on the server so I can have an easier time finding you. I had really sudden irl stuff going on and wasn't able to get on the server yesterday afternoon, so sorry about that
    2. Daybreak
      hi there we got paired up in underused utopia. I'm gmt -4 and I'm usually on the server a lot so it shouldn't be too hard to get this done. I'm usually on #tournaments so your best place to find me is there. gl
    3. LatiosPro!
      Ei, si esta bien(:
    4. LatiosPro!
      dale me parece bien(:
    5. LatiosPro!
      yo puedo cualquier dia pero despues de las 8 pm de mi hora xD es a la hora que llego de la escuela si no puedes a esa hora pues el fin de semana
    6. LatiosPro!
      o: nos toco xd, que hora tienes tu? soy gmt-7
    7. -Mike-
      Maximum I can try 3:00 AM..3:30 is not possible. My sleeping time :(
      Considering you are on at forums now, you can come at the server too.
      Btw you cant find me on tohjo, find me at #mafia or #tournaments
    8. -Mike-
      Why is my profile wierd? o_O
      And I cant come at that time. I can only come on from 3:30 AM to 7:30 AM GMT and 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM GMT. Only 1% chance I come at other times...
      I am Mike Jenkins on server
    9. -Mike-
      hi we have to battle for hgss bo3 tour. i am available all days at random times except the time I sleep. when do we fight
    10. bugzinator
      Yeh im on the server as bugzinator and I should be around for most of the night, just pm me or something whenever you see me
    11. bugzinator
    12. Selmate
      Sorry if Im late to respond. Today should be fine
    13. Selmate
      Hello. What is your PO username ^^ I am your opponent in POTY - GMT-5 Im usually on during weekends
    14. Raiza
      today im available until the 17:20 of my gmt(+1) then I will be available at 21:00 until the 22:30
    15. Raiza
      im on holidays saturday-sunday and monday
    16. Raiza
      hi we have to play for the monogen tour
      im gmt +1 you can find me easily on po beta server little italy channel
    17. DarkDiglett
      x/y tour 5pm-1am +13 any day
    18. Windblown
      That should work, I'll see you then.
    19. Windblown
      Hi we need to play for Weapon of Choice. I'm GMT-7 and I should be available most nights.
    20. D4RR3N
      I'm GMT +8, and yeah I prefer weekends. I'm on PO server a lot
    21. Fille
      Hey, we're opponents for PCWC quarterfinals, Hero vs Snorlax Squad! We're doing HGSS LC vs each other, so I want to know when you're avilable to do our match? My GMT is +1, I'm usually online between 3PM-8PM GMT, and I go by alts including Fille and a [Hero] clantag!
    22. Mylo Xyloto
      Mylo Xyloto
      Can we perhaps play earlier i have school tomorrow and cant stay up that late.
    23. Mylo Xyloto
      Mylo Xyloto
      Still on if you want to battle
    24. Mylo Xyloto
      Mylo Xyloto
      hey, we need to play for ltt. im gmt+2 and can play at almost anytime except early morning hours. do you have a prefferd time/date you want to play?
    25. palkia62
      sorry about that, just saw that message that you were on the server just now. I'll be on now so it will be great if you can go online.
    26. palkia62
      that works for me.
    27. palkia62
      Hey, we have a match for the weapon of choice tour. I'm GMT +1 so when can you battle?
    28. ZoroDark
      hmm i'm GMT +2 now. I'll be on between 5-8 pm during the week but i don't think that'll work for you. Maybe in the weekend around that time?
    29. mibuchiha
      I got subbed in and we need to duke it out in RBY. When's good? I'm GMT+8, I'm free for the entirety of this night and tomorrow afternoon. You can find me in the POCL channel.

      That said, it'd be great if we can set a time. I propose 0100 Sunday GMT+8.

      p/s: My flash doesnt work so make sure you server PM me or I won't notice you.
    30. Beast
      My name is Beast on the server as well. I am also GMT -5 so this works out well. We have plenty of time so when we see each other we can talk about it.
    31. Beast
      Hello, you have be assigned to beat me in the LU tournament.
    32. Kland
      I'll be in tours on alt kland if I don't respond I might be afk give me 5 mins
    33. Kland
      Sure on now so let's play asap
    34. Kland
      Yes perfect could it be possible to give me an hour on each side though just early for me so waking up time might be needed, purely just asking as a favour
    35. Kland
      Can't do Thursdays I'm I. The capital all my fridAy my time I'm free every over day
    36. Kland
      Well I'll be gone 4 pm Thursday to 10pm Friday gmt +10 but since 15 hours difference how about 4-10 on Friday your time
    37. Kland
      Pot times?
    38. Mysterion
      Sounds good , I am mainly on as [Masters]Mysterion, you can always find me in the little used channel.
    39. Mysterion
      In the week I can play on my evenings (GMT+2). If it doesn't work for you, we have to shedule for the weekend.
    40. Hannah
      Your team will be consisting of the following Pokemon, good luck!

      Please clear your PMs
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