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Metta World Peace
Oct 21, 2011
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Aug 12, 2014

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    1. Maxedofhaxed
      hi we're opps for POT what is your PO name and when can we battle, im gmt-4/-5 (DST in effect)
    2. MarcoPierreWhite
      When do you want to play for pocl?
    3. 199 Lives
      199 Lives
      No worries I'll catch you then
    4. 199 Lives
      199 Lives
      Midday Saturday my time would be good. So 10 pm your time friday right?
    5. 199 Lives
      199 Lives
      Hey I'm gmt+10. I'm available from 7pm most nights or in the morning. I have Thursday and Saturday off this week, so I am available at virtually anytime on them days
    6. Ambition
      can you play now?
    7. Ambition
      when do you want to play.
    8. Moet
      Hey Ill be on from today sunday through friday from like 12 to 5pm roughly. might be early on tuesday - friday. Ill be in the IMP channel. Just come in and ask for moet. =]
    9. Moet
      Im not usually on sundays but if you do come on just check the IMP channel. I usaully idle there.
    10. Moet
      We're supposed to play for the Battle of the channels tour. Im on po a bunch so pm me the times you can play. Im gmt -8 btw.
    11. Tyki
      Ok, so I can try to be on 8-11 your time on Thursday and Friday. Maybe even Saturday. Any day/time in particular that you prefer?
    12. Tyki
      Side tier showdown. SO, I'm GMT-8 (PST). When's best with you?
    13. Poliwaggle
      Hey, my time is GMT -5:00, I can battle after 7:00 tomorrow. My name on PO is either the same as here or Konstantinoupolis.
    14. The Dude
      The Dude
      Hey man that's all good, we still have a while lol and I'd like you to battle Poliwaggle first just so the last game isn't worthless. So when you do, we can organise a time to battle as I am in the middle of exams right now.
    15. Wander
      Ouch, GMT -4 again.
      Well, I could get on 7-11 PM your time on Weekends, so let's try that first.
    16. The Dude
      The Dude
      My team is done for BW2 walkthrough tour, I'm GMT+13 and from tomorrow will be free most times of the day. Lemme know when you get your team in so we can organise a time.
    17. Wander
      Hey, just wondering how when you're available for the SUrvey tour, I'm GMT +7 and am Wander on the server.
    18. Luck>Skill
      When can you battle for Restrict District? My GMT is +2
    19. Dr. Fomantis Toboggan
      Dr. Fomantis Toboggan
      Hey we're opponents for the walkthrough thing. I'm gmt-4 or 5, whichever one you are. Good luck.
    20. Jalmont
      k i'll try and do sunday

      good luck!
    21. Chase
      yo, wanna battle now?
    22. Jalmont
      when do you wanna play for random tiers

      im gmt -7
    23. Chase
      You won't find me before 7 pm (my time) because I work 'till that hour.
    24. Chase
      Well 7 PM your time (1 AM my time) also should work, I'm always on 'till late.
    25. Chase
      Well probably Sunday I won't be able to play, one of these evening (after 8 pm my time, it should be from 2 pm your time) would be better, even today.
    26. Chase
      Yo we are paired in the POCL, I'm GMT+2 and I'm available most of the evenings. What about you?
    27. llvallejoll
      Between 2-6pm my time (gmt-5)
      see u then
    28. chippymunk
      Metta do you go by any alts?
    29. chippymunk
      It is? DAMN. Need to get on my bike then XD. I'll be on sunday then. I'll be on a bit Saturday also.
    30. chippymunk
      Thats good. I'll probably try and find you on Monday/ Tuesday if thats OK. I still need to build my team.
    31. chippymunk
      We are opponents in the restrict district tour. Pm me when you are available.
    32. llvallejoll
      Hi, this thursday sounds good?
      I'll be on between 5-7pm my time. So, see u.
    33. Darklight
      kk I can be online from 3-6 PM at GMT +5.5 from monday-saturday
    34. Darklight
      we are both online, Tour match?
    35. zeroality
      Thanks. Hopefully I'll have time during the NBA season to post a bit in the discussion thread! Been keeping up with most of the developments in the offseason. I'm excited for it to start.
    36. M Dragon
      M Dragon
      im gmt +2, so thats quite late for me xD
    37. Porengan
      Ok, we can try, what about 5pm my times?
    38. Porengan
      Ok, I see we never found us on the Server.
      How about tomorrow, because Sunday is DL. Can you play a bit earlier than 7pm (because it's 11pm for me)?
    39. Porengan
      Yeah, my timezone is GMT +1. We can try to battle thursday, any time, we can find us on the PO Server
    40. The Dude
      The Dude
      Sweet I will be on most of the time, so we should get this done.
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