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Oct 27, 2011
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Jan 20, 2013


New Member, from Chicago

    1. Insane Soul
      Insane Soul
      I'm sorry, but the deadline was surpassed 10 hours ago.. I was sleeping when you contacted me
      Perhaps you should contact this tournament's moderators, specifically Serena Valenheart, Xinc or Kyrk
    2. Insane Soul
      Insane Soul
      We have to battle for the Youtube Tournament
      My GMT is +0, and if you on the Pokemon Online server you are sure to find me at some point
    3. Roku
      We're opponents in the Side Tier Showdown. I noticed that you haven't been on the server since January 3rd. Are you still able to battle for the final?
    4. TripleRhu
      I do have a Skype, but I am extremely uncomfortable with adding people I do not know.
      And for your information, I've had my laptop on for like 10 hours and I tried to find you through the logs on the channels I mentioned, albeit unsuccessfully.

      I guess I will have to add you on Skype.
    5. TripleRhu
      Skype '-'
      What is your most prominent username on the server?
      Mine is Xclus|TripleRhu, and I am always in either #POLove or #Xclusive.
    6. The Dark Master
      The Dark Master
      K, my computer has decided to stop letting me battle on PO and has forced me to Showdown temporarily as well. I use the name LuigiTDM if you see me, although I'd probably find it easier arranging a time.
    7. The Dark Master
      The Dark Master
      I can do Showdown as well, although I rarely go on it and will have to rebuild my team.
    8. The Dark Master
      The Dark Master
      I can also be found on #Danger INC., as there are less people there so you can find me easier. Alts I use are:
      The Dark Master
      Santa isn't real
    9. The Dark Master
      The Dark Master
      Sorry, don't have Skype. You can always find me in the channel #Tournaments, so if you want to find me go there. I see you're online now, so GET OVER HERE
    10. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      Hey, we're opps in the side tier tour. What's your timezone and availabillity? I'm -8 PST and am pretty free now that finals are over and I'm on break
    11. dhhaxmaster
      We're opponents for the side tiers tour thing. I'm GMT -5 and will mostly be on during the weekends. I have trouble getting on during the weekdays though.
    12. Django
      You've got a match to complete for the Weapon of Choice Tournament, post in the thread and arrange a time with your opponent Pokel'
    13. Pokel'
      Hi, we're opponents for the Choice tour. You can find me in the #Tournaments channel. I'm ready when you are.
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