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Nov 2, 2011
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Mar 7, 2019
    1. mibuchiha
      POWC when? I'm CET, lurking PO at RBY channel most of the time; so if you would just ping me there we will most likely be able to play.
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      2. Tamaaa
        Can you play now? I'll be on smogtours for a while
        Apr 9, 2016
      3. mibuchiha
        I'll hop on soon.
        Apr 9, 2016
      4. mibuchiha
        And I'm there.
        Apr 9, 2016
    2. Sciz
      Hey, when can you play for powc? GMT +3
    3. Lunar Flare
      Lunar Flare
      Tama, estou fazendo todas minhas partidas no fds porque minha semana ta bem complicada. Se tiver algum problema pra ti em jogar no fim de semana me avisa que, eu me viro pra tentar fazer a partida em um horário/dia diferente. Att,
    4. Johnidel
      I can play whenever pretty much, I'd prefer Thursday though.
      1. Tamaaa
        Today is perfect. How about 10pm gmt -3?
        Sep 25, 2014
    5. [sky] kael
      [sky] kael
      Hey tama se ta sumido mano.

      bora jogar domingo no fim do prazo.

      pq agora vai ficar corrido pra mim
    6. [sky] kael
      [sky] kael
      HEY TAMA

      to te procurando.
      quando você quer jogar??

      E quais os horarios que você anda entrando te procurei ontem e hoje no baril fiquei um bom tempo on.
      Enfim manda quando você ta afim e os horarios que você anda entrando.

    7. jasonpwn
      u make me rly rly scared

      so scared im gonna have to john u until further notice. i'll be on irc tonight, around like 9 PM CST (GMT-5) and if you can make it on there that would be great. otherwise, give your times to soge that you can make and i'll see if any overlap. thanks!
      1. Tamaaa
        yea i was busy the whole day and will be busy until tomorrow's night. after brazil vs croatia i should be ready to play
        Jun 12, 2014
    8. DSM01
      POWC, I'm GMT -8 and can play most evenings and on the weekend. What's a good time for you?
      1. Tamaaa
        evening until like 8pm your time are good for me. that might go even longer so just try and find me on irc if possible. are you usually on PO main server?
        May 22, 2014
      2. DSM01
        Yeah I will be on the PO main server if I'm on.
        May 22, 2014
      3. DSM01
        What's your name on the PO server?
        May 23, 2014
    9. Asuya
      I'm online on #Little Italy channel in the main server of PO
    10. mibuchiha
      Woke up late, sorry!

      Now I am on. I'll wait at APC channel.
    11. mibuchiha
      Great! I'll come around those times then.

      ...although please allow one hour in either direction, me waking up late isn't unusual. >.>
    12. mibuchiha
      Next morning of mine eh. I have class to attend so no can do.

      I can however try to make it for Wed, Friday and weekends, assuming you don't mind waiting until ~1100 my time!
    13. mibuchiha
      Sorry I can't since my prof is summoning me to the other lab.

      Haha. I'll be available tonight though.
    14. mibuchiha
      In general, I should be able to come online every day 2100 - 0000, GMT+8.

      As for which day... hmm. Any days you can meet the above schedule? Ah, it must not be Friday.
    15. Sakuya Izayoi
      Sakuya Izayoi
      Hi, im your opp for pcwc. I'm +8 GMT, and i'm pretty much available around the afternoons or nights around my time. If need be, I can also play in the mornings, but I can't play in the nights my time. I'm at Tohjo, Elite Clan and any other official channel, and I'm a mod, so it shouldn't be hard to find me.

      I'm usually under the aliases DracoNinja, or very rarely Victini or Salamence.

      Neutral luck to both of us. May the best person win.
    16. Elmanzano
      I'll be there in [EG] End Game Team, Channel on PO. All the weekend, if i don't online, ask for me to another member of the clan.
    17. Elmanzano
      There's a mistake in the main rooster, i should be in GSC, my captain will do the change tomorrow, but if not ready i'll play you advanced saturday or sunday. Sorry for the inconvenients.
    18. Bomber.
      ok for thursday, what do you think about 9 pm your time? im gmt +1 so earlier than this is so difficult for me
    19. Pokebasket
      Today or these days until 23:30 or 00:00 my time
    20. Pokebasket
      I'm really sorry, guy :s

      I got home at night because I had basketball training and when I finished the dinner, I started to feel really ill, due a strong stomach ache.
      I didn't feel better so I could only go to bed. I have got up better, so I think that this night I'll be able to play, but not too later, please, because I start school tomorrow.
      I repeat, I'm so sorry but I couldn't do anything :s
    21. Pokebasket
      Hey, I'm GMT +1 and I'm active in my mornings, afternoons and nights, but I start school this wednesday, so since that day, I won't be able to play too later in my night or in my mornings.

      I think we can play tonight. (my night) . I'll be at about 11 PM my time until 1 AM more or less
    22. Lutra
      I got up early today in England, so I don't know if I can stay up today. If not, Tuesday as early as you feel able to would be good. I'll try to be on PO a lot because I've got quite a lot of RBY OU battles to do this month.
    23. greenCore
      I can play any time before the 8pm (-6gmt) because I spend most of my day at the university and stuff :l but if it's a kinda late for you, we can play on the weekend.[:
    24. Cameltoed
      It can do. I'd come later due to stuff irl but at least at 9pm your time I will be on. I will try to be here asap
    25. Cameltoed
      I'm a little busy in these 2-3 days so playing on Wednesday or Thursday could be fine for me. I'm gmt+2 and I'm mostly active in afternoons or evenings
    26. Looser
      imah here kind of
      i sent yah a message o3o
    27. Groudon Ramsay
      Groudon Ramsay
      Yeah I am the manager lol

      Okay cool I'll do that then. You're a lot more "known" on Smogon than I am, so can you talk to The_Chaser and make sure he gets his match done? :)
    28. The Dude
      The Dude
      Hey there, we're opponents for the PO Champs League, what's your timezone and when do you prefer to play? Though our line up isn't final so I may not be your opponent in the end.
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