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Nov 13, 2011
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Sep 11, 2015

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    1. Finchinator
      Just thought I should mention that this was well done, great RMT.
    2. Finchinator
    3. Celestial Phantom
      Celestial Phantom
      You lost to HP Fire Cinccino when I adapted to something in the metagame, gg my good sir. Also, you better, I hate having sub-par opponents as of late.
    4. Texas Cloverleaf
      Texas Cloverleaf

    5. Virizion
      Doing anything for 1K posts? ^_^
    6. Laurel
      Can we either stop the submit your battle rounds or remove battles not narrated more than 6 months old? The list seems really long already no point of making it even longer. Thoughts on this?
    7. Silone
      Hey We are on the same team for the Teambat. Anyways try to join the private channel called #Team 8 for now and we can decide stuff and ect. later
    8. Big Bad Booty Daddy
      Big Bad Booty Daddy
      Finch edit: Deleted because Meeps doesn't want team revealed. PMd instead.
    9. Annoying Orange
      Annoying Orange
      EST. 4-9 every weekday. Random times on weekends
    10. Double01
      Specs is a wall breaker it breaks walls SHOCKER. It is by far the most easiest moltres to get abused against though since it has to lock itself into a move. So I was mostly referring to The LO variation where that is its best set. And specs doesn't even beat regirock without locking itself into a pitiful weak hp grass which most specs moltres won't do because there are simply better moves to spam.

      Also you know what has 0 counters? Durant and yet I don't see that being suspected. After Durant sets up +1 vs a cryoganal or clefable or w.e then good luck walling it. Thunder fang beats qwil and poliwrath, superpower for Steelix, xscissor for stab. It's just if not more threatening than moltres with better resists, speed, and no sr weakness but you guys don't suspect it pls tell me why. I would love to hear it.

      Also you said stall wasn't viable because of moltres... My god all of our LU wins we're using stall. Maybe actually try using stall before judging it xd.
    11. Texas Cloverleaf
      Texas Cloverleaf
      Yo, I noted you guys seemed to completely ignore every single argument I made against Moltres being banned when you discussed it as a suspect. Was that an oversight or did xdevo just not bring it up at all. Because no one was able to actually refute my points.
    13. Darkcrimson
      Im available any time after 2pm central us time till 12 am basically and hello
    14. Silone
      Lol my decisin took a lot of thought(1 month o.o) I can only narrate battles because the computer broke down. Me and my phone can narrate some battles I cant find the Narration Apply thread or whatever so I doing it here :D
    15. Dr. Fomantis Toboggan
      Dr. Fomantis Toboggan
      Yo why am I not allowed on the irc channel?
    16. Morning Sun
      Morning Sun
      aw u such a cutie

      i have been dead. i'll pm you on server sometime buddy, i dont really skype or play po at all much these days lol
    17. Madrigal
      Am I blind, or do I not have access to the Youtube Staff forum yet?
    18. Big Bad Booty Daddy
    19. Big Bad Booty Daddy
      Big Bad Booty Daddy
      Tyki, stop letting banned users run your team, if you sign up to be a captain, at least attempt to be one. xoxo me.
    20. Archerknight
      I've been there quite a lot but usually it's only me online, especially the IRC
    21. Archerknight
      Hi, it's going ok :) I'll try to pop on and thanks for choosing me :)
    22. Chisposo
      Hey you man, I'm interested in joining your POCL's team :0, but I'm in holidays and I'll come back home at 14th of this month. So I hope you understand it and let me do some try-outs to play 00bers :p
    23. Weavile
      Dw about assmen you have until about the 19th to decide that. Was just wondering.
    24. ZoroDark
      It does sound interesting. I'm on vacation atm, but we can talk when I get back, That'd be Sunday night
    25. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      I just saw the thread today and am pretty torn about what I wanna do, I'm gonna think about it for a bit. I'll let you know
    26. Celestial Phantom
      Celestial Phantom
      I'd don't mind either, if I get to manage then I'll manage. If I don't get to manage, then I wouldn't mind being an assistant manager. So far though roku's asked to assman and he'll probably have prio since I'm nice.
    27. Cobalt
      ahha gratz on tier leader; you deserved it. idk who else deserved it more than you~
    28. ZoroDark
      Yeah sure.
    29. Beast
      Sure, why not.
    30. Scene
      grats on tier leader, 100% deserved bro
    31. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      Damn, could've sworn I requested you a badge. ._.

      I'll get you and Xdevo added. :3
    32. Scene
      Tyki "We should also get rid of any mentions of Nidoqueen. I've seen far too many of those while I was on the wiki. I'll also take Magneton."

      I'll be doing LU analyses for my Copy Editor task thingy, so I'll get rid of all mentions of banned pokes etc. No worries there, I'll probably get cracking on that early next week (away at the moment).
    33. Xdevo
      I'd like to do it.
    34. meeps
    35. The Dude
    36. Clarion
      I'm not sure if I deleted them. Let me dig through my files.

      On another note, you can start "A Lot of CoLUrs" at any time! =)
    37. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      sorry it took so long, finally remembered to post those monotype tour finals logs
    38. Celestial Phantom
      Celestial Phantom
      If you mean for saving poreplay files, then yes, and lamperi tossed it to me so kyrk could have it for the youtube channel but I'm not sure if he updated the main download. If you need it tyki I'll PM you the download link.
    39. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
    40. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      that's pretty cool haha. I think its a little too much blank space tho. Try and find something to do with that whole left side or something, it could be really subtle. Also my gf says wooper needs a face ^_^
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