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Nov 19, 2011
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Oct 23, 2015

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    1. Edgar
      Hey, we need to play for POCL Week 3, I'm GMT-7, weekends work the best for me as I'm very busy during the weekdays cus school and other irl stuff :] so yeah pick the day u wanna play
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      2. Edgar
        Might be a little bit late for our battle, shouldn't be a problem tho.
        Sep 6, 2014
      3. Edgar
        I'm here.
        Sep 7, 2014
      4. puregenius
        whereabouts are you?
        Sep 7, 2014
    2. -Leon-
    3. -Leon-
      Fren :( do u miss me ;-;
      1. puregenius
        :< u play on ps now?
        Apr 17, 2014
    4. JhenMohran
      sorry i havent replied to your message about ubers seal .. just saying that i can do one and its added to the art request listso will be getting round to it soon i think :)
      1. puregenius
        Excellent thanks :)
        Apr 8, 2014
    5. Monsters of Men
      Monsters of Men
      What a scrub.

      EDIT; come on server scrub.
      1. -Leon- likes this.
    6. Monsters of Men
    7. Monsters of Men
      Monsters of Men
      oml, that RMT that you commented on. Like those burns are pretty serious, he may need a burn heal.
    8. -Leon-
      most of the analysis are......meh
    9. -Leon-
      Maybe after I finish fairy tail. Also, what do you think about my analysis rates o.O Most of analysis are horribly incomplete and i cba to think about shitloads of stuff like you do, but I think I'm still doing better than many others lol.
    10. -Leon-
      lol what an anime fag
    11. -Leon-
      haha lol I guess I should've made that 100 battles LOL. But still, I was able to make a pretty good "noob" team, don't you think so :O charge beam ekiller oml top mon
      also nice "surprisingly smart" looool
    12. -Leon-
      Hello, I'm Madlife. Can you please teach me how to play Ubers x)))
    13. fitzy
      Yeah it's meant to do that. You just change the "number" part of the url to an actual number and it will work.
    14. Raducan
      It's blood ok >:o
    15. Monsters of Men
      Monsters of Men
      this game is hilariously ass. :c
      swagger foul play everywhere.
      and i swear to god, the swagger foul play users have the best luck.
    16. Mysterion
      Nub, I am sure you lost your first battle~
    17. Mysterion
      What happened to your nuzlocke :o
    18. Marina
      Sometime soon, I guess. I still have to do the legality check thing... ugh, that's annoying.
      Anyway, I'm GMT -8, on the server as Monokuma. If you see me, feel free to PM. Just not right now please. :v
    19. Mysterion
      Is there any difference :S
    20. Mysterion
      Just stalked your conversation and Trishula>> Brionac ;)
    21. Mysterion
      Since when you can write poems :S Anyway nickname in the nuzlocke pls. And your friendcode. Mine is 4313-1024-9566
    22. Scatterbrain
      I used to run Exodia Dragons w/ Dragon Destruction, until you know it got banned.
      I also ran a Blaze Fenix OTK deck. It relied on pussyfooting around Ancient Fairy Dragon, some Genex monsters and Stratos through a very convoluted loop that I can't thoroughly explain.

      Stratos is banned too. So is Dragon Destruction. There are new Cyber Dragon cards and support, holy shit it's so strong now.
    23. Sakuya Izayoi
    24. Scatterbrain
      Brionac was so op back then, is it still banned?
      I don't play competitive anymore, might get back into it.
    25. Scatterbrain
      Is that a picture of one of the Earthbound Immortals?
    26. -Leon-
      wat im mostly online on ps in ubers lobby(main lobby is even worse than tohjo,so im never on that) and i never see you. what name do you use o_O my username is taking souls mostly(or leontest which is obviously me)
    27. -Leon-
      Yo nub why don't I see you much on PO now?I wanna smash you with my new xy skills so bad n_n
    28. Ramiel
      Battling with you today was cool. Your skills are as good as Leon says :D
      We should battle again with these strange teams sometime again ;)
    29. Froggy
      am gmt -5 so this will be hard to get done >.> if your on now want to play tonight? I should be on another hour or 2, if not its homecoming this weekend so not sure how easy it will be for me to do then and deadline is 1 week, so maybe friday night
    30. Mysterion
      I don't have wlan at home, so no online play :x
    31. Mysterion
      better than somebody who had X 1 day before it officially came out :o
    32. Mysterion
      Do you already have x/y? If no, you suck. If yes and you didn't beat the E4 yet, you suck aswell ;)
    33. Beast
      That sounds good, assuming I can do math correctly.
    34. Beast
      Everyone is telling me I am going to lose. lol. Like i didn't know that already.

      I am GMT -4/-5 Whenever is fine for me.
    35. Starstorms
      Sup we're opponents in WOC. I live -7, should be free a good portion of teh time. Just send me a pm in Tournaments or in Elite Clan and we can get this done.
    36. BLUFF GOD
      worst possible timezone as i'm gmt+0.. Great, 10pm your time later on 'today'?
    37. BLUFF GOD
      lets play today or now, I'm on as Problems
    38. Analog
      that avatar is too funny
    39. Archerknight
      sure, what time?
    40. ZoroDark
      ariana grande
      she's a singer (not an amazing one tbh) but she's rly cute
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    ty for the qc seal jhen :D
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