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Nov 25, 2011
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Oct 5, 2017

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Waluigi! Number one!, Male, 23, from Puerto Rico

    1. Blitzamirin
      The guy that ranted about the crit for the tour.

      Anyways, feel free to ignore me. Only wanted a conversation ^^
    2. AnneWintour
      Who are you?!
    3. Rarity
    4. Rarity
      69 POSTS
    5. Hipster

      PS: ikr
    6. Roku
      tbh, I think that I am happier after I quit. There are certainly better things in life. But, you will have to decide for yourself whether you should quit.
    7. Hipster
      Chelsea Chandelures > ALL!

      PS: Well, that's interesting.
    8. Hipster
      lol chelsea chandelures.

      PS: You're the dreamer here, mayne.
    9. YamiChan
    10. Hipster
      we should make our own team consisting of me, you, yami, and taco. We'll call it the Chelsea Torchics :3

      loljk we'd lose every match.

      PS: you only win bc hax XD
    11. Hipster
      blitz weaf :3
    12. Roku
      Thanks Blitz :3 I'll still be on the forums, mostly lurking :P, so you may see me around here. And who knows, I may be back in the summer, but right now PO is the last thing I need.
    13. Luck>Skill
      I just noticed I never answered to your VM, sorry.

      Thanks, and (very belate) happy new year! :3
    14. Hipster
    15. User Name
      User Name
      Good to know. :P
      I'll probably copy-paste some of that. XD
    16. Blitzamirin

      Nah, honestly, it depends on the person you're facing. People that are quick and hasty (such as lead Skarm) tend to lose due to the fact that they either set up rocks, or try to phaze. However, if I swept with something like Crocune, people might not have the right counter, and it makes it much easier. Sometimes, crits have the pontetial to end the sweeps, and it's something to be aware off (this is why I use an alt for these).

      tl;dr Find a good setup sweeper that can take hits. Also, you are going to lose.
    17. User Name
      User Name
      On a side note, mind posting how you did some of those? :P
      I just cleaned out my Vol 2, so I could use a bit more content.
    18. User Name
      User Name
      Wow. You're officially awesome.
    19. User Name
      User Name
      Happy New Year! :D
      Great to know I've inspired someone. XD
      Which mon did you use?
    20. Glade
      Cool Avatar. You seem like one of those guys that stopped playing a long time ago and started playing again recently, but then I saw the join date and was like, "wat"
    21. Mattstah
      You need to finish your battle for the Generations Collide tour, deadline is in two days.
    22. Green Eyed Russian
      Green Eyed Russian
      Welcome to PO Forums!
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    Oct 22, 1996 (Age: 23)
    Puerto Rico
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