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Dec 4, 2011
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Apr 20, 2017

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    1. D4RR3N
      sup boy we gotta play for pocl. Since I'm GMT +8 I think weekends work best for us. Tell me your available times and we'll sort it out.
      1. jasonpwn
        uhh haha so idk if weekends work best for me, i kinda need to play soonish, like either now or 6 hours from now work best for me and then thursday at 4pm GMT-6 - 6pm GMT-6 and yeah... sorry for the late response
        Oct 15, 2014
      2. D4RR3N
        Sorry man I have school lol. The best I can do is saturday most times before tour
        Oct 15, 2014
    2. metaphysical
      when do u wanna play bro gmt -3 as u alledy kno :]
    3. pokeaimMD
      yo we play for pocl. i'm gmt -4 eastern and weekends are kinda tough for me. i'm free to play tomorrow (thursday) any time before 4 pm eastern as i have school from 6 - 10 and can play anytime after so from 11:30 - friday morning. friday night after 12 is also fine for me and saturday monring before 10. i know my times suck but i have saturday classes + school
    4. Chrome
      gotta play for pocl. when fite? gmt +1
    5. Tox
      When do u wanna play? Wanna play smog ou also? PO OU is kinda garb.
    6. Asuya
      Hi man we have to fight for POWC Finals. My GMT is +2 and I can play from next week whenever you want except night and late friday, saturday and sunday. Just tell me a day and an hour compatible also with my gmt and we will play on PO.
      1. Asuya
        Hey man from now to friday I can play whenever you want except night. Just tell me a time and we will play.
        Jun 23, 2014
    7. champagne papi
      champagne papi
      powc fight

      weekend works best for me. I believe we share the same timezone so it should be easy to find each other anyway
    8. BryceLoski
      Yo jason,what's your skype name?
    9. Golden22
      your my hero dude
    10. magicmonkey
      if your the same jason from US central for the POWC, we gots to play. GMT +1 here, And I prefer to play wednesday mronings, most evenings and friday/saturday nights. drop me a time zone and a few times your free and ll get back with when me can meet ASAP.
    11. MewtwoHidden
      Hey we're paired foir the Tutor-tutee program try to contact with me I'll be either on the Alt MewtwoHidden or a Nao-Chan_#
    12. Blitzamirin
      Hey, if you could, could you look at the OU subforum and check some analyses? Would be appreciated.
    13. Halsey
      Deleted your latest post because it did not contribute anything to the topic, but going to answer your question anyway.

      Being a good tutor constitutes more than being a decent player. A tutor needs to be in good standings with the community, be a respect member and know how interact with other people. Someone like CALLOUS, who spends more time starting shit with others than contributing, is not fit for the job.

      I use this criteria for everything. I don't give a shit about good players, I want good contributors.
    14. Nikitas
    15. Nikitas
      order of the dragon vs chelsea chatots
    16. Nikitas
      havent seen u for sometime. We gotta play for OD vs CC and also for the gym.
    17. Michael
      lol jason it's already too late :/
    18. Michael
      Where you at deadline is sooooooonn
    19. Michael
      hey man no johns
    20. Nikitas
      hey jason. my day ended up being a mess lol, sorry. tomorrow i will be available till noon my time (gmt+2).
      EDIT: didnt even get the chance to make a proper team, derp
    21. BLUFF GOD
      be ma fwriiiiiend :)))

      lindsaaaaayy NOOOOOOOOOO
    22. Halsey
      Ask Luck
    23. SteelEdges
      I would like to know if you are interested in helping with an emerging project on PO.
    24. Kland
      time to destory! pm times
    25. Finchinator
      check the new ou gym thread for po league
      u nubby
    26. Big Bad Booty Daddy
    27. Big Bad Booty Daddy
      Big Bad Booty Daddy
      I was going to ask your advice on my Rotom-W Analysis before I posted, but I posted it anyways and I was gonna ask if you could check it for me, tell me things wrong with it
    28. Big Bad Booty Daddy
      Big Bad Booty Daddy
      Jason, care to help me?
    29. Finchinator
      but, good sport!
      congratulations on being victorious my good man!
    30. Finchinator
      You having your battle tonight?
    31. Finchinator

      If u need help testing vm me
      I want you to win, badly!
    32. panic station
      panic station
      Weekends. Weekends, only.
    33. Royalty
      I am your tutor for LC you can find me in tohjo/tournaments/trivia/mafia tutoring I will try to look for you as well but is there any specific time you could meetup within the next few days?
      Also it would be beneficial if you would put the Royalty channel on autojoin.
    34. viamage
      thanks :D
    35. Fabian
    36. Fabian
      JAS0N < 3
    37. The Real Elmo
      The Real Elmo
      You've been subbed in for the BW2 walkthough tournament, please submit your team before saturday at noon (EST, GMT-5). Also, please contact your opponent soon ^_^
    38. Metta World Peace
      Metta World Peace
      Hey, I'm your opponent for the PO tour. ATM I'm US Central time and my activity is pretty spotty. I can play ~4:00-6:00 PM and ~11:00-12:00 PM (my time) most days and also sunday mornings. We'll probably have to schedule a time because I don't really go on the server that much (I might drop by occasionally to see if you're on).
    39. Mr. Omgness
      Mr. Omgness
      Hiya, I'm GMT+2, I prefer to play after the 12th, I got my last exam then. So all days after the 12th are workable for me as long as it isn't nighttime! So just try to suggest something between 10-22 GMT on any day after the 12th and there's a big chance I can make it.
    40. garchomp osfp
      garchomp osfp
      i will be online for some hours from now on.. if you connect come and talk to me ok?? or else send me what times are you able to battle.. :)
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